Sleepless Couple

Waking up in the middle of the night to soft, creaking noises, I placed my hand on the side of the bed where Janice should be. When I realised that she wasn’t there, I got up and went to my brother’s bedroom where the noises were coming from. Pushing the door ever so slightly ajar, I saw the unmistakable silhouette of my girl riding on top of him.

Strangely enough, I got hard within seconds and found myself playing with my erection, as she moaned in the softest, cutest manner possible.

(Janice whispered) ‘oh fuck.. You’re going deeper than him.. )

The comparison only made me harder and I began stroking myself, closely watching how she bent forward to make slurping, sucking sounds from kissing him.

Soon, she was bouncing faster than ever and I heard my brother panting his warning, at the same time doing something to her body that made her sigh out loud.

(Brother whispered loudly) ‘shooting! Shooting!’

‘don’t pull out.’

In my disbelief, she rocked her hips still the unsettling gasps and forceful twitches froze their bodies, slumping systematically flat onto his chest.

Just as she began to climb out of him, I ran into my room and pretended to sleep.

(Janice whispered after a kiss) ‘I know you saw us.’

My boxers went off my ankles and she was on her knees, between my legs, sucking me off. In the end, neither of us had any strength left and simply fell asleep until next morning.

Where a rush of anger forced me on top of her, humping her doggystyle until she was rightfully filled with my cum.

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