The Ultimate Addiction (TUA)-Inspired Fanfic

Nancy stepped into the bedroom and I immediately attacked her from behind, pulled off her white blazer and bit forcefully into her left shoulder causing her to squeal in pain. She reached underneath my chin and pushed upwards causing me to release my grip.

“That really hurts, do you know?” she whimpered.

“Then do you know how I felt when I found out that you kissed another girl?”

“I what?”

“Yup, you kissed that dirty whore Kate Tsui, didn’t you?”

“Listen, it was a-”

I interrupted her by kissing her hard on her luscious pink lips and she gritted her teeth preventing my tongue from entering her mouth. I pushed her forcefully against the wall, pinned myself against her and assaulted her lips once again as I pulled down the zip at the back of her white dress. I pushed the two sides of the dress apart and it slid right off her revealing the black bra and lace panties underneath.

I reached behind myself to grab the vibrator I had left on the bedside table, positioned it against her cloth-covered asshole and flicked the switch to “on” then pushed aside the back of her panties and penetrated her rear opening immediately causing her to scream. I then unhooked the back of her bra and began to suck forcefully on her nipples, sinking my teeth into them, while I fucked her ass with the toy.

“Would you please stop that, it hurts!” Nancy begged. I released my mouth from her hardened nipple.

“Promise me you’ll never lay a finger on Kate Tsui again?”

“Ahh… yes!”

I pulled the vibrator out of her ass, carried her to the bed, placed her down gently and pulled down her panties then touched her very swollen red clit causing her to give another loud scream of pleasure and she came, wetting herself and the bed. I returned my lips to hers, kissing her gently this time, removed my own panties and began to grind my private parts against hers and we fucked the whole night till we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

PS: Haven’t been fantasising about Tavia lately but I have been fantasising about a lot of other people so I’ll probably be writing more stories ;)

Published with permission, courtesy of Vivien.

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