Wet and White X’mas

Timothy: ‘Kit! I’m home.’

Kit: ‘Okay.. ‘

Still glued to her iPhone, she was oblivious to another buddy of his whom entered her home as well. Until she heard their voices in the kitchen, she hasn’t paused to look up.

Kit: ‘Who is that?’

Timothy: ‘Oh.. that’s Shaun. One of my LAN kakis. It’s raining now, so.. ‘

Kit: ‘Okay.. ‘

Back to her mobile phone, the rainy weather wasn’t helping in terms of celebrating Christmas. Though early, all that accompanied her was her new Xbox from her dad. Timothy and Kit had been together for over a year plus, and a little secret that no one knew was that Kit was the submissive one in their relationship. Many supposedly disturbing experience turned out to be the opposite for her, and Timothy had taken a liking to ‘abusing’ her that way.

They two guys boiled some water and left their guest to dry himself and eat the noodles with the games while Timothy went to change, which Kit joined not long later. Wrapping her hands around his waist in their privacy, she reached into his shorts, meeting a soaked underwear. Pulling them down, a whiff of his scent could almost knocked her out.

Timothy: ‘I’ll leave the cleaning to you in the showers.’

They made their way into the tub and Tim watered down without waiting for Kit to be naked, drenching her panties. Kneeling before his dick, she obediently licked his dick clean while he rinsed his body. Her saliva quickly drowned whatever smell and her pussy trembled with excitement knowing she got him so big. After Tim was done, Kit turned around and positioned her pussy for a doggie treat, but he wasn’t going to give it to her easily either.

Stepping out of the showers, his girlfriend had no choice but to dry him and help him with a fresh set of clothes.

Timothy: ‘Blindfold yourself, wait here.’

Smiling widely, she reached for the cupboard where she kept her toys and did as she was asked.

Timothy: ‘How? Enjoyed the show?’

Shaun: ‘Damn steamy man. So pai seh lo. Getting hard watching your girl.’

Timothy: ‘It’s okay lah bro. She’s my slut anyway. Ready for part two? Come.’

They entered the room to see Kit lying on the bed, touching herself while biting her lips to prevent any moans.

Timothy: ‘Don’t remove the blindfolds until I say so. Understand?’

Kit: ‘Yes Master.’

Timothy (whispered to Shaun): ‘Go on. Have fun.’

His buddy immediately freed his 7 inches and crawled towards his girlfriend, ready to devour her. After all, she was already wet and waiting. Without further ado, he opened her legs and forced himself in, making Kit scream in pain, for he was bigger than what she ever taken. Tim quickly placed his hand on Shaun’s shoulder to reassure him and nodded. With the green light brightly shining from Kit’s boyfriend, the hammerage started like tomorrow isn’t coming. Watching his good friend enjoying his girl was probably the most degrading thing Kit could do. She was enjoying a cock that she didn’t even know whom it belonged to.

After missionary was cowgirl, and all it took was Tim to tell her to get on top. Shaun simply laid still and savoured the moment she slid herself downwards over him, filling her pussy up with the warm slab of meat, grinding and bouncing with vigour and pleasure.

Timothy: ‘Stop stop.. ‘

And she did.

Timothy: ‘Remove the blindfold.’

And she gasped. In front of her was a stranger, whom just walked into her house less than ten minutes ago. Yet she was moaning and screaming in joy, getting as many orgasms as she could out of his larger-than-life dick.

Kit: ‘I’m sorry!’

Timothy: ‘Get into doggy.’

She turned herself over and waited for Tim’s instructions.

Timothy: ‘You suck me. And Shaun, you fuck her.’

With no choice, she took comfort in sucking her boyfriend’s dick, while unwillingly enjoying the huge member squishing in and out of her love hole, which was meant for her one and only. As she continued the abuse, Shaun’s finger went between her legs and massaged her clit, tightening the suction and grip on his dick.

Shaun: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming!’

Timothy: ‘She’s on the pill.’

Even if she shouted no, it was too late. The thick gush of cum was similar to a fire hose, pressure built up over a long time, shooting into her womb as his dick continued ramming into her, sinking the sperms where it belonged. The moment he exited, back flow was inevitable and cream dripped onto her sheets.

Timothy: ‘Wow.. ‘

With wide opened eyes, he smiled and shook his head in delight knowing his friend was happy with her. Focusing back on her mouth, she went deep and fast, sucking tightly around his dick, till he emptied his balls of cum into her mouth, which she gladly swallowed all of them. Hoping to rest and recover mentally.

Timothy: ‘Umm.. Kit. Go for another round with my friend. Pleasure him. I’m going to play your Xbox.’

Shaun did feel a sense of pity, but his body was saying otherwise. Kit’s young teenage body was beyond resistance of any kind. Looking no more than 16, her sexual hunger defined her real age better, 19. Helping him on his back, Kit once again went on top, plunging his hungry stick into her. With his buddy outside, he could speak to Kit proper.

Shaun: ‘Kit, you don’t have to do this. I can just tell him you did your job.’

Kit: ‘It’s okay.’

Shaun: ‘No really. I know you are afraid of him. Why not I get on top and get this over and done with?’

Kit: ‘It’s alright. I like your size better than his. And.. this is my favourite position too.’

Looking shyly away, Shaun never felt more fired up now than before. Grabbing her waist tightly, he moved his hips up and down, ramming hard into her blushing pussy, squeezing him tighter with every thrusts. Too bad, sensitivity doesn’t play a huge role in getting him to cum. Since it was his second shot, it definitely would take more time. Perhaps it was her body, beyond her control, and it made Shaun felt good.

Getting himself seated up, he grabbed her body and turned around, flipping her to missionary. And took a moment outside her labia before jamming hard into her, shocking her into a frozen state for a few seconds. His hips went like a pistons of a locomotive, the longer it was fired up, it faster it went. Between the lines of craziness, there were moans and screams, echoing through the sound-proofed walls of the room. Isn’t that kind of audio best for the video Timothy was recording of his girlfriend?

Close to fifteen minutes later, manly groans were also going into the audio feed as Shaun unloaded his second wave of cum into her pussy, again in the doggie position. As he left to wash up, Kit was in the perfect position in front of the hidden camera, bending forward in a kneeling position, while streams of chunky white fluids exited her reddened sore love hole.

With that, the day passed pretty quickly, with Shaun and Timothy taking turns after turns at Slut Kit. Snowing white goodness over her for Christmas, warm snow I guess? Maybe I should change the title to a white Christmas huh?

Merry X’mas readers!

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