Deep Enough

This is an incest story between a brother and his sister. Please do not proceed if such storyline offends you.

Late into the night, Roy was woken by weird noises coming from her sister’s room. Ling had brought her boyfriend home for the night and by ten, the tormenting creaking of her bed had stopped and he could finally have an early night before a long day of work the following morning. A faint yellow light glowed under the door, with shadows constantly moving around. Although the noise was fairly quiet, he had decided to check on her to see if she was doing anything unwilling.

The new door knobs worked silently and he pushed the door ajar, unobstructed from any wardrobe. Every room had been renovated two weeks ago for a possible resale, and the two siblings had no idea how long they could still stay there.

From the crack, he saw her sister sitting on the bed, with the rolling laptop desk in front of her. And on it, was a thin dildo about six inches long, stuck firmly on the metal while she went down on it, with her boyfriend beside pushing her head.

Boyfriend (whispering): ‘You can do it. Go deeper.’

Roy’s heart was in pain as he watched how she choked on the rubber stick, while her boyfriend sat next to her, hand between her crossed legs. His other hand was on his dick stroking, in a sick attempt to ‘groom’ Ling for deep throat. After a few tries to get her lips to touch the fake testicles, she gave up and sobbed. All her boyfriend could do was to hug her and she did not seem comforted at all.

All Roy could do was hope she would break up with this jerk, so he could protect her. It was the least he could do before they separated from the custody struggle between their parents. Unknowingly, he lost his balance and leaned on the door, pushing it a distance where her boyfriend spotted him.

Boyfriend: ‘Did we wake you up?’

Roy: ‘I think you should leave her alone for now. She’s not feeling well.’

Boyfriend: ‘We have stopped. Why don’t you comfort her?’

He went to Ling and hugged her standing. The couple could totally make out the hard on under his boxers, poking against her shoulders while he held her head on his stomach.

Boyfriend (whispering slyly): ‘Are you turned on by what you saw?’

Roy: ‘And what did I see?’

Boyfriend: ‘Her blowjob skills?’

Roy did not say a word but sat on the bed. It wasn’t too long before her boyfriend tugged against his shoulders to fall back on the bolster near the wall.

Boyfriend: ‘Why don’t you practice on your brother?’

Her boyfriend proceeded to pin him down by pressing his forearm against his Adam’s apple, rendering him helpless, Roy was at risk of being suffocated if he struggled too. Ling, who remained silent all the while, then reached for his waistband and lowered his boxers to his thighs. Her brother’s dick was far more comforting than her boyfriend who had been pressuring her for sex all these while. Ling took a look at the dildo and then the dick before her. It was similar in length, but slightly wider. The table was moved away and she obediently went down on him, sucking it while letting the meat sink reach down her throat.

Doing a deep throat was more than just the length her body could accommodate through the mouth, it was also greatly affected by the person whom the lady was doing it on. Ling’s brother was much more ideal than her sick-in-the-mind boyfriend. Once she started on him, there was none of that choking or gagging noises, but graceful slurping sounds. Roy was helplessly weak due to the blowjob, having her boyfriend’s arm removed long ago.

Her head bounced up and down in his groin while the lamp broadcasted their motion pictures against the wall in shadows. Somehow during this incestuous action, her boyfriend was gleaming from ear to ear. There was a certain fear in the ambience, one that she could not take it down. All of a sudden, she stopped and got off the bed. The two guys were taken aback, from her courage that never occurred to them that she would have.

Ling: ‘Get out now.’

Boyfriend: ‘Why? We were just getting started. You have to chase your own out?’

Ling (shouting): ‘No! You! Get out of my house now!’

It was her boyfriend who was being targeted. In a fury, he jumped out of the bed and gave a slap across her face. Roy was no pushover as well, getting out and shoving him out of the room, all the way to the main door. He then snatched his bag from his sister’s hand and threw it out of the door, ready to give him a kick if he did not leave. Two against one in ‘away’ venue was never to his advantage. A slam of the door was all that sent him away, possibly never to bother them again.

After he left, Ling broke down in the living room and Roy picked her up, carrying her to her bed before picking up her blanket to tuck her in.

Ling (sobbing): ‘Kor.. I’m sorry. He’s an asshole and I should have listened to you.’

Roy: ‘It’s okay Ling. Just catch some sleep. Tomorrow will be better.’

She couldn’t let him leave just like that. She grabbed him by his arm and did a little throw towards her bed. A swift dodge manoeuvre let him lay down before she jumped on top of him, holding him down with her weight.

Roy: ‘Ling! What are you.. ‘

She slid her butt down his legs and immediately placed her mouth over his dick. Going down all the way, his dick reached a new depth and was granted a deep throat. She went on tirelessly for at least three minutes, sending Roy in and out of trance like sensation. No matter how good it felt, it was wrong to let his sister do this to herself. He finally gathered his energy and pushed her away, leaving her in a scurry to climb back on top of him.

Roy: ‘I should go now. You need some time alone.’

Ling: ‘Kor, please don’t leave me now. I need you here with me.’

Roy: ‘No. This is getting out of hand.’

Ling: ‘Wait.. let me tell you what happened. After he started having sex with me, he had forced me to be on the pill. I had no choice but to listen. If not I will get pregnant. Since then, he went all out to abuse me sexually, and only you can help me now. I want to feel what it is like to ‘make love’.’

In his mind, he was trying hard to resist the temptation of his sister, who was sitting on him in just a tank top, bottomless with her smooth pussy grinding his abs. His body on the other hand, was dying to ‘help’ his sister out.

Seeing that her brother had gone all quiet, she began moving towards his chest, almost sitting on his abs. She then raised her hips and slid lower down his body, placing his tip right at her pussy. To think he would be the one giving in, it was his sister who asked for a favour. And Roy closed his eyes.

The small fleshy opening stretched over his dick as she sat down on it, making the whole descend last while she carefully gave herself to him. Bit by bit, his dick entered her sister and the warmth just took away all of the guilt. Anyway, it was too late. Or was it not?

Just as she began to grind her hips, he held her waist down and stopped her movements. He needed that moment to think, and responded with strength. He sat up and pulled her on his chest. They fell onto the bed and he did a flip, turning around to place her on the pillow while he took the missionary stance.

Roy: ‘Mei, this is just for you.’

That sentence made her pussy contract with gratitude, and he wasted no time in ramming her hard. His rod moved like a piston of a V8 engine, spreading her vagina open and close in high frequency. Ling’s mind was blown away from his vigour and knew he would not stop until his balls were relieved. Her legs were spread to their limits and his hips was banging hard on her bones. It was so deep that her body knew it felt better than her now – ex-boyfriend. It was filled with so much love and concern, dedicated to satisfying her while he enjoyed the ride.

She had been focusing on keeping her body relaxed, so he could last as long as forever. The night slipped away with the two bunnies sucking the lives out of each other, and Roy was more than ready to last. Her vibrating phone was left ignored while they ravaged their newfound relationship. It was pure lust, and a special love between siblings.

Soon, the grandfather clock rang thrice, and Roy’s balls rang once. The one ring was all he needed to know the end was coming, and he went all out, maintain velocity and thrusts towards his objective.

Roy: ‘Mei.. I’m about to finish.’

Ling (whispering): ‘Inside me. Just do it.’

Roy: ‘No.’

He gave her a last thrust and fell away from her. That was not how she expected it would end, but the consideration he had for her was more than enough to assure her of this close contact. It was more than lust and owning her. She picked herself up and crawled towards the panting body. She kept a lips in a pouted shape and kissed the tip. His girth then expanded her lips and she went all the way for him. The deep throat he experienced this time was as good as her pussy. Tight, wet and accommodating.

He held her head in position and moved his hips upwards, driving the metal-hard tool into her mouth. It took him some time, but she was totally devoted to making her brother happy. Roy suddenly tried to lift her mouth away and she fought to keep her lips around his little head, sucking so hard that his load shot strongly into her mouth. His hands gave way and she resumed the mouth fuck, milking him of every drop, leaving him no regrets to this short sexcapade.

He was done after a minute, and she finally gave him his well-deserved break. Sitting opposite him, she stuck her tongue out to show him the load that coated her tongue, with sticky strains between her teeth.

She saw the smile on his face and dived into his arms, where he hugged her for a long time without relaxing a bit of his arms.

Ling: ‘Kor. I love you.’

Roy: ‘I love you too mei.’

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