‘J, I ask you something serious.’


‘Will you ever want a girl like me?’

‘Oh course! A bitch for the asshole.’

Elie looked at me longer as she turned her head away, doubtful about my answer. Since she had joined, her passion and enthusiasm had made her one of the best person everyone wanted on their shifts.

After closing the shop on a quiet night, she bought two bottles of cider and asked me to hang out at the park nearby. With a piece of disposable towel each, we wrapped our drinks as we sat sloppily, tired and drained from expending all our available energy for the day.

‘J, how will reply? For example only ah, if I tell you I like you.’

‘I will say, okay! And catch your hand if you are next to me, or send you hearts if you texted me.’

‘What the fuck? Like that also can?’

Her Vietnamese accent had always made her lovable, and her residence in Singapore since secondary school had long turned her into one of us. We no longer have secrets between us after so many nights of getting drunk shitfaced, but this night, it was a relaxing one for the both of us.

‘Okay J. I like you. You can hate me now.’

Almost half a bottle of cider went down her throat to delay the bad news, but once she was done, I turned her chin towards me and planted a kiss so soft on that fizzy, cold lips. That bubbly nature of Elie was impossible not to like. The pair of hands on each other’s necks began collecting our belongings, and making our way down a small staircase to what seemed like the emergency exit a basement.

There was no lights that shone upon us, and it was deep enough to go undetected. Something overcame us that night when she slipped her hands under my shirt, stroking everywhere she could reach without going too low. A swift swing of her arm raised her shirt and bra above her chest, quickly pushing my mouth to her nipples for a good suck. Fairly big and soft, she was busy undoing my jeans while I nibbled on the tips, till her hand was pumping my cock eagerly.

‘Fuck.. you’re good with your hands.’


I was leaning on the wall without much strength when she made full length strokes, slightly ‘pushing’ blood up from the base. When she disappeared from my sight, her tongue was the first thing I felt touching the tip, and then sliding along the underside till her lips formed that seal near three quarter down.

I didn’t let her keep up for too long and brought her up, to kiss that cute little lips of hers.

‘Do you wanna fuck here?’

Everything seemed so perfect that I couldn’t miss that moment. Her shy nod in my palm got me wriggling her shorts down, just enough to expose her bum for me to grab. In that tight corner, I entered her from behind to feel her hold my neck, moaning as strokes of pleasure filled her senses.

‘You’re perfect.. ‘

We exchanged another kiss and then gave her more space to stick her ass out further, taking my harder thrusts that was slapping softly. Elie was biting her lips to keep her voice down, but there was little imagination needed with those squishing noises.

‘I’m going to go all the way till I cum k?’

‘Go ahead. I’m on the pill.’

I squeezed my fingers tighter around her waist after hearing that, letting the beast loose inside her. Everything was in a blur when I reached my terminal velocity, drilling her so deep I couldn’t warn her when the first load blew up inside her. She was gasping for air like an asthmatic, but I knew she was fine when she held my wrist.

The only thing I could do then was to let everything go, till my cock was ready to leave that end of the tunnel. We wore our clothes as quickly as we could in a drunken state, and went back to our bench where our ciders were still waiting.

‘I’ll send you home first.’

I caught her hand this time, and I won’t be letting her go anytime soon.

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