Dig Bick

‘I’m Myala. What’s your name?’

‘I’m Sam.’

‘Oh! Hi Sam. Nice to meet you!’

Besides ‘awkward’, how else would a lift-conversation go, when it was the first time both of them ever saw each other, and also learn that they resided on the same floor. While he was in his thirties, with a slight belly, she was, in his little experience, a very attractive Indian girl with an alluring, fair complexion.

As ‘stimulated’ as he was, he knew better than to have high, or even any hopes at all. She was after all, his neighbour. The small talk didn’t last much longer once the lift stopped, and the pair simply made their way to their respective gates.

‘Is anyone at home right now?’

A normally-unusual question didn’t seemed that way then, since they could literally look into each other’s home.

‘Nope. Not until.. 10pm?’

‘Oh. Mine too. But much later. Do you want to come over for dinner? I’m cooking for myself anyway.’

Her offer, couldn’t have came at a better time, especially when his dinner plan was instant noodles, with some freshly-chopped onions.

‘Could I?’

‘Yeah sure. I’ll leave the door open.’

Sam then took his time to set everything own at home, took a shower, and reappeared at her house in comfortable t-shirt and shorts. Thankful for his subpar cooking skills, the duo managed to whip something up, and gobbled them up as quickly too.

Over dinner, he learnt that she had just turned twenty, having just graduated from poly. Her ‘availability’ was largely due to her ongoing job hunt, which she did not want to rush so she could enjoy some down time too. As a white-collar, Sam had ample topics to talk about, solely gaining her attention from how passionate he is in his work.

After the hearty meal, she invited him into her bedroom, where there was ‘air-con’. It wasn’t until about ten minutes later, did he ran out of things to say, but she had other ‘topics’ in mind.

Still clothed in her office attire of a white-top and black skirt, he had lots to see, as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt to reveal more of the lacy, white bra he had caught sight of a long time ago. Her top, was on her shoulders when she slipped her skirt off, giving his eyes an unfettered view of matching lingerie, covering vital areas of her bronzed self.

That make-or-break moment came when she turned her back towards him, and tied her long, blonde-highlighted hair into a ponytail.

‘Would you like to help?’

Right after a gasp escaped his lips, he reached under her shirt and went straight for the (bra) buckle, snapping them off in a pinch. Her panties though, were off-limits, at least until he was butt-naked.

There was not a second of hesitation once she positioned him at the edge of the bed, quickly dropping to her knees and took his nervousness away. Beginning with a kiss to the tip of his cock, Sam was plunged into a daze as he watched how her lips parted around his manhood, sliding down in short strides while she lathered saliva over where her tongue could reach.

By the time she reached his balls, his eyes were tightly shut, but mouth gapping for air. It was a pity that her grins of confidence went unnoticed, but she wasn’t entirely helpless about forcing his eyes open again. Making long, slow strokes along his cock, he was soon caught between wanting to watch her, and needing that life-draining rest badly.

The teasing gradually made way for some regular, affectionate blowjob to get him ‘up to size’, though she could hardly tell from her continuous suction on his member. When he finally had enough, it was the ‘ache’ that actually overwhelmed him.

‘I.. do you want to go further?’

A fiery, spiteful ‘uh-huh’ with her lip-bite immediately sent him into a frenzy, urging him to sprawl her over the bed, on her chest. In a blink, her legs were spread apart, and he was just a few seconds away from his rightful position.

Now, as some of us would know, this particular position has its own challenges, namely the depth that a cock can go (or reach). Myala too, was aware of such an obstacle, but had perhaps gotten a little too complacent when he guided his cock into her.

That sharp, upward curl of his dong neatly slid right into her pussy, wet from the moment she laid eyes on him in the lift. Forceful as he was, she was swiftly left breathless, and panting for air as he let loose on her. Sam himself, was in a mood of his own that drove him fast and deep into the female friend he just made.

Jabs after jabs, not only was he growing bigger, he was literally pillaging her to her limits. That fierce, insatiable chugging of her pussy with sheer meat-power, easily overpowered her hesitation to climax in front of him, easily sending her to the heavens before the outward pulls create little voids that brought her back (to reality).

Growing weaker with each passing orgasm, Myala has turned into what she promised herself to never do – a dead fish, but definitely excusable under suchy unique circumstances.

‘FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M no.. no.. what the.. ‘

A sudden change in mood left everything in a standstill, but not without reason too. It was only a matter of time did he realise what he was doing to her, though she was in fact, enjoying every second of it. That glimmer of respect that he always held women in, had faded for that few minutes, and it irked him a lot.

‘Hey.. are you ok? You know.. you can keep going.. I’m enjoying my.. ‘

‘No. Not this way. I’m just.. I don’t mean to be rude but, I’m just fucking you. That’s not how I envisioned it to be.’

Feeling a little confused, she understood what he said, but they had done too much to stop right there. Picking herself up from the bed, she got him to lie on his back, and mounted onto his cock with a elated look.

‘I just want you to know, that I sincerely enjoyed that, no matter what you want to call it.’

With that off her chest, she interlocked their fingers and went all out, grinding that tender soft mound up and down his groin. It would be her first time, to see someone so pleased and grateful for her effort, that she was achieving climax as well.

A few minutes of intense cowgirl-riding later, they both came at the same time, filling her pussy full of cum that would require some attention since she wasn’t on any birth control. But beyond that, they were just savouring that precious moment, up till the instance when she checked the clock.

It was, almost 10pm.

The pair then quickly got dressed, and returned everything to normal before he went home. That night, they texted each other to sleep, after making the necessary arrangement to get her a morning-after, and contraceptive pills for known reasons.

For days to come, they would have sex in whichever available apartment, though some action took place in their common stairwell too.

An unusually-large dick, meets an adventurous, exotic wild girl, what could get better than that?

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