‘Oil’ on its own, is mostly greasy. But when mixed with water, it becomes quite dangerously, slippery. An activity I strongly recommend all to try, is to drizzle an ample amount (of massage oil) over your wet body, especially on your genital, and give yourself a good rub-down (there). If you have done, or ever done that, then you would understand my excitement in the following recount.

(Maeve asked) ‘Are you ready for bed?’


I replied without hesitation as I stared blankly at her freshly-showered, naked body standing before the bed. For some reason, I was still getting hard after being ‘relieved’ less than an hour ago.

For one, we have already spent a comprehensible amount of time in room she booked for our staycation, mostly due to our inability to take our hands, lips, and genitals off each other. With my rod hardening to her gleeful eyes, it was apparent that there was still some strength left in me for ‘more’.

(Maeve answered cheekily) ‘Hmmm.. Are you tired yet?’

‘I am.. but he’s not.’

Like a vixen, she climbed into bed and crawled over me, planting kisses from my lips, to my cheeks, ears, before pecking on my sensitive neck. Out of concern, I laid her down next to me and cosied up under the blanket, all the while running my hand over her smooth, perfect skin.

I could say that I was all over her except for one spot, where I had to forcibly restraint myself from touching. After a few minutes of insatiable, self-conflicting foreplay, I rolled myself over her body and positioned my cock right where her pussy was.

(I whispered) ‘are you wet enough?’

(She whispered) ‘find out yourself.. ‘

Gently arching my waist inward, the tip of my cock touched the softness of her vagina, though that was too small of a clue to her state of ‘readiness’. Pushing my hips forward, I popped right into her warm, tight hole with such ease I couldn’t wrap my head around.

With my experience, I was confident that the lubrication was too slick to be natural, or was it some new fluids I didn’t know of?

‘This is not the normal kind of wet.’

‘Then what is it?’

‘I don’t.. know.. ‘

She then placed her hands on my waist and pulled me in, engulfing my entire manhood in the safety of her vagina, one that was calmingly soft, and throbbing passionately at the same time. With each stroke in and out of her, I realised that it was the ‘oily’ kind of wet, one that I knew I could lose control to most easily.

(I whispered) ‘what did you apply?’

‘Just some massage oil we used in the shower.’

While it definitely reduced friction when used for massage, it was a completely different sensation when mixed with water. My body immediately understood its implications and went haywire on her, ramming her so freely, without any physical limits on speed, or depth.

In short, her oiled-up pussy granted me the ability to slide my cock inside her, no matter if she was ready.

Overwhelmed with lust, I just kept pumping her in missionary until she turned herself on her fours, letting me bang her until she came hard over my erupting cock that filled her up with whatever little cum I was left with.

Needless to say, the both of us collapsed from the exhaustion and over-hyped emotions we were in the whole day, falling asleep in a spooning position I had learnt to wrap my hand around (her).

In the middle of the night, some unwanted ‘rubbing’ woke me up and I was on my knees before I knew it. With her sideway-sleeping pose, I pushed one of her legs higher than the other and conveniently stuck my cock into her oiled vagina, swiftly getting into the motion of pounding her – again.

Awakened by my sudden ‘intrusion’, she could only writh drowsily in pleasure as I ‘used’ her, groaning and squeezing her waist as I rocked my hips back and forth over her straight leg. Within minutes, I came deep inside her again, for a smile she gave quickly after.

The next morning, a warm, moist pussy woke me up. Without opening my eyes, I could tell how energised she was as she bounced jovially on my cock, leveraging on her bodily fluids to ‘reactivate’ the moisturising oils around her pussy.

After what felt like a long time, she toppled onto me from an explosive orgasms that resonated thoroughly over my erected piece of meat.

(She whispered wearily) ‘You haven’t come yet.’

‘I’m fine.’

That said, she sat herself upright and interlocked our fingers as she tucked her feet in, to take a squatting stance I vividly remember how vulnerable it made her. Bouncing on my groin once again, she massaged her clit until I felt the impending tightening of her vaginal walls, turning my experience of a ‘fleshy-massage’ to an ‘agonising extraction (of cum)’.

In five long minutes, I was trembling and twitching non-stop as cum sprayed wildly into her welcoming pussy. Who could have imagined, that I would start my day so drained, but comforted.

After the hotel’s included-breakfast, we hurried back to our room to retrieve our belongings for check out. Though, how we managed to have one last, all-out round of sex in under three minutes, was still beyond me.

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