It wasn’t too hard for a sweet looking 15 year old to create some constrictions in my underwear. Though Emma was just 15, she looked nothing for her age, in fact, 18 and above, as many people told her. She wasn’t that happy to know she looked older than she was, but to many of us who had been through 15, you would know that having a more mature look would be beneficial. The attraction wasn’t just merely superficially, her mind doesn’t function like a typical school girl either. A great listener, with a very clear mind, but easily lost in her own world. She would speak when a period of ponder hit the speaker, like a professional counsellor, she wouldn’t interrupt, but comfort.

After a long day of shopping, Emma and I found ourselves sitting along one of the many flights of stairs in the HBDs near Farrer Park. City Square Mall wasn’t a bad place to shop at all, in fact, a good spot for avid shoppers. After all, it’s a shopping mall yeah? The moments of awkwardness began to wreck our brains with pockets of emptiness and the urge to create conversations, but not seemingly reckless or pointless ones.

Me: ‘What kind of porn do you watch?’

A note guys, by asking the question above instead of ‘Do you watch porn?’, followed by ‘What kind of porn do you watch?’, you would ‘appear’ to have cleverly combined the two questions into one. She could simply reply that she doesn’t watch if she doesn’t watch.

Emma: ‘Huh. What kind of question is that?’

The confused expression couldn’t be any cuter as she tries to appear more decent with the curious side of her. Men would naturally be stimulated by visual aids, but females on the other hand, require a more mental stimulation than just fucking and fucking. Even a kiss, is imaginable to their delicate minds, making sure not to leave out foreplay and emotions in their fantasies.

Emma: ‘There’s European and Japanese.’

Me: ‘You’ve never seen X-art before?’

Emma: ‘Don’t think so.’

Taking my iPod touch and tapping on the video app, thumbnails of the few videos appeared and I left it in her hands to select. In case any of you are interested, is more of erotica and sex. It portrayed sex and kinkiness in a new light of beauty and perfection, which I hope that all of us would view sex as.

She took her earpiece and fitted right on, watching the clip run as she relaxed her tote bag away on the floor. Putting my palm on her knee cap, I could feel how cold she was in this one piece attire, and with the hemlines at her thighs. It was inches away from being a spaghetti top. As the video reached the part where the guy reached for the actress’ pussy, my hand was gliding down her smooth thigh, very carefully not to disrupt her thoughts and sense of self-defence.

Reaching her panties in a minute, it didn’t took me longer to find out that the material were really soft and thin, comfortable to the touch. Applying more pressure on her pussy, I began circling with two of my fingers, feeling the slit through the small piece of underwear. My eyes watched closely as her eyes shut for longer periods between scenes, and the separation of the pink lips as she breathed heavier. Fingers weren’t exactly dry either.

By then, the width between her legs had been entirely up to my preference, I could set them apart wider if I needed. Emma then lightly tapped on the screen, and paused the video. After, she lifted my hand away and placed it back on my lap. Taking no concern at the negativity of fear, guilt, I was hopeful that she did it for a reason.

Putting her legs together, she rocked herself on her feet and removed her panties, which I noticed it was white in colour, with a clear patch of wetness. Sitting herself back on the steps, she continued the video.

A few minutes later, peripheral vision helped her hand reach mine and guiding it back where it stopped earlier. It would be awkward to admit that she enjoyed it right? After all, it was only our first meeting. My fingers continued its job, but this time, her warm skin was in contact, shaved and bare, pleasant to the touch. I went on to her love hole, but that wasn’t my destination. Dragging my middle fingers upwards, her wet folds parted like a morning glory blooming at dawn. Finally, the little nub greeted my fingertip, hiding under the complex design of a key organ of a female, only showing themselves to those worthy.

Emma: ‘I’m really wet right?’

Me: ‘Uh huh..

I loved how she reacted when I held the little pearl between my thumb and index finger, lightly pressing onto them, and then rolling it between my tips. Her eyelids would come down and emit a light hum as I complete the motion, with her legs trembling. Rotating between gentle massages and clit torture, it took less than five minutes for her body to reached its peak and leak a soothing fountain into my digits, short, but meaningful.

As she was done, her head fell on my shoulders and I shifted her to my chest. With just the audio running through the earpiece, Emma was exhausted – but not me. Opening her legs to a convenient space, my finger slipped in with care. Clearly rougher than her own, she let off an assuring purr of pleasure. With my finger gradually speeding up, her body jerked in small vibrations, slowly accumulating the little bits of intensity till another climax.

Quivering violently without warning, another spray of juice exited and coated my hand full of her honey. I could feel the pulse with my fingers inside, which I had increased to two. Afraid she would fall into unconsciousness, I had to stop and check. Never once in my mind I would want to hurt her.

Me: ‘Emma, you alright?’

Emma: ‘I.. yeah.. ‘

Going into a nap of blissful tiredness, I rested her against me like a toddler would lay on mummy – by the side. Almost forty minutes had passed before Emma woke up, realising I was her ‘cushion’. She did something to wake me up though, I had to say – cute. She blew air at my neck, a few times and I awakened in the most effective way, without much laziness that followed.

Me: ‘Hey.. morning.’

She smiled, and and returned her expressionless face quickly, as though a thought had bugged her since the fun started.

Emma: ‘Umm.. You haven’t.. released.. ‘

A wonderful mix of shyness, innocence, English speaking accent, and an inner voice of ‘please let him say no‘.

Me: ‘I am fine.’

Perhaps the feeling of receiving and not giving created guilt, a psychological response groomed by our society, overwhelmed her to a point she felt obligation. But after a few times of reassurance, we made our way to the MRT station and parted, with an untold bond formed between us, that would draw us once again together.. progression?

More tips and revelation about girls below;

Many of us (guys) would get frustrated to put in effort to get a girl high, only to get into a cock-block situation after she was done enjoying. Sure, all points of anger would point to the female and I would have to say that females ought to know that fact too. But hey, think again. Are there times you receive and returned the favour due to obligation? Just to ease the guilt?

We save cents so that we get a dollar. It’s the trust and the ability NOT to expect returns that convince ladies to get you (men) as a fuck buddy. Live up to our (men’s) principles that we have the power to resist or allow our instincts to take over. Unlike animals, we have control, thanks to thoughts. I’ll share my favourite quote for guys looking for girls, be it in the cyber world, or physically.

Ask and you shall not receive. Appreciate, and things will come your way.

What more can a girl ask for, apart from appreciation for their effort, attention, untold care and concern? They liked you quietly, loved you dearly, wanted you secretly. You can simply say you wouldn’t know since it’s all hidden. But their feelings are true, and if only men can start feeling and stop lusting, their chances of getting laid would be higher too.

Like a friend told me, if a guy can give her what she wanted (love and etc.), she would be more than willing to provide all the sex he could ever ask for. Bottomline? Do you deserve it? Only you would know, ask yourself.

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