Dear Daughter

WARNING: R21 (duh!): Incestuous content.

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(Dad shouting) ‘我回来了!’
Translation: I’M HOME!

Running out of her room, she fell onto her knees just as he sat himself down on the worn out sofa, covered in cracked leather from the years of neglect and overuse. Without hesitation, she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and brought her face next to his flaccid cock, reeking of perspiration, pee, and disheveled pubic hair as she stroked him for an erection.

Despite all that, she saw no disgust in doing what he had trained her for, to ease his mood as he toiled tirelessly to put a roof over her head, fill her stomach, and buy her clothes that were slightly ‘loose’, though still relevant to what girls her age wore. On top of that, she has learnt to embrace his belief of going ‘braless’ and ‘pantyless’, as long as he is around.

(He moaned) ‘啊.. 啊.. 乖女儿。’
Translation: Ahhh.. haaa.. that’s my good girl.

He sighed as she pumped her fist along his shaft at a steady speed, frequently leaving blobs of saliva to lubricate the uncreative motion of masturbation, while her cheerful, innocent face remained undeterred by his engorged penis.

(He asked) ‘来,坐在爸爸腿上。’
Translation: Come. Sit on daddy’s lap.

Jumping up like a clueless child, she raised a leg over his thighs and sat slightly above his groin, taking her very next chance to wrap her hands around his dick. At the same time she was jerking him off, he had placed his arms around her tiny waist, reaching for her pussy that was long accustomed to his advances.

In the presence of his exposed loin, her body had began to release lubricating fluids, to which he couldn’t be any more excited to feel them coating his fingers without much work. After rubbing on her clit for a minute, her hips began to grind uncomfortably on his belly, unknowingly sliding lower to the point her pussy was pressed along his saliva-covered cock.

(She said softly) ‘daddy.. ‘

(He answered) ‘什么事?要什么跟爸爸说。’
Translation: What is it? Tell daddy what you want.

(She moaned) ‘i.. I want you inside me.. ‘

(He answered confidently) ‘爹地交给你自己来好吗?’
Translation: Can you do it yourself?

‘Nnnghh.. ‘

She responded at the same time she raised herself on her toes, to align his upstanding cock with her pussy for a delayed, controlled ‘drop’ where it caused more ‘misery’ for him than her. Aware of the pain she might experience, he let her lowered herself over him, only coming to a complete stop after two long minutes.

Nonetheless, she had accomplished it and there was no rush in waiting a few more minutes, for her to tease her own clit to relax her unbearable vagina around his meat. When he finally felt more ‘calm’ than ‘despair’, he lightly nudged her back to bend her forward, until her hands were firmly pressed on the coffee table.

Holding firmly onto her petite, perky ass, he rolled her back and forth to bring her pussy up and down his dick, like the sex doll he had selfishly turned her into. With her small frame, it couldn’t get any easier for him to maneuver her in any direction he wanted, while indulging in a front-row view of his ‘accomplishment’.

(She moaned) ‘daddy.. ‘

(He replied) ‘怎么了?’
Translation: What is it?

‘Can I.. turn around?’

Smiling cheekily to himself, he helped her up and spun her around, to hold her tiny body in his arms as he rose to his feet. Moving into the kitchen, he let her hang from his neck as he retrieved her daily ‘medication’ – the highly-acclaimed, completely-illegal drug that created the sense of desire, affection, and reliance she could only look to him for.

Carrying her back to his room, he placed her on the bed and proceeded to savour his spoils in missionary, holding up her feet with one hand like how he changed her diapers, twice, when she was a baby.

In that position, he rammed her as hard as he could and sent her into a mini shocks, like what patients would go through whenever their hearts needed to be ‘restarted’. From that, she drifted in and out of consciousness as orgasms started flooding her small mind, shorting her into random flashes of smiles and pouts.

‘da.. da.. dad.. diiii~’

(He grunted) ‘怎.. 怎.. 么事?’
Translation: Wha.. what.. is it?

(She moaned desperately) ‘I.. no.. can’t.. ah.. ah.. ah.. ‘

(He continued) ‘我也.. 快.. 快.. 不行了.. ‘
Translation: I can’t.. can’t.. any.. just a bit.. mo..

Before they could get another word out, his next thrust placed him in her deepest end as their hips buckled involuntarily, to a standstill.

(He groaned) ‘啊!啊!啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!’
Translation: Ah! Ah! Ahhhhhh!

As abundant his cum was, her juvenile vagina could only contain two of his powerful spurts before the rest overflowed, into the hand she used to salvage them. When he pulled his cock out into her cum-filled palm, she covered her brimming hole with her other hand, without letting go of his spent rod.

Seeing his girl hanging on to her ‘joystick’ so reluctantly, he felt elated, enough to begin thrusting his cock into her generously-lubricated hand, that she held between her cum-smeared thighs. He couldn’t take his eyes off her exhausted, comforted face which remained clean, happy, and even grateful.

(He groaned softly) ‘我又要来了。准备好吗?’
Translation: I’m cumming again. Are you ready?’

(She panicked) ‘Ngh ngh! Ahh ahh!’

In her naive, confused tone, her open mouth hinted at him to go over, emptying his second, equally-filling load into her dropped jaw. Every drop was caught in her mouth and she swallowed it all at one go, much to his surprise.

After resting for a bit, they took a shower and lazed on the couch, awaiting her mother to return from shopping with her older brother.

Part 1 | Part 2

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