*Ding dong*

Jayson: ‘Hi, welcome. Come on in.’

Jayson was a well known person in the cosmetic world for his painless waxing services. Working from home, there was little hassle of managing a shop and he could work alone at his own pace. Although most of his clients were males, occasionally, females would patronise him and let him weed out those pesky pubic hairs that most men disliked.

It was Princess’ first visit for such a service and she was more shy than worried about the pain. After all, it wasn’t common for girls her age to go for such thorough waxing, being in the age where her body matured.

Jayson: ‘You are waxing your underarms and groin right? The door on the left is where you can change out, and then take a sit on the bed.’

It was a single bed lying in the centre of the room, cosy with pillows and sheets. The slight fragrance and decals-covered walls made the whole place seemed comfortable, greatly reducing the awkwardness and putting Princess in a calm state.

She entered the room and used the bathroom to get a quick shower, before wrapping a long towel around her body, just enough to cover her boobs. She laid on the bed once she dried herself and used the blanket to shield her legs, until the last moments she needed to ‘spread’.

Jayson: ‘Feeling comfortable? Let me just give you a little introduction. Most of my clients are males, and they can take pain quite well. The results are straightforward, the most sensitive parts are the soft flesh around your vagina, and no matter how ready you are, it will be slightly painful. However, for girls, they recommended me a method that will help relieve the pain during the process. One of my female clients actually gave me this.’

He took a vibrator from an unrolled towel and handed it to Princess, and the rest of the introduction was understood in her mind. He sat on a stool at the width of the bed, and raised her knees up. Taking the vibrator from her hand, he turned it on and placed it on her clit, thereafter placing her hand on the toy, buzzing away to get her more relaxed.

Like what the vibrator was designed for, her pussy got wet in no time, while Jayson began warming the glass measuring cup, half filled with an orange substance. He spent the next ten minutes clearing her bush, and another five minutes on her underarms. Almost painless, Princess’ mind was so distracted with getting herself off that her own fingers went to work on the hairless pussy while he was waxing her armpits.

After he was done with her, he cleared the messy hardened wax away and sat on the bed, next to the girl who was still masturbating outside her vagina. She had got herself so wet that her juices were good enough to moisturise the raw pores that were pinkish from the treatment. Jayson saw how relaxed she was and the sight of her enjoying herself quickly sent blood to his rod, setting up a tent under those thin materials of his shorts.

He poured a dab of massage oil on his hands and went on to knead those stiff muscles on her legs, starting from her calves. Working his way up, his fingers were merely inches away from her pussy, and it was only a matter of time before she stopped touching herself. True enough, her hands ended the foreplay and he took the chance to resume massage, except he was fondling the wet folds of her labia this time. Sliding his fingertips up and down her slit, she felt her own pussy gap for his attention that was around her groin instead of her pussy.

Jayson wasn’t that silly, he spent another minute on the exterior, before giving her what she wanted. His oiled finger slipped into her pussy and went all the way in, arching her back in an overwhelming pleasure. Her lips parted and moans were heard almost immediately. Putting his finger into a subtle curve, he effortlessly stroked against the underside of her pussy, where squishy sounds were heard. Soon, two of his fingers were at work, and the towel around her chest, had came loose from her fidgeting.

He changed his position to kneel beside her arms, sitting back on his ankles while he continued fingering her. It was only instinctive for Princess to reach for his pants and undo them, like how she did for her ex-boyfriend a few months ago. In no time, his dick was in her palm and going through a handjob, slightly damp from her juices that caught onto her fingers earlier. He poured some of those massage oil for her and she was relieved by the ease of the pumping.

In the smoothest transition she ever experienced, he moved between her legs and she did not break contact with his rod the whole time. As his hips leaned closer, she pointed his dick for her entrance, where he stopped to let her hand move away. Moving slowly, his rod disappeared an inch at a time into her, spreading the small fleshy envelop open.

As a professional specialising in making people look good, his body was one to die for, and Princess was draw to his lean figure as well. Her hands rested under his arms, just around his ribs while he rammed his thick cock into her, making none of that agonising groan. To Princess, he was just a dildo, mounted on a male, giving her the pleasure she had unintentionally desired. Everything felt so right and safe. She wasn’t even bothered by the lack of protection.

After some forceful poundings on her pussy, he felt her cunt tightened and slowed his pace down, voiding her of that orgasm she was looking forward to. All she could do was wrap her legs around him, trying to pull his hips closer to her so she could cum.

Jayson: ‘Trust me, wait a while more.’

He pulled out of her and flipped her on her fours, planting her face in the soft pillows she laid on just a moment ago. He took his position behind her and shoved his rod deep into her, before going full speed, ramming his pelvic at her butt. That piece of rod felt so much bigger in this position and her pussy was at its limit, expanding and contraction from the strokes going up and down her sensitive spots. Like a wild animal, he was moving so fast and hard that her body gave way, collapsing on the bed sideways before an orgasm strike her hard.

Her chest squeezed all the air out and she struggled to breath while her pussy got so tight around Jayson she could feel his heartbeat. The climax flooded her body from her pussy, rushing through her stiffened abs, hardened nipples, and flushed face. He remained in her until the tremble went away, and exited his rod from the sexy figure in front of him.

Princess: ‘You don’t want to cum?’

Jayson: ‘My job is to help you. I’m fine with it.’

Princess: ‘Why don’t you just finish as well? I can help.’

Jayson: ‘I wouldn’t want to impose you, after all, you paid for this.’

Princess: ‘Come.’

She left the bed and made him lie on it. Sitting sideways by his arms, her newly waxed pussy was in his line of sight. Furthermore, she had started jerking him with both hands clasped together, pumping up and down. The appearance of veins interested her and she was glad to be able to get upclose with a man’s tool.

Apart from the rare breaks she took to look closely while she masturbated him, her hands were moving all the time, and did not give him any chance to calm down at all. A few minutes later, his dick was pulsating faster and she knew he was about to cum.

Princess: ‘Do you want to cum in the toilet? Or here?’

Jayson: ‘Just here will do. I can clean up later.’

She increased her speed and squeezed her fingers together. Before he could warn her, the eruption shot streams of thick hot cum into the air and onto her hands. She then took the nano-second opportunity to observe how to make a guy weak, by jerking until everything was out. Following that, was to cover the pee hole with her thumb and roll around, driving his body into a spasm. He had to beg her to stop and she only did so when she had played to her heart’s content. No matter what, the customer is always right.

She went into the toilet after his body gave up and cleaned up. By the time she was done, he had wiped himself clean and wore his pants back, greeting her again before sending her to the door.

Princess: ‘Here is the money. And you won’t tell this to anyone right?’

Jayson: ‘I should be more worried about you spreading word that I offer special. Can you imagine how tired I will be?’

They had a short laugh together and he gained another happy customer. Well, apart from such coincidence, the ladies who usually asked for specials were married wives, who came to wax for two reason. It would be habitual to keep themselves smooth, or appear clean to another person. Every few visits, the married moms would ask him for his ‘special’, and he would be more than happy to satisfy their requests.

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