Battle Royale

(I moaned) ‘Mmmm.. hey.. it’s dangerous.. haaa.. ‘

In a pitch-black room, I was completely smitten by the mouth sliding up and down my cock while still high on the alcohol we had at the club. The four of us (two couples), promptly crashed in bed, after returning to the hotel room which Mel and I booked for a staycation.

Not that I was bothered by the other couple’s presence, it was how we were all sleeping on the same bed that threw me into caution. Lying towards the comfortable middle were the two girls, and I took the edge like the other guy.

Shortly after the sensual blowjob, she replaced her mouth with her hand and continued jerking me, confusing me between tiredness and horniness. As I was slightly numb in my baby-maker, I could only rely on the silhouette to tell that it was her, who was pleasuring me.

After five more minutes of the erratic handjob, I was turned sideway to spoon her. Raising her knee, she reached under her groin and brought my cock to her pussy, that was wet beyond belief. The movements on the other side of the bed told me too, that something kinky was happening.

Following the direction of her tug on my manhood, I penetrated her easily and began thrusting slowly, each stroke creating a moan into the other side. Soon, smooching noises could be heard and I was momentarily puzzled.

Still jerking my hips, she seemed to be distracted by something ‘in front’. The next thing I felt was a hand on my balls, massaging them in the palm.

(Soft whispers) ‘how is he? good?.. big.. ger.. and how is he?.. thicker than him.. ‘

The pussy I was inside got tighter as I moved faster, until the moans became dirty-sounding kisses. Blindly reaching my hand to whatever was before my partner, I felt a familiar pair of boobs. With a sharp turn of my upperbody, I hit the lamp switch and everything was revealed.

I was inside the girl of the other guy, and he was in mine! As for the girls, they were just making out in a frenzy without regards to my horror.

(Loud whispering) ‘Get on top of him! Don’t let him go!’

She pushed me onto my back and picked herself up, squatting as she bounced her pussy over my cock. Overwhelmed with a mysterious hardness towards seeing my own girlfriend riding another guy, I grew harder, and ‘angrier’.

The girl who was on top of me gradually slowed down, until she came to a complete stop – for an orgasm that threw her body backwards. In that instance, I quickly went behind her and pushed her hips up, swiftly plugging her pussy full of cock. Crawling as I pounded her from behind, she made it to her boyfriend who was as disoriented as me, though still erected inside my girl.

Watching the both of them make out as they fucked someone else besides their partners got my girl and I even more aroused, shortly after breaking contact to have each other’s.

Holding her hips firmly, I let my waist muscles worked her from a doggystyle, to lying flat on her chest. All she was allowed to do was to scramble helplessly as I pounded her hard from the back, shoving my cock deeper than ever into her.


At the same time her pussy squeezed onto me, my cum went spraying out of control into her, every drop sliding into the spot she loved so much. Within seconds, I was back in bed, panting to her insatiable hunger for my cum, this time straight from the source.

After she was done with me, she pushed fingers into her pussy and liked them clean time after time, until nothing was left.

‘Mmm! Yum!’

Exhausted, I drifted to a semi-conscious state while she continued feeding off my shrunken stub, sucking and licking to make it stand again.

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