Free(lance) Housewife

(WhatsApp) ‘Room 308. I left the door unlocked.’

After sending that ‘last’ message, I shut my eyes and let my limbs fall away from the tiredness accumulated over the weeks, leaving me empty except for the innate desire for some human touch. Driven by that urge, I hit up my usual OKT and asked for an ‘unpretentious’ and ‘humble’ lady, which really meant ‘genuine’ or ‘real’ in the unconventional way.

Although he took some time to respond, I was generally open to anyone he sent, as long as it was a woman.

Within five minutes, a knock came through the door and I vividly remembered hearing myself gasp to the sight of his (my OKT’s) choice.

(She asked) ‘Are you J?’

‘Yes. Come in. You can sit here for a while first.’

For some mysterious reasons, I was in quite the opposite mood of sexual arousal, mentally finding her character more intriguing than what was under her polka-dot dress. Being someone who likes to ‘read’ people, she proved quite the challenge by firstly confusing me with the only thing she carried, a plain-looking clutch (purse). That was also where she pocketed the $300 I had left on the dresser for her time.

The short journey from the door, to the edge of the bed where I patted, had unexpectedly given me so many things to ponder, about what she had gone through to come to this stage in life.

The bluish veins on the back of her hands, raised shoulders by habit, muscular calves and slightly rigid walking stance, all pointed at the humility of her background. Seating next to me, I managed to get a good look of her similarly-weathered facial complexion, if not for the light makeup she wore. But what really got me, was those weary eyes that she tried to hide with an ‘enthusiastic, perky’ outlook.

(In her worried voice) ‘Do I look ok? Do you want to ask for someone else?’

‘No, no. I was just.. looking at you.’

heaving a sigh of relief Ok.. umm.. can you stand up for me?’

Clearly looking more relaxed than before, I followed her instructions and picked myself up from the bed, standing motionless as she undid the buttons on my shirt. After I was stripped to my underwear, she sat me down and went on to remove her dress, hands trembling intensingly as she struggled against the embarrassment of baring her body for a stranger.

(I said) ‘You can just stop there.’

‘Stop? You mean.. ‘

‘Sorry. I mean you can leave your bra and panties on.’

At that point, I couldn’t help but noticed stretch marks across her belly, the sort of imperfections that made her more genuine. After seeing her shoulders drooped in relief, she climbed (more) cheerfully into bed and shifted me to the pillows.

To make her feel more comfortable, I did what I could, turning off the lights and TV, but kept the music playing from my phone to add some noise to what we were about to do. With that, she pulled my underwear off and wrapped her fingers around my cock, monotonously fondling the limp piece of meat.

‘I’m sorry taking a deep breath that I don’t turn you on.’

(I replied calmly) ‘That’s not it. I just can’t get my head around you. Like.. you’re a Chinese, possibly a housewife, with children, and.. a husband? You looked too normal to be doing.. this.’

‘Can you tell all that just by looking at me?’

‘Almost. I have never imagined any, local housewives doing this for money.’

‘For money huh? You know, when the agent texted me about you, I asked him a lot of things. Like your age, race, and type of person. He said that you are one of the few clients who respect his girls a lot, talk to them and show them some kind of affection. I don’t know if I met you for the money, or some kind of escape.’

She then laid herself next to me as she ran her hand over my body, squeezing my shoulder as she slowly snuggled up to me. Naturally, I put an arm under her head and pulled her into my chest, taking my time to reach around her back for the clasp of her bra.

In a snap, her breasts were freed, and I began massaging her A-cup babies, gently, and extra careful when rolling her nipples between my fingers. Soon, soft, sensual moans were breathed into my neck, and she jerked me faster too, with a firm grip on my pumped-up rod.

Not long after, my hand found its way into her panties and her pubes, left to grow freely, were stranely fine like her flowing head of hair, that I actually found it eerily pleasurable to run my palm over them as my fingers circled her clit to a high.

(She panted) ‘Has anyone.. ever told you.. that you are so.. so sexy.. -ly.. gentle? Haaa.. ‘

Before I knew it, she was as wet as she was kissing my shoulders non-stop, gradually losing control of her overworked body for a rush of renewed strength. In minutes, her panties were drenched enough for her to hurry me, to take them off.

As soon as they were off her feet, she got on her knees and climbed over my body. Unsure if it was my obvious state of exhaustion or her horniness, she impatiently went ahead to grind her pussy all over my shaft, until the overwhelming slipperiness caused me to ‘pop’ into her, igniting her flammable chamber of lust.

In an instant, she took the form of a young, innocent girl who couldn’t stop moaning for me to stop as she was riding me, twerking her hips back and forth to swallow and spit me in and out. While she felt a little ‘loose’ in the beginning, her contractions couldn’t be more stimulating as I could feel how erratically her vaginal walls churned.

Pinned helplessly under her, I was strangely more delighted to see her so ecstatic than erotic, partially numbing me to her overflowing gap. Again, I was caught off guard when she suddenly pulled my upper-body upright, coming into a face-to-face, seating position where she wrapped her arms around my neck and advanced to swing her hips at my groin.

(She moaned) ‘Your hand.. put it in my butt.. please.. ‘

I put an arm around her ass and stuck a finger into her crack, then pushing it further into her juice-covered asshole. Right at that moment, she toppled me backwards and squatted over my dick, half-bouncing, half-gyrating as I fingered her butt.

Without any warning, her body then arched upwards as her pussy sealed itself around me, throbbing wildly as an orgasm consumed her. Within a few seconds, she had fallen away from me, onto her back and dislodged my twitching meatstick.

(She asked weakly) ‘Can you fuck me.. in my ass?’

‘I can try.’

With a body of unexpended energy, I caught she smiling right before she rolled herself over into doggystyle, sticking her ass out like a puppy, but its tail. On my knees I went and she served up another palmful of saliva, for me to lather my cock in before poking into her other hole.

Thrusting slower than ever, we unconsciously synced our tempo to the frequency her anus relaxed at. Just another five minutes more, and I was balls-deep inside her while she groped around for something solid to hold on to.

‘Are you ready?’

‘Aye.. aye.. haaa.. I am.’

Her subsequent ‘Oh fuck!’ was put on repeat as I dragged the entirety of my cock in and out of her asshole, piercing her over and over again mercilessly as she fingered her pussy. As the her asshole tried to ‘push’ me out more frequently, she found no other solutions except explicitly askeing me not to take it out until I came inside her.

Doubtful if that was a genuine request, I overpowered as many waves of ‘expulsion’ as possible, forcing myself to go deeper each time. As time passed, she got accustomed to my intrusion and fell helpless to my relentless, thoughtless thrusts deep into her ass.


The last orgasm got me good and my body systematically unleashed my final burst of energy, claiming control of my hips to plow her brains out. At the last moment, when she stretched her masturbating hand to hang onto an end of a pillow for her life, I could see how much it was glistening from the animalistic way we fucked.


Powerful thrusts drove my manhood as deep as she could endure as cum spurt strongly outward of my shaft, exiting into her awaiting anus. If you had experienced ‘suction’ in a vagina, then cumming in an asshole would redefine that very word for you.

At the beginning, there was ‘suction’, followed by involuntarily ‘milking’ motion. And right at the ‘entrance’, the natural closed-state of an anus would ‘squeeze’ you empty like a new tube of toothpaste.

For the ten minutes we stoned in the bathroom, none of us could say a word as she ‘returned my goods’ into the toilet, along with whatever shit was due. I, just stood dumbfounded against a wall where warm water ran over my overworked, shrunken stub.

Once we were done cleaning ourselves up, those jokes about women being in a wheelchair after getting fucked in the ass, couldn’t be more relatable when even sitting on her butt hurt. So, I kept her distracted from the pain by caressing her clit as she rested, and let her fiddle with my disinterested manhood – until he was up again.

‘The package your agent gave only.. ‘

‘Fuck that.. you can take all the pain away at one go with this.’

Nothing more needed to be said, when we went for it in missionary and came over her body as she requested, so she could smear some of my nutritious semen over her sore spots.

In the end, we spent another hour in the room before making our way out of the hotel, doing her best to hide the ache until we reached the bus stop. Taking the same bus home, we surprised each other by alighting at the same stop, walking to the same block, and then waited for the same lift.

(She said) ‘You stay two floors away from me?’

‘Looks like it.’

‘Give me your phone.’

In the few seconds the lift brought us up to her floor, she punched her number in and departed straight after. On the same night, we had arranged another ‘date’, in the concealed staircase-landing at eight in the morning, after she sent her kids to school.

In time to come, I would be the only person to know that she was on contraceptive pills ever since she had her second child. As for her marriage, she couldn’t see any real fault in cheating on a cheater who thought she was that clueless.

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