Double Temptations

How could Shane resist when his sisters’ panties lie around their room without anybody around? His two sisters were aged, 16 and 17, a period where puberty was long passed and other magical changes happen to their bodies and womanly scent. Making sure all the rooms were empty, he was now certain he can enjoy the both of them.

Taking a faded red Hello Kitty design panties, he closed his eyes and took a whiff. Without caring what she did in it, covering his face with it sounded sick.

*long sniff* ‘Ahh.. Erica.. ‘

Erica was the elder between the two sisters, and looked more on the beautiful side. She wasn’t much of a head turner, but the current third year relationship she was going through made her a keeper. A dancer, surfer, her sports kept her in shape and tanned.

If only.. Shane thought to himself.

Erica was asleep on her bed, knocked out from the dance competition she had been training so hard for, and won. Shane walked into her room and sat beside her. Despite the afternoon heat, she was sleeping soundly, smelling fresh from the quick shower she took.

Shane: ‘Erica? You asleep? Want lunch?’

The light snore was his answer. Lifting her blanket from the side, he took a peek at her long legs, up to her thighs, where her t-shirt covered. Slowly lifting it up, her bare pussy was so inviting and there was no one around to stop him. Placing his hand on the lower thigh, he placed his face near to hers, partially covered by her long brown hair and took a whiff of his dear sister. Sliding his hand up at her legs, his middle finger reached her slit in seconds, and began digging for the jewel.

Suddenly, Erica straighten her legs and paved his way for more convenience. Having rest his fingertip on her clit, he lightly fondled it. Erica’s body stirred and she opened her eyes slightly, to catch her brother in his own world, enjoying the view of her pussy under the sheets. She bit her lips and allowed him to continue, since it felt good.. and there was no one to stop him too.

Rolling her on her back, Shane followed and her legs were separated wide enough for his head, or hips, whichever to go between. Unable to contain his hormones any longer, he climbed onto her bed as lightly as possible, before placing his hips between hers. It was a crucial moment, as too much violence or contact points might wake her up and put him in danger.

Holding both her legs high by the ankles, he sank into her wet love hole.


The tightness was unbearable. Morever, it was his virginity he was giving Erica. Thankfully, he missed the slight moan his sister let loose. There was no blood, meaning her sister wasn’t a virgin right? Little did he know, it was her first too.

Holding most of his quick breathing in, Shane moved and Erica endured. It was pleasure she was enduring, imagine your sister fucking you, waking up could mean ending the fun right? So shhh.. Her pussy was getting flooded by the thrusts, like a dam going to be pierced by the Yamato ship, she was going to explode.

Ten minutes went by and Shane was still in control. He took her panties and wrapped it around his dick to absorb the juices splattering around. As Erica tightened, her brother hastened and yanked it out spewing hot Campbell-thick cum into her panties.

Thankfully it’s only..

Shane snapped sober and wiped his dick clean of his cum with her Hello Kitty. The usual emotion of hopelessness and sianess did not overcome him. There was one more piece of underwear on the other bed.

Like her sister’s he took a long breath of her strings and felt a little moist part on his finger.

*Hmm.. Naughty Elissa*

Elissa wasn’t as sporty as Erica, she was into art, therefore explaining the wilder design of lingerie she wore. At 16, she won a few prizes in school for her work and now awaiting enrolment into and art school in the southern part of our island. Her body was a mystical one, not deformed, but her high metabolism that needed medication for. She was never heavier than 45, parents bring brought her to a doctor and got medications for her.

Anyway, she likes to dress in a style most of us know as ’emo’. Stockings, skirts, spag top and dark make up theme. Elissa was on the cute side, with suitors she wasn’t interested in, at least not as much as her art.

Your turn little sister.. A shot of Jack Daniels for your 16th birthday?

Shane: ‘Here, have a shot.’

Elissa: ‘You remembered! Love you kor!’

She took the glass and emptied it in one gulp. Her face turned red like Tefal’s pan and slumped onto the sofa. At 11.30pm, her birthday was ending and he could only offer her the shot when their parents weren’t around. They were usually out for long periods of time, leaving the two girls in care of the eldest family member, which was Shane.

He carried her onto his bed, and stripped her to her stockings, bra and panties. Without so much of teasing, he went straight for her pussy when she was still conscious.

Elissa: ‘Kor?’

Shane: ‘Shhh..

And she was out. His fingers were pulling the fine seams of juice from her pussy. Irresistible temptation drove his wet fingers to his tongue, sampling his little sister at her finest.

Holding her hand in his, he stroked himself to maximum hardness and stopped as he got that close to cumming. Going between her legs, he lapped semi-dryness with his tongue like a thirsty kitten, lubricating her fully with saliva. Once he had enough of the sweetness, he flipped her around and shoved both hers and Erica’s bolster beneath her waist, lifting her up to the perfect angle for rearing.

Nah, he wasn’t thinking anal. Just doggie. Good girl Elissa. He aimed his 7 inch pistol at her entrance and relaxed himself into her. Tight~ He rammed hard into her feeble body and Elissa could only moan in response.

Elissa: ‘Kor.. Too hard! Too hard!’

Her vaginal walls collapsed, choking his barrel into ecstasy. Taking his chance, he charged with all his might, giving her no rest no matter how sensitive her pussy got.

*piew piew*

Two rounds fired into her before he managed to pull it out, spraying the rest on the bolster and some at her entrance. Slumping onto her bed, he admired his birthday present for her dribbling out of her pussy.

‘What the fuck I thinking man!’

Shane took the two panties and wiped Elissa’s bed clean of his sperms. Taking a final whiff of their undies, he chucked them into the laundry basket and went for a shower.

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