Itchy Hand

‘Daddy, can I give you a massage?’


I replied while lying chest-down in the bed, back completely sore after six hours of uncomfortable bus ride. Without looking at her, I just tilted my head across the pillow and felt her hands on my back, applying pressure at random places.

‘Dad, your shirt.’

She had raised it to my armpits and it came off easily once I straightened my arms, for her to better knuckle-press on my aching muscles. Since she wasn’t using too much force, I dozed off to her playful elbow-grind and upper-back massage, until she moved both her hands up my shorts.

Before I was fully awake, she had cupped my balls with one hand, and using the other to grasp my shaft.

(I shouted) ‘HEY HEY!’

As soon as I tried to roll over, she gave my cock a jerk and I dropped flat on the bed. Each time I attempted to turn, she would caress my balls as she gave me a handjob, until I was groaning into the pillow.

(I pleaded) ‘Sweetie.. Girl.. Please stop..’


Soon, my hips were hovering above the bed for some reason, while she got into another position I can’t tell.

(Daughter commanded) ‘Higher.’

I raised my hips by sliding backwards, getting into a somewhat-like-doggystyle position.

(Daughter shouted) ‘OK!’

With my senses still muddled by her hand jerking me off, it was only when I felt her hair on my inner-thighs that I realised where was she.

At that moment, she angled my cock downward and took it into her mouth, using the softness of the spring mattress to ‘bounce’ up and down. My own little girl, was now facing a giant as wide as her mouth.

Whenever I froze in resistance, her tongue would take over the blowjob, swirling at the tip, licking around the shaft, and sucking till I ‘popped’.

(I grunted) ‘ARGH!’

Just as I tucked my knees inward, she threw her arms around my butt and rolled over with me, mouth still connected to my cock. With ample up-space, she held the base of my erection to keep it upright as she bobbed her head fast and furious, draining me of all strength at one go.


I cried out as loudly as I could without sounding angry, but she made things worse by stroking the part where her lips couldn’t reach.

Over the next few, unhappening-seconds, loads of cum gushed into her lips that stayed’ glued’ around the little head, containing all of the love I sent.

Needless to say, the unimaginable and immoral act deprived all I had to even think about what-to-do-next, let alone move.


‘Yes dear?’

She put my feet together and sat at my lap, shifting her butt higher until I felt her soft flesh on the underside of my cock.

We said nothing more to each other as she rubbed her pussy on me until she climaxed, clearly excited by what she had ‘unlocked’.

The next morning, when I saw her going around in just tank top and panties, I realised that it was I, who ‘showed’ her that it was ‘normal’ to dress loosely in her own house.

After losing an argument to her ‘frosted window’ logic, we found no need to wear any bottoms, or even clothes if we wanted to.

(I asked in return) ‘You want me to massage you?’

‘Just down there perhaps?’

What more, could go around in a house that we had complete privacy in?

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