Lucky Encounter

(Fir exclaimed) ‘This is really nice.’

(Shan replied) ‘I know right. I always take a break here before heading back.’

Standing among some trees, Firdaus sighed a breath of relief, though he was mostly just glad that the trust he placed in a stranger did not go awry when she suggested going off-trail, to her ‘secret hideout’.

The two had met on Tinder on that same night, where she appeared too enthusiastic about joining him for a jog at the reservoir near them, despite the prohibitions past 7pm.

As he stood in awe of the scenic view, she went behind him and slipped her arms around his waist, seamlessly reaching into the pair of sweat-drenched shorts he was in. Although he was shocked by her actions, he couldn’t bring himself to stop her and soon began moaning in rhythm.

Within minutes, as she continued pumping his full-on erection, she was breathing harder and deeper into his neck. The next thing he knew, she had lowered his shorts to his knees, and was swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock, while he had an unobstructed view of the sea.

A stroke at a time, her lips descended on his shaft until he was warm throughout, groaning to the comforting warmth surrounding his penis. Slowly increasing her speed, his hips also started thrusting at her mouth, turning the blowjob into a mouth-fuck to which she was completely compliant to.


Giving his pee hole one last lick, she got on her feet and placed her petite body against his chest, bringing one of his arms around to her groin. As soon as she pulled her shorts open for him, his hand dove straight in and went for her pussy, moist beyond believe.

Without saying a word, she pulled her shorts down to her thighs, stuck her ass out, and held his dick from between her thigh gap. In an instant, the head of his cock found her warm, wet hole and wasted no time in splitting her vaginal walls apart.

For balance, he held onto her arms as he rammed his stiff muscle into the soft entrance of her pussy, emitting juicy, dirty sex sounds as their minds went blank. Chilled by the soothing seabreeze, their bodies succumbed to the invading lust that drove them to move involuntarily, slamming their hips against each other.

(Shan whispered) ‘I’m.. climaxing.. soon.. NGH.. ‘

(Fir whispered) ‘I.. too.. cumming.. NGH.. NGH.. ‘

His hips suddenly went berserk on the slim-bodied girl, fiercely pounding her for a full minute before he had to pull out of her. At the split second his cock slipped mercilessly out of her, she turned herself around and tucked his manhood right back into her mouth, shoving her face into his groin while the poor boy groaned louder – for no one to hear.

(Fir grunted) ‘SHOOTING! SHOOT.. TINGGGG!’

With the entirety of his dick in her mouth, he was throat-deep when he ejaculated, going straight into her belly with no chance of her spitting or even swallowing his load. For a few seconds, the duo just remained motionless, as his hips twitched uncontrollably to force every last drop out into her stomach.

‘Ahh.. shit.. are you ok?’

Instead of seeing her in discomfort from the gagging sounds she made, he was suspiciously bewildered when she stood up in smiles. After tidying themselves up, they made their way out of the park, passing cars where ‘intimate activities’ were still happening.

(Shan said) ‘I’m heading this way. I’ll text you?’

‘Yeah sure. Let’s talk again.’

On his way home, he couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened to him, along with who she was, what was she thinking, and how did it all unfold. Was it a blessing? Or an end of his sickness-free life?

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