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‘Thanks for sending me home again.’

‘It’s ok. Just want you to get home safe. I’ll see you soon k?’


Before I could turn away, she dived into my arms and we hugged for another long while, though she was quicker this time to stick her hand into my shorts. Unlike the first time it happened, I was semi-erected to start with, so it didn’t take long for me to be throbbing so wildly in her hand.

Once I was up to ‘size’, she bent over her back to take my exposed cock into her mouth, sucking me a little more impatiently than before. I had partly anticipated that she wouldn’t want to do this anymore, thus ready to be left blue-balled.

Within seconds, she was done, and I was about to pull up my pants when she turned her back towards me. I didn’t quite understand what was happening until she wriggled her tights down, exposing her butt to me.

Saying no more than ‘come nearer’, she easily caught hold of my cock and promptly tucked it between her thighs, piercing right into her pussy that was unnaturally wet. Given how quickly things progressed, I had already begun ramming my meat into her, as she moaned into the hand I held over her mouth.

Biting and sucking on my fingers, I only grew harder to her desire for my presence in her body. In time, her contracting vaginal walls soon pushed me towards the edge, where I was more worried than I should be about ‘where should I cum’.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Maeve! I’m gonna cum soon!’

(She moaned) ‘OH YES! Shoot inside me! Trust me.. when I say that.. ‘

Completely letting go of myself, my hips moved on its own at full speed, banging her as fast and fast for the few seconds I could last. At the end of it all, everything I had was sprayed into her while I sighed sounds of agony and pleasure, a clear representation of the intense orgasm I felt.

As I pulled out of her, she quickly shut her legs and put her panties back on, walking awkwardly up the flight of stairs for home after waving goodbye to me.

There was no need to wonder why, or how did she process my cum. Without a doubt, it has become a protein-filled nightsnack for her.

Part 1 | Part 2

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