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(She said) ‘Thanks for sending me home.’

‘It’s ok. Just want to make sure you’re safe.’

Out of habit, I stepped into her arms to give her a farewell hug that couldn’t feel more emotional, it being our first after three weeks of downtime. In her arms, I could feel how much I’ve put her through, how much she suffered, and how hard she wished things turned out different.

For a long while, we stood in a very still embrace, experiencing the rush of emotions that we knew were running through our heads. Finally, when it was time to part, she didn’t free her grip from my wrists.

‘J.. ‘

(I asked) ‘Yes?’

Without saying a word more, she buried her head in my chest and used her hands to widen my waistband, catching my manhood off guard. Caressing him very affectionately, I was soon moaning while getting pinned by her forehead, unable to see what she was feeling.

Once my shorts were yanked lower at the center, she slid down my body and swiftly slipped her lips over my cock, sucking and teasing me to a muddled-high with her tongue.

‘Maeve.. Haa.. I.. ‘

(As she shook her head) ‘Mmmm!’

I knew there was nothing I could say to express my shock when she did that, throwing me into a momentary daze with her side-to-side head movements. Relentless, her mouth moved faster up and down my cock, turning me so hard and thick that she had to take frequent breaths.

(I moaned) ‘Maeve.. it’s too sensitive.’

She then used a hand to jerk the lower part of my shaft as she focused wholly on the tip, bringing her head back and forth to spread her saliva for use as lubricant. Understanding my bodily functions well, the added slipperiness relieved some of the over-sensitivity, resuscitating my sense of pleasure.

(I groaned softly) ‘Maeve, I’m cumming soon.. Do you.. Ahh.. Want me to.. Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!’

In a split second, my abs were cringing as I erupted in her mouth, entirety of my load contained safely within her lips. I spent the next few seconds writhing on my feet as she continued extracting, every last drop which I didn’t even catch a glimpse of.

‘Mmm.. Thank you.’

Although she was emotionless, I could guess how much she enjoyed it. We went our separate ways shortly after and that daring encounter would be a thought to treasure.

Part 1 | Part 2

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