(Man’s voice) ‘Ready?.. Yeah.. Taking it off.. now! ‘

For the first time in six days, after the blindfolds were removed, I was able to take a good look at the place I, or rather we, were held in.

The first thing I saw was a candle-lit, oil diffuser, which completely satisfied my curiosity about the scent of lemongrass. And in the other corner of the unfurnished room, slumped the body of a girl whom I presumed was the person I was made to fuck.

(Hooded man asked) ‘Open up.’

(Hooded man 2 asked) ‘You too. Ahhh!’

Without our blindfolds, we could clearly see the yellow pill we had been taking, spending the next few minutes staring at each other until we were dragged closer.

(Hooded man asked) ‘Know what to do?’

(Girl answered) ‘Yes yes!’

Immediately, she pushed my chest backwards and went to work, sucking my unsympathetic erection enthusiastically like she was ‘into me’. Of course, having ‘rehearsed’ so many times, I knew how to react, writhing and groaning to her lips trailing up and down my shaft.

From the door where the men stood, a huge, TV-station kind of camera was aimed at us, blinking red dot signalling its state of use. Returning my attention back to her, I noticed how frequently she was looking at my eyes, silently establishing some kind of unspoken, sexual endearment between us.

Locking her eyes on mine, I was soon felt a tingle in my loin as she bobbed her head up and down, returning some sensitivity to my cock. After a few minutes, it was my turn to put her onto her back and dove between her legs, flicking her clit so rapidly that she started to moan, quite naturally.

Next, I stuck one finger into her wet pussy and got her to grunt aggressively, to the delight of the ‘film crew’. The whole cunnilingus didn’t last too long once she grew impatient for more, and I was pulled on top of her in a blink of an eye.

(She whispered loudly) ‘fuck me, hard.. errr’

The smile I unknowingly gave must have looked so sly that one of the hooded man went ‘ohhhh’, before he covered his mouth. After she got a grip of my cock, I slammed my hips straight into her groin and shoved my cock deep into her, skipping the ‘acclimatisation’ phase and went right to sex.

In a twerking motion, my hips ‘scooped’ back and forth, sliding deep into her vagina against any resistance her body put up. It was only a matter of time when she got wetter, to assist an even quicker thrust of my hips.


Her body went into a fit but I wasn’t ready to let her recover. I rolled her onto her side, then lifted her hips up into doggystyle, thereafter plugging her pussy with my cock again.

Pumping harder and faster than ever, I was fueled by the soft, overly-wet embrace of her pussy, that wanted, and-not-wanted to be abused.


Another orgasm knocked her flat onto her chest and I just had to continue in that position, popping my cock mercilessly in and out of her collapsed vagina.

‘Ok. It’s my turn now.’

When I saw a whiteboard going up at the door, I made a casual glance towards them and saw ‘on her face’. Knowing better than to defy them, I flipped her over and squatted over her chest.

As soon as I put her hand on my cock, she knew exactly what to do. Jerking and looking all fired up, I pushed my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit, turning her ferocity into a one-sided fight against pleasure.

(I muttered sternly) ‘It’s coming.’

I spoke calmly before slipping my hand around her neck, to tilt her head towards my volcano that spewed hot, white ‘lava’ over her bewitched face.

A few minutes after we fell into each other’s arms, the hooded men placed our food at the door and left. With multiple CCTVs mounted on the ceiling, there was nothing we could try that won’t be seen.

So, we spent our days getting to know each other better, while doing our ‘job’ as ‘porn stars’ to fuck once a day.

Can’t they at least give us a bed?

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