Dear Son

WARNING: R21 (duh!): Incestuous content.

Part 1 | Part 2

(Boy asked) ‘Uhh.. mommy? ‘


‘I don’t know why but I’m a little hard, now.’

‘O.. k?’

‘So can I wait inside the car for a while first?’

Sighing to the unexpected inconvenience, she unbuckled her seat belt and went to the rear seats, asking him to do the same to avoid unwanted attention from passersby. Little did that innocent, young man know, that the ‘supplement’ she gave him, was what caused the mysterious erection.

Joining her in the back, she then told him sternly, to sit still while she ‘checked’ what was wrong. Carefully, she undid his pants and lowered them, along with his underwear, to his knees. To further tempt him, she bent forward, exposing her braless breasts under the V-neck dress, to take a closer look at his manhood.

Touching the very tip of his cock, she endearingly asked if he felt pain. Sliding her fingertip in a circle down his shaft, he consistently replied ‘no’ until he began twitching uncontrollably to a specific downward-trail, the one along the underside of his penis.

‘I.. it feels weird.’

Swiftly, she wrapped her fingers around his upright cock and placed a thumb under the little head, gliding downward to an embarrassed, sustained moan.

(She said) ‘I think it’s here. Let me smell.’

She then brought her nose so close to the tip where he could no longer resist the fantasy of sticking in her mouth, causing him to turn bright red at the top. Slowly, she parted her lips and licked the drop of clear, viscous pre-cum off, heard him groan once more, and bravely took his cock into her mouth.

(He sighed) ‘AHHHH.. OH YES!’


‘sorry! I just.. haaa.. haaa.. ‘

Faced with a cock thicker than the last one she had, she did not expect to get lightheaded, just from tasting and smelling one that was so full of vigour. Driven by her desire to lure him into the unthinkable, she kept bobbing her head as her mind formed the illusions of a savoury, sweet, and tantilating piece of meat that she can never bite, in her mouth.

After a few minutes of insatiable hunger, she replaced her mouth with a hand and whispered for him to ‘help’ her. The curious, uninhibited man then slid a hand over her thigh, moving upward for the bare, naked pussy that was slightly moist.

Rummaging in the unknowns, it took him a short lesson to locate her cilt, where he then used to drive her insanely high, and wet beyond descrip.

(She moaned) ‘Put your fingers inside me.’

‘How many?’

‘Two.. ‘

Her moans grew louder as he pushed those lubricated fingers deep into her, partly surprised as he came in contact with a variety of textures. Twisting, curling, and thrusting his hand, he pushed buttons she didn’t knew existed. At that point, she was so aroused that he was able to fit three fingers inside, and more if he persisted.

(She moaned) ‘OK! ok.. Let’s stop here.’

‘Ok. I’m sorry for getting carr.. ‘

‘No.. *panting* ..not that.’

She led him to the centre of the seat and turned her back towards him, thereafter gracefully descending her ass onto his toned legs. Holding his cock upright, her pussy easily went over his pulsating cock, satisfying her urges while throwing him into another frenzy.

They had barely moved when he began making eerie, unmistakable, deep, gasping groans. In seconds, his pumped-up cock erupted into her pussy that was clearly over-enthusiastic. In between the breaths of air he took to recover, the sexed-up lady unconsciously began moving her hips, grinding back and forth over his still-erected cock, completely capable of pleasuring her.

Within minutes, she was bouncing haphazardly on his lap, shifting him from a ‘numb’ state, to a fully-stimulated one. Once again, he started moaning non-stop, for a longer duration before he grunted another ejaculation into her pussy.

Unwavering, she kept riding him through that orgasm and brought him into the third ‘session’, where she kept a finger on her clit the whole time. As she was enjoying himself, the toy-boy soon went into a different mood, clearly agitated and overwhelmed by rage.

In a shove, she fell to her side and he towered over her. Forcing her legs apart, he plugged her pussy full of cum-covered cock and pumped the life out of her. Gasping and hissing to his new-found personality, she only got wetter to his violence.


Placing his thumb over her clit, he vibrated the shit out of her as she swerved in and out of sanity, midway begging him to stop. The merciless man continued overpowering her until she came, fainted, came again, before she finally squirted forcefully into his belly.

Like her, he was unsympathetic about her plight and just kept plowing, unknowingly rocking the car as he fucked her hard and deep. After the longest fifteen minutes she felt, a sudden rush of sensitivity brought him back to reality.

(He groaned) ‘MOMMY.. I’M SORRY!’

He pushed her legs upward as he let the final load go, spraying deep into her overfilled vagina. When he pulled out of her apologetically, the sight of his still-hard state would forever want him in a different way.

The two of them laid where they were for a long time until she regained the strength to sit up, obviously too weak to do any cleanup herself. On the other hand, he did all the messy work and returned their clothes to normality, lastly going for her clit again to ‘re-energise’ her.

Sure enough, it worked and the mother and son went on a brief shopping trip, changing out their clothes for new ones that didn’t have any cum on them. At the carpark under their block, they spent a long time cleaning everything up, before returning home to see an exhausted husband and daughter watching TV.

Needless to say, the four of them slept deeply that night and went on their separate ways again in the morning. Father with daughter, mother with son, to their respective schools. The two cars the family owned would be their little piece of heaven every one could indulge their vice in.

We can only wonder, if they know of each other’s secret.

Part 1 | Part 2

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