Life Sentence

Upon hearing the door unlock, Natasha pushed her way into the handicap toilet where Alex said he was in. Without wasting a second, she dropped her bag and dove endearingly into his arms, planting eager kisses that pinned him against a wall. Like clockwork, they loosened each other’s bottoms off and she lowered herself while pulling on his jeans.

Almost instantly, her mouth went over his fully-erected cock, lubricating it with her saliva as she stuffed her face full. Once she had stripped her panties off, she got up onto her feet and did a little spin, placing her ass firmly over his groin.

Alex quickly caught a hold of his cock and pointed it towards her pussy, where she then impatiently backed herself up down his shaft. Completely buried in her excessively-lubricated pussy, Alex went to work banging the breaths out of her, heaving and sighing to every twitch of their privates.

Going like rabbits, it was clear that they couldn’t get enough of each other. While the male was plugging her as fast as he could, she was trying to ‘push’ (against the wall her hands were on for balance) herself even deeper.

(Natasha whispered loudly) ‘oh fuck oh fuck! it’s coming.. it’s coming now Al!’

Her body was soon trembling out of control as she achieved an intense orgasm, recovery made impossible by Alex who was pounding her at full speed. The final moment came when she was pulled by his hands on her waist, closing the non-existent gap between their bodies for an immenient explosion.

His cock then mercilessly pumped waves after waves of hot cum into her pussy, until there was no more left in him. For the couple, the ensuing ‘calm’ and ‘peace’ after an orgasm was something to thoroughly savour, having fallen into a rabbit hole they sort-of deserved.

Just a week ago, Natasha was introduced to a neuro-stimulant, in the form of a pill. After getting ‘two’ to try it with her boyfriend, Alex, she went to his place on a day that they could stay in bed the next day. In the presence of their loved one, they felt brave enough to give it a try, and boy, did they get very, high.

As they began to feel warm, they removed their clothes until they were just in their undergarments. It had seemed that the drug they just swallowed, heightened their five senses to unimaginable levels. Apart from ‘zooming’ with their eyes, they could hear every breath each took, the rhythmic ticking of the clock, and even the breeze from the aircon.

Natasha then felt the urge to tease her boy a little, by slipping a hand up his boxers to gently stroke his manhood. As easily distracted as she was, he was ‘up’ in no time, and also harder than ever.

Feeling invincible, they shifted their (seated-upright) bodies closer until they were exactly a penis-length apart, position resembling the M-shape (with a gap right down the center). Leaning backwards on their hands, there was no describing how excited they were to have sex while being that high.

At that instance Alex put the tip of his cock into her pussy, Natasha went berserk. It was apparent that the both of them could feel the warmth, wetness, and perfection of each other’s genitals. The intensifying hunger next motorised their sexed-up, overwhelmed minds, electrifying their hip-muscles awake.

By pushing against their (own) arms, they could slide their butts across the sheets, ‘meeting’ at the middle where his cock disappeared entirely inside her. None of them could take their eyes off each other as they rocked their hips, connecting, disconnecting, joining, unjoining with each other on a spiritual level.

In no time, he grew thicker in her contracting flesh-tube, eyes still staring spitefully-playful. When he saw a slight deflection in her gaze, he knew something was up. A sudden squeeze in her vaginal walls caught him off guard, and managed to overpower his resistance by imitating a milking motion.

In response, he could only weakly ‘harden’ himself as his will got internally-massaged to a pulp, forcing him to give up on the sheer beauty of her determination.

‘I’ll cum now.’

Out of nowhere, he realised that he had total control over his ejaculation, and she too, had the same power over her orgasms.

(She said) ‘Together.’

And they both came the hardest they ever did, leaving no strength to even pull a blanket over their naked bodies.

The next morning, Natasha woke him up with a blowjob, which was sensual only in the first few seconds. In a flash, he was balls-deep in her as she gagged herself on his morning-wood, unwavering to the tears that rolled down her smiling face. In place of the usual fantasies that would surface subtly in his mind, he could clearly visualise of what he would do to her.

Unable to understand his unusual weakness to any urges, he found himself enacting what he imagined just seconds ago. After he put her on her back, he brought his hips to her groin and penetrated her in one fell swop, caught in surprise for the second time by her unnaturally-wet pussy.

(As he groaned) ‘What’s.. happening dear?’

(While she moaned) ‘I.. don’t know.. but it feels.. so.. so good.. ‘

As conscious as he was to how violently he was fucking her, she seemed to be taking all of it well, moaning and screaming in a voice much sluttier than before. While his hips moved on instincts, he paid attention to the two voices in his head. One, wanted that loving moment to last forever, and the other, was lusting and yearning even deeper for her.


Out of nowhere, she came so hard that his cock gave in to the pressure, releasing all of his cum into her pussy. For a few seconds, he could feel himself again, as the guy who loved the casual dates, occasional sex and frequent kissing. As for Natasha, she had fainted from the sheer intensity of it.

Hunger came for him next and he left the room to make breakfast for the two of them, only returning to see Natasha using a dildo on herself.

‘Al.. fuck me.. please?’

The word ‘fuck’ instantaneously sparked dirty thoughts and he was erected again, ready for use in doggystyle where they had breakfast on their knees. After yet another climax, they took the little time they had and came to a conclusion, that the drug had somehow bonded them at all levels of affection, and the only way they could function was being on their own.

When Natasha came banging on his door again, he finally realised the full effect of that drug. So long any of them thought about each other, sexually or not, they would be aroused. The two of them had no ways to break out of the cycle and only went to sleep when their bodies collapsed from exhaustion.

In the days to come, their lust took over their studies and they had to drop out of school. With no income, they scoured the net for paying participants who had a fetish for threesomes, embarking on a pay-for-sex business model that solved their money problem.

Once they had enough for a house, which didn’t take long, they ‘worked from home’, satisfying men and couples with their insatiable hunger for sex, as long as they are together.

However, as things couldn’t look any darker, a wealthy couple showed up with the very same pills they had regretfully taken. Now, instead of a sex-crazed couple, there are now TWO, sex-crazed couples, giving them some variety in terms of partners, and a permanent fix to their money woes.

Fucked for life.

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