Did (it) Herself

Dad: ‘Elina, I bought a present for you.’

Elina: ‘What’s the occasion daddy?’

Dad: ‘Just thought it would come in handy at your age.’

Elina took the uglily wrapped present and hopped into her room, pulling apart the weak scotch tape and carefully took her gift out. Her dad had been away for the past week on a business trip in USA, a place where Amazon, Ebay flourished if you had an address there. Her parents are the nicest people she knew and never did they once made her felt biased against her older brother, who was smarter.

‘Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro Grooming System’

It was a dual purpose shaver. With one end to shorten any unsightly hair, and the shaver to smoothen the stubs. Her mum was the only person Elina could think of to ask dad to get this. Elina was a petite girl at 1.58m, weighing just 42kg, she could easily be underweight. She had the habit of shaving, but having only blades available, she dare not use them at her genitals, only her underarms. Now, she might just got the help she needed.

Elina: ‘Mummy, I’m going to shower.’

Mum: ‘Be careful!’

*Be careful?*

She rinsed her waist-length hair in record time and lather her body up. Supposingly most of you wouldn’t know, the shaver Is fully waterproofed. Elina sat on the edge of her tub and opened her legs wide.

Trim to a shape? Or smoothen it all?

She switched on the hair cutting side and mow away most of the length, washing and cutting till all that’s left is the short patch of grass. Hmm.. Smooth. Anyway, if she wanted to try other ‘cool cuts’ she could simply try it in a few weeks time. The buzzing of the shaver was loud and strong, she was done in about five minutes, plus another two for her armpits.

After she was done, everything was smooth, clean, like a new born. But there was one issue. Her itchy fingers could not stay away from caressing the final work. She was never that glad to see herself sparkling clean. It felt good to her fingers, unobstructed, fully opened for business – though only catering to her own fingers.

Still seated at the edge, she turned on the tap to fill the tub with just ankle deep water. Putting the groomer back atop the charger, she went into the tub. Perching her legs at both sides, her fingers were already on her pussy, enjoying the moments of glory. She pulled the curtains on and left the shower running water into the tub, no. At her clit.

Aiming the jet at Elina’s opening, a different kind of wetness was felt. Her fingers disappeared beyond her pussy and went into her love hole. It was definitely a different feeling. There was no need to fear tugging of the pubic, nor any thoughts of weird organisms living within.

Girls do not require a storyline or subject to masturbate, their fingers and minds are the most loyal partners. She merely took two minutes to drive herself to climax and rewarded herself with another two. Dipping in and out of herself, ignoring the loud moans and screams she emitted during the act, she might never get enough of herself.

Both mum and dad were already fucking in their room, turned on by her sweet ‘Oh yessss!’ voice. After cleaning herself up, mum and dad was still going at it. So Elina had to have her dinner alone.

Happy meal for one please. Maybe more late night workout (:

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