Just Daddy and Her

‘Do you have to? I’m going to have a long day at.. haaa.. haaa.. at work dear.. ‘

Ignoring his retherotical question, Renee continued stroking the dick that was before her while watching (and feeling) it grow in size, almost separating her index and thumb that were touching each other.

Only a few months have passed since her mum left them for a ‘better prospect’, leaving her dad to shoulder the responsibilities of loving, raising, and providing for her – their only child. ‘A good job’, was an understatement of his abilities as she matured into a sensible, dutiful young lady, despite the limitations of someone her age.

Ever since she understood what ‘divorce’ really meant, she took it upon herself to become ‘their’ homemaker, partly to relieve some workload her dad has to do after work. From doing the chores, to managing the household’s expenditure, she was growing up faster than her dad have wanted.

Over the few months they lived together, she realised that he had a high level of tolerance, as well as a very, forgiving heart. Leveraging his wholesome personality, she habitually started cosying up at his side, giving him full-body hugs, kisses to the cheeks, and ultimately, massages that he was initially so afraid of.

What gave her the biggest sense of achievement was whenever he sighed in outmost comfort, like an acknowledgement of her success in becoming a ‘wife’. Slowly, he got used to her foot massage and periodically dozed off to her finger skills, until she did something (different) that caused a bulge to form under his boxers.

Taking her only chance, she slipped a hand into his loose shorts and grasped his erection, shocking him awake into a frenzy. Her firm grip on his sensitive reproductive organ soon got him to succumb to her only demand – which was to let her continue the ‘massage’.

Unwanting to forcefully remove her hand, he laid down and watched her lower his boxers, far enough for her to hold it properly. With some saliva, she was off to her first handjob and the way he groaned, so loudly and pleasuably, strongly reaffirmed her success in becoming a ‘wife’.

That night, she finished him off with generous shots to her hands and t-shirt, making him exhausted enough for a good night of sleep. The very next evening, after the shoulder-and-foot massage, she was on her knees between his feet again.

In one swift motion, she took her top off and exposed her ample set of bosoms, clad in a lacy, mostly-translucent bra. ‘To avoid making a mess’, was her reason for the unneeded flashing, to which daddy was helpless against.

Again, with some saliva, she was off to a good start, sending his body writhing and twitching as she alternated between different speed, grips and tension. For some reasons, he was less sensitive that night and had tired her hands out when she decided to go down on him, with the knowledge she had gained from the little porn she came across.

In a fully-relaxed state, the top of the tongue was soft as hell and actually did wonders for him, sending him into hysterical moans and continuous pleas for her to stop. The word, ‘stop’, was exactly what she was waiting to hear, because that meant that it was ‘too good’. Bouncing her head even faster, she pouted her lips and dragged them up and down his shaft, simulating all the nerves on the underside until his body was arrested.

Then, without warning, a huge spurt of cum sprayed into her mouth, filling her cheeks up so quickly that she had no choice but to swallow. Two large gulps, was what she took to contain all of his warm, life-giving, and tasty semen. At the end of it, all the strength that was left in him was used to get his ass into his bed.

(Renee whispered) ‘daddy.. it’s so big now.. ‘

(Daddy sighed) ‘and whose.. whose fault is it? ‘

At that instant, she let go of his cock and turned herself around, sticking her perky ass out in his face before lowering it towards his cock. A slight push was all she needed to ‘point’ him in the right direction, splitting her vagina wide open as he picked himself up onto his feet.

(In his exasperated voice) ‘There.. move to the coffee table.. ‘

Once she put her palms on the wooden furniture, daddy began pumping his thick cock in and out of her pussy, getting wetter each time he pulled all the way out to the entrance. Standing on fours, he held her waist tighter as he used her soft, bubbly ass to cushion his penetrative motion, twerking back and forth as her moans turned into grunts.

(He asked) ‘You like this baby? Daddy making you.. happy?’

‘Oh yes daddy.. put it all the way.. AHHH! OH FUCK YES DADDY!’

She could feel him getting bigger inside of her as her moans went soft again, for a more ‘passionate’ feel than those raw, hardcore porn that didn’t suit her taste. Following her lead, he systematically lowered themselves onto their knees so he could pound her harder, though at a slower pace to prolong the euphoria.

Banging away, it was only time that she got too tight for him to fuck her ‘comfortably’ anymore. Her pussy was literally wrapped so closely around him that if she wasn’t his daughter, he would have pumped her pussy full of cum.

(Renee moaned) ‘DADA! I’M! AWWOOOOAHHHH.. NNGGGG.. ‘

The strongest wave of orgasm hit her so hard that she almost forced his cock out of her, if not for his forceful thrust back into her pussy. That single stroke unleashed his own orgasm and he pulled out instinctively, calming his thoughts so she had time to turn around for him.

Taking him into her mouth again, she face-fucked him for a good three minutes before he exploded cum all over the insides of her jaws. Despite the powerful eruption, he still had strength in him to hold her head still while jerking his hips. In the next few silent minutes, she just obediently let him mouth-fuck her for a second tiny load that she could tell was ‘a shots worth’.

(Renee whispered) ‘dada.. let’s go to sleep now. I have no more strength.’

(Dad replied) ‘So am i.. Goodnight baby girl.’

‘night night.’

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