Written from Her perspective.

Seated on his bed, all I could think of how he would tower over me, hips between my opened legs, cock slowly penetrating into my abnormally small, though eager, pussy. With those thoughts running through my head, how could I not get wet, just when we were about to deliver a final ultimatum to each other.

(He asked) ‘So, are we done? Is that what you want?’

I felt my hands tremble as he pierced my heart with those words, clearly a consequence of my intolerance to our difference in personality.

(I asked) ‘Yes. I am done. But that’s not what I want.’

Unknowingly contradicting myself, it was too late to retract the statement that only proved that women were fickle minded, even during a break up. Throwing him into a confusion, he turned his body towards me and clenched his fist over his chest, as though he was in pain.

(He snapped) ‘ARGH! So what do you want?! You keep saying that my actions don’t show how much I love you, but I am not the jealous, insecure, angry type of person to begin with!’

His sudden outburst sent my heart racing like a machine gun, causing some unexpected contractions in my groin that later relaxed when he realised what he had done.

As much as I would like to use the word, ‘afraid’, it was really ‘fiery passion’ that I felt, coming from him in its rawest form. To imagine he has actually that much drive, pushed even more indecent thoughts into my mind, especially the ones that portrayed him as the one who would tie me up, gag my mouth, and does the unthinkable.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to raise my voice. I just.. ‘

It was then I could no longer hold myself back and dived into his arms, hugging him tightly in a lousy attempt to convince myself out of those dirty thoughts.

(I whispered) ‘I’m sorry too. I had unknowingly forced you to be someone you are not, but I now know you are capable of loving anyone unrestrained.’

(As he cried) ‘That’s not what I want. The only person I wanted is you.. That’s why I try so hard.. ‘

‘Shhh.. Shhh.. ‘

I didn’t know how else to stop his uncontrollable crying except to pull him by his shirt over my body, as I laid down on his bed. Embracing him as tightly as I could, my effort to feel his flaccid cock in my groin finally paid off. With my legs wrapped around his back, I gave him a kiss right where my face was – on his neck.

After a few seconds of sucking and pecking on his sensitive area, his hips began to move erratically, arching in and out like a worm.

(I whispered) ‘Come here.. ‘

I tilted his chin towards my face and aligned our lips, giving him full access to my neck, collarbone, and chest where he didn’t go any further. Soon after, his sanity prevailed and he was getting on his hands and knees to pick himself up when I cheekily stretched my tucked-arms towards his shorts, invading the unwanted privacy of his erected cock.

(He moaned) ‘hey.. What ahhh.. ‘

He couldn’t say another word once I started stroking his manhood, sliding my fingers up and down to hear the groans I missed. Unlike how he usually just submit to my advanced, he managed to pull himself out of the trance and put a hand over my neck, gripping just loosely enough to shock me.

(He asked sternly) ‘Why are you doing this now?’

(Almost gagging) ‘I.. I just wanted to.. ‘

At that exact moment, he squeezed my throat to stop me from speaking, though still gentle enough for me to breathe. From his eyes, I could see that he was done with my explanations, which mostly just made him more confused.

He then brought both my hands over my head and held them down with one hand, before releasing his grip on my throat.

‘Don’t say anything.’

Straightaway, my thighs went limp to the fear I brought upon myself, placing myself at his mercy once he whipped his cock out of his underwear. With some help from his free hand, he forced his cock violently into my thoroughly-wet pussy, an unexpected contrast to how I was feeling then.

Once he was fit snuggly inside me, he replaced his hand on my throat and moved only his hips, jerking my helpless body as his cock plunged in and out of me. Deprived of any full breaths of air, visions of myself getting fucked like a ragdoll appeared before me, partly stimulating, though mostly degrading.

For someone whom had been authorative, selfishly-spiteful, I finally felt what it meant to ‘belong’. The mixed sensation of pleasure, pain, agony, derived from a unwanted submission, had fully awakened the nature of my dominance. It was, the desire for control that created my unexplainable need for dominance.

Who could have guessed, that by giving up control (though by force), I would actually find relief for my unreasonable-ness.

(As he groaned) ‘YOU’RE GETTING WETTER?’

He wasted no time in turning me to the side, and rapidly thrust his cock until I was slurring in my moans, overwhelmed by the relentless brushing of his shaft across all my buttons. Within minutes, my body went into a fit of orgasms, and my mind was shattered when a strong jet of liquid shot out of my pussy.

Squirting for the first time in my life, I felt death, birth, joy, happiness, sadness, desperation, all at the same time. Besides the indescribable intensity of the euphoria that came later, I was getting addicted to the realm of such rare, violent orgasms.

(He groaned loudly) ‘AHHH! I’M! CUMMING NOW!’

In a swift retract of his waist, his cock slipped out of me and I turned myself onto my back, weakly reaching for his cock that was nearing my face. As soon as he was within a palm’s length, my body lunged forward for his groin, taking his juicy, thick cock into my mouth.

Pumping my fist as I sucked hard, I saw his knees buckled before a powerful stream of cum hit my tongue, triggering my urge to draw more of that now-delicious, love-filled creme into my mouth.

About a minute later, he fell away from my face and tumbled into a pile, panting and swaying sideways to utter exhaustion. For some reason, I found myself crawling to him, and surprised myself by wanting his cock inside my mouth again.

Thankfully, I was left to suckle on him until he regained some strength to hug me again.

(He whispered breathlessly) ‘Can we try again?’


I had answered before I even know I did. I couldn’t believe how liberated I felt by belonging to someone, along with my new-found addiction to keep him very pleased. Truth is, I am now loving him harder than ever.

That night, after he fell asleep, I rubbed myself to an unintentionally-loud orgasm that woke him up, for another round that filled me to the brim.

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