Outcall to the Steps

You might call it a coincidence, when I bumped into my next-door-neighbour at the void deck, both of us drunk to the point we couldn’t hold our heads up. While it was a rare occasion for me to get drunk, it was a fortnightly thing for her, to arrive at her doorstep and bang the shit out of the door for her roommate to answer.

Unwilling to do the same thing to the occupants of our houses, we went up a few flight of stairs to avoid any passerbys who would give us the ‘looks’. It was also at the steps when she pulled out a travel-sized bottle of whiskey, to share it with me.

It was no surprise, that after one more sip of hard liquor, we were wasted beyond salvation. Soon, her head was on mine and we had unknowingly held onto each other’s arms, to prevent any of us from rolling down the steps. When her hand moved up my thighs for a ‘better’ grip, she pulled my hand around her back to hold her closer.

In that close proximity, we were breathing in the last, remaining scent of our bodies, stirring a reaction that none of us were prepared for. At some point in time, we got lost in each other’s gaze and our lips got closer until we kissed. From there, our light pecks turned into passionate kissing, before she climbed into my lap to make out ferociously.

As our lips got busy, she used her hands to undo my jeans as I slipped a hand under her sleeveless, turtleneck, flare-bottom dress to easily access her pussy. With my teasing, she increased her speed and managed to whip my cock out in record time.

(I asked) ‘Condom?’

(She whispered) ‘fuck that shit.. ‘

A quick raise of her hips brought her pussy to the tip of my cock, where she then impatiently ‘bounced’ herself down my shaft. As wet as she was, it took her no more than a few ‘squats’ to fit me snuggly inside her body.

Along with her exasperated breaths, she was sort of giving me a stern, straight glance.

(She hissed) ‘It’s. been. so. long.’

Nothing more need to be said once she rocked her ass back and forth, devouring and spitting me out continuously. Seeing that slim, ungodly-thin hips swaying before me, I couldn’t help but held her down as she fucked me. Soon, things got so intense that she could no longer keep up with her craving, handing control over to me with one simple question.

(She asked) ‘Can you stand up?’

‘Sure. Hang on to me.’

As soon as she she has wrapped her arms and legs around my back, I picked myself up with help from the railing, and brought us to a corner of the stairs. With her dangling on my neck, I gently swung my hips back and forth, using gravity to let momentum fuck us. Somehow, the rhythmic strokes managed to give her an orgasm that that was when she wanted ‘more’.

Bending over the railings, she stuck her butt out for me to plug her pussy full of cock, thereafter holding on tight while I banged the life out of her, or ourselves. Her pussy only got tighter and tighter as I hardened inside of her.

‘I’m gonna cum bee.. I’m cumming soon.. ‘

She immediately straightened her body and squatted with her face at my groin. After getting a good grip of my cock, she licked her own juices off before she put the whole thing in her mouth. What surprised me next was how she put her arms around my thighs, then violently forced her face into my groin.

Expectedly, she choked and had to let go of her hug, but not before she took my hands and put them behind her head.

(I asked carefully) ‘Are you sure?’

‘uhh-huuh.. ‘

Her muffled answer was all I need to face-fuck her, thrusting my manhood down her throat until I had to cum. At that very instant, she grabbed my ass and kept her lips around the base of my shaft. All, all of my cum went straight down her throat and I let her she pull away after my last squirt.

There was no mess, except for our crumpled clothes. There was no evidence, except for our muffled moans. There were no hard feelings, having gone limp, or sore from our rendezvous.

(She asked) ‘See you around?’


‘Tomorrow? At 2am?’


I could not forget the grin she tried so hard to hide as we turned our backs on each other at the gates, bringing home memories better than the gatherings we got drunk at.

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