Soaked Panties

(Maeve whispered) ‘can we leave now? my panties is soaked.’

As soon as she said that, she took my hand and stuffed a wet, warm pair of panties into the palm, thereafter closing my fingers to hide it. Not only was I relieved to know that the elixir worked, I was even more astonished by its effect. The ‘dilemma’ she posted me with, was exactly the cue I was waiting for.

Immediately, I fired the app to book a ride while paying for our drinks, all the while hounded by her impatience for her long-overdue creampie. No more than ten minutes later, we were at the pick-up point, waving to our car that was waiting in line for us.

Right after we shut the door, she immediately slid her hand over my shorts, unzipping it carelessly and stuck her hand in for the preliminary massage. Needless to say, she was too glad to keep my mind distracted for our journey through the CBD.

Within fifteen minutes, we had arrived at our destination – a hotel that she was vaguely familiar with.

‘Did you put the right address? We’re at.. ‘

‘Yes I did. Thank you sir! Have a good night!’

And just like that, we were on our way to the room which card was already in my pocket. Seconds after we settled down, she excused herself to the bathroom, giving me that long-awaited opportunity to leave a gap in the (bedroom) door, and way less seconds to blast a message into the group chat.

Once she reappeared, I just hugged her and fell her over onto the bed. Flipping her onto her chest, I slipped one hand between her wet centerfold and teased her leaking pussy, while I rolled left and right to gather the straps I had prepared beforehand.

(Maeve argued) ‘That’s a nice surprise.. but I want to do the work!’

‘Not tonight. I’m, going to keep you high and your mind in a daze.’

That lip-biting, submitted-look only made me more feisty, as I tightened all the straps at her wrists and knees. Alas, she was in the restrained-doggystyle I had envisioned, hips propped up by the two pillows I tucked under her belly.

Wasting not a second more, I lathered myself up with our favourite coconut oil and slid my cock right in, penetrating her at a pace too fast for comfort. Nonetheless, she immediately went wild with her moans as I pounded her curvy ass, plowing my dick as far and as hard as I could go.

Keeping my pace under strict control, I lasted about ten minutes before I pulled out, and another, unfamiliar dick took my place.

(As Maeve moaned) ‘J?! Are you.. ahhh.. there? How ka.. come you ahhh so much.. bigger?’

I rushed over to her side and laid in a chest-down position, reassuring her of my presence.

‘Are you mad that I didn’t tell you about this?’

‘Ma.. ahhh.. ad? No but.. but.. MMMMMM!’

Her speech became slurred as the guy went faster and harder, leaving no moist parts of her untouched. Unknown to Maeve, the title of my ‘ad’ was ‘Cum-and-Go for $20’. The only variable that I couldn’t control, or wasn’t aware of, was
‘how many’ people would turn up.

Eight or so minutes later, a loud groan was heard and then a few more weaker, breathless ones. After he stepped away, before I saw any money, Maeve groaned again to the ‘new’ entry, jerking as mercilessly as the first guy. All in all, no one took more than ten minutes, to cum-and-go after paying their debts.

There were never more than three people in the ‘queue’, though I was still amazed at how an unnamed someone ‘organised’ things in the group chat. One hour into the pump-and-dump segment, Maeve was mostly silent, only forcing a smile every now and then when I gave her kisses.

(Group chat) ‘2 more.’

Less than thirty minutes later, the room was quiet again. I freed Maeve from the bed and flipped her around, constantly asking if she was ok.

‘Do you want to take a shower?’

(In Maeve’s weak voice) ‘no.. I want yours inside me first.’

In missionary, I granted her her wish and went slow and steady, tucking my engorged, swollen manhood into her plump and sore pussy repeatedly. Under that peaceful, stress-free environment, we only had lust and love between us, though they were mostly represented in liquid form.

After fifteen minutes or so, I groaned and buckled, holding myself back just long enough for her to rub one out, before we climaxed together.

I couldn’t stop myself from being wide-eyed, as I watched her pull out finger after finger of thick, sticky-white cum – to feed herself. Once most of it was ‘consumed’, she took some time to lick me clean before we went into the bathroom.

In there, she vacated every last drop of cum and pee she could force out, then rinsing her vagina as far up as she could. That night, she fell asleep pretty quickly, but having seen what I saw, it was hard not to get hard.

Lucky for me, she was all for it when I suggested to ‘help myself to her’. Nothing should feel better than a warm load, embedded deep in her pussy, right before sleep.

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