Perfect Lie

Having fallen asleep on the couch after coming home drunk, I was definitely shocked when I was awakened by a pair of hands stroking my mysteriously-erected dick. All I could think of was ‘who’, as my vision was obstructed by my ‘smelly (blanket)’ which had covered my eyes.

The three people staying in the house then was my sister, our domestic helper, and I. Our parents, who were living in another house, had kept Aly around out of goodwill for her closeness to us, though we all knew that she wouldn’t be needed for long.

As my breathing got heavier and deeper, I could hear muffled moans coming from the side, as if she was in pleasure too. Knowing that I was safe in my own home, I just let myself go (a little) and moaned along, only getting softer as the handjob came to a stop.

At that point, I was expecting ‘things’ to end anytime until I felt a hand around my cock again, this time, just holding it upright. The next thing I felt was a kiss on my pee hole, where that said pair of lips then split apart slowly as it descended my shaft, engulfing me in fiery desire until she reached my pubes.

As much as I enjoyed the deep throat, I didn’t expect her to stay ‘down’ that long until she was gagging. And not even then, did she raise her head. Immediately, I tried to reach for her chin but she just held my hand down, holding that depth until my worries passed. That was when my mind regained composure, to vividly experience the squeezing-sensations her throat was giving. It was random, hot, and dangerously immersive.

Finally, she retracted her neck and my exit made me felt ‘long’, though it was just her slow pace. From there, her lips worked the top three-quarter length she could comfortably reach, slurping and bouncing as I grew thicker in her mouth.

After what felt like a long time, she pulled her head away and let the cold breeze (from our ceiling fan) cool my manhood, relieving the impending urge and hardness that was getting achy. Once she put a foot on the cushion right next to my hips, I knew that there was more to come.

The hand that groped my cock in the dark kept it pointed upwards as her pussy was lowered, until we felt the excessive wetness that drooled down my shaft. Without hesitation, she slipped her meat pouch over my dick and let off a long sigh as her vaginal walls spread in two, around my unwavering hard-on that seemed so unsympathetic.

She put both her hands on my belly and began rocking her hips, grinding back and forth to let my cock flick up and down inside of her. Moving at a rhythmic, unhurried pace, the juices that initially lubricated my penetration soon wet my balls, spreading to my thighs and her bum where she was sliding on. The one fact that was constantly ringing in my head was ‘how much was she lusting for this’.

In no time, she was riding at full speed and I was holding her waist down as well, to keep the ‘most effective/ stimulating’ part of her pussy (the opening) at where I was most insensitive. Still, she managed to overpower me and claimed control of her tempo, stroking me at my shaft while massaging the tip with her contracting pussy.

(I whispered loudly) ‘I’m cumming now I’m cumming now!’

She pulled a slow-ascend, fast-descend move and had me deeply trapped as hot cum spilled into her vagina, throbbing and succumbing to her subsequent orgasm that milked me after most of my load was delivered.

I was left panting for air while she was convulsing atop me, coming to a stop only after two minutes. Having been truly ’emptied’, I was no longer sensitive to her playful squeezes and hopeful, rocking motion.

Minutes later, she picked herself up from me and left me along in the hall, once again in complete silence. Without the need to remove the blindfold, I could only wonder..

‘Good morning!’

The sharp, perky voice of my sister shocked me awake and I uncovered my eyes to the brightly-lit living room, where the maid and her was staring at my unruly appearance.

(Maid asked) ‘Had a good night?’

(Sister sarcastically added) ‘Must be a wild night huh? Did anything happen?’

If only I could say, ‘a lot’.

The following night, it was my sister who came home (loudly) and slept on the couch, to which I then whispered to ask if she wanted to be carried into her room. Being a good brother, I hauled her into her bed and was swiftly pulled in next to her tube-dress-clad body.

(Sister whispered) ‘it’s time to return the favour kor.. ‘

We did the unthinkable again and fell asleep naked in her bed, until our maid woke me up, by sliding her hand under the sheets to give my morning wood a (fore)skin-deep massage.

(Maid whispered) ‘did you like what i did that night?’

With my sister gone (for work), it didn’t take much for her to jump into bed and make full use of my hardness, riding as if her life depended on it until I came. At the end of it, not only was I exhausted, but my morals were also thrown out with the wind.

They both, in fact, reminded me of the sensations I experienced that fateful night, though there was a small difference that made it impossible to tell. In missionary, my sister felt like the ‘culprit’, but in cowgirl, my maid made me felt like the ‘victim’.

So who.. nevermind.

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