“Don’t move.” I whispered as I pushed Nadine against the wall. I cuddled closer to her, making sure she could smell my soft brown hair which still had the scent of Sakura-flavoured shampoo on it.

I began to kiss her neck and she started whimpering in fear, trying to push me away but she was too weak. Probably she realized she was no match for me and soon stopped. I reached underneath her skirt and immediately removed her panties. I was too impatient for foreplay and immediately penetrated her with two fingers causing her to scream in pain, well, it was probably her first time.

As I assaulted her lips, I curled my fingers upwards, hitting her sensitive spot and making her wet. Her legs were becoming weak and moving further apart and eventually I found myself sitting on the floor while fingering and kissing her, touching myself with my other hand.

“Oh gosh, I can’t take it anymore.” I gasped when I released her to catch my breath. I pushed her legs apart, slid up the sides of my tight dress and began to grind my pussy against hers as I locked lips with her once again.

Story published with permission, courtesy of Vivien.

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