Translation: Did you wash it clean?


I had barely caught a glimpse of her when she tucked a hand into the gap between the urinal and I, going for my cock that was still spraying very violently. ‘Luckily’, she was the better-looking, middle-aged server whom I have become a regular to, somewhat alluring enough for me to stiffen up to.

Holding my cock (for me) until the last drop dribbled out, she led me to the basin where she splashed some water over it, making sure to ‘clean’ it by stroking it a few times.

It seemed that my last-minute decision to ‘rush’ the toilet when the shutters were lowered, played out in her favour. Within seconds, she was jerking me in a monotonous motion.

Unselfishly, I straightened her bent-over body and stood right in front of her, chest almost touching her boobs. I then undid her jeans, lowered them along with her silken panties down to her thighs, and slid my hand over her trimmed pubes.

After dragging my middle finger a few times across her clit, soft, sensual moans began to escape her mouth, state-of-pleasure measurable by the speed she was pumping my cock.

(I whispered) ‘够硬了吧?’
Translation: Am I hard enough?

(She moaned) ‘太硬了。’
Translation: Yes, yes.

We turned towards the sink next to us and she just watched through the mirror as I pulled her panties further down, instinctively spreading her legs apart when I appeared next to her head again.

As soon as she felt my groin on her ass, she reached between her thighs and pointed me in the ‘right’ direction, cutting out the ‘hunt’ for a quicker penetration. A gentle, forward thrust slipped my cock right into her pussy, surprising me with how tight she was.

For a start, I moved my hips slowly to get a good look of how beautiful she can be, from her licking her lips, sweeping her hair back, to squeezing her own breasts for more stimulation. With that info, I grabbed her boobs and massaged them while my hips rammed, at a quicker pace than before.

Since her chest was getting all the attention it could have, she was free to reach her arms behind, going over her ass cheeks, and prying them open. With that cushion partially gone, I went deeper at every stroke, torturing my own manhood with the increasing tightness.

(She moaned) ‘啊啊啊!我受不了啦!’
Translation: Ah ah ah! I can’t take it anymore!

I too, was at my wits end at containing the build up, mostly contributed by how sexier she looked when she was getting hammered from behind.

(I groaned) ‘我,也,快不行了!’
Translation: I.. can’t take it anymore too!

The moment I unplugged her pussy, she knew ‘where’ I was and didn’t waste any time to wrap her fingers around my shaft. She then hopped onto the edge of the basin and parted her thighs, ‘pulling’ me into her exposed, gapping vagina.

Translation: When you are about to cum, pull out and shoot on my body. Ok?

Translation: But what if I..

Translation: I know, I’ll help you.

With that, my hips resumed thrusting and we were hugging and running our hands all over each other’s bodies, grasping wherever we lusted.

About three minutes later, I voiced my impending ‘end’ but she just smiled, wrapped her legs around me, and pulled me into her groin. During my forced, hopeless fuck, she slid a hand, fingers split between the fourth and index, around the base of my cock.

Moving very seamlessly, she relaxed her feet just enough to let me fall my cock out, then pulling me inward to catch my erection. Resuming the legs-assisted sex, I found myself pumping more comfortably into her palm, hastening my pace until my creamy, hot cum showered onto her exposed belly.

In her skilled (or random) massage, I just kept squirting until I lost my breath, to which I heard her first ever giggle.

Translation: Is that all?

Translation: What do you think?

Backing up for her to hop off the sink, she didn’t just stop in front of me and squatted to my waist-level. At the blink of an eye, I was in the heavens again as she sucked me clean, licking all the way down to my balls.

Translation: Nothing more!

We got dressed and left through the backdoor, about to go our separate ways when she invited me to have dinner at her place. With an empty stomach, I was naive enough to believe her until she came out of the kitchen completely naked, only for us to go all out again, in her bed this time.

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