Instant Rape-play

From the moment I entered the room, despite not making any eye contact with her, I could sense the apparent hate, and gratitude for the tray I just brought in. Keeping very still the whole time, it wasn’t until I stepped away from the study table did she make a move, scurrying across the room for her breakfast – the only one she would get, as instructed.

It was also part of my ‘job’, to remain beside her until she has eaten her fill, and stay there for the next fifteen minutes. No more than ten minutes later, she began to fidget unnaturally on the bed, taking a longer time that she should while fighting against her urges.

In another blink of an eye, her legs were wide open, and her fingers had started vibrating on her clit to ease the effects of the drug I was instigated to add to her meal. When the fifteen-minute wait was up, she was already wailing at me, for me, to ‘help’ her scratch that itch her two fingers obviously weren’t able to do so.

Just like everything I had done so far, I obeyed the invisible words ringing in my head and removed my shorts, doubting my own existence as I walked into her ‘welcoming’ hands.

Without any hesitation, she slid her mouth over my entire dick, and slurped and sucked on it as far down as she could reach. Although the whole thing happened in a mess, I could still sense the controlled-frenzy guiding her lips, to apply a gentle pressure as she vacuumed me mad.

Saliva began running down my shaft and balls in no time, dripping onto her thighs while one of her hands continously massaged my balls. By the five-minute mark/ beep on my watch, I was barely able to balance myself, but there wasn’t a need to anymore.

She pulled me onto the bed and made me lie on my back, thereafter ‘jumping’ on top of me to pop that veiny loin into her pussy. At that point in time, I was more concerned about my well-being, having made aware of how ready she was to do anything, to scratch that ‘itch’.

Seconds after she started riding me, my mind was already in a blank, and body in a violent state of confusion between ‘numb’, and ‘sensational’. I could see that my cock was rock solid, but there was nothing more, besides the occasional ‘wave of pleasure’ that sent chills up my spine.

After about two or three orgasms on her part, exhaustion got the better of her and I took over the sex – in doggystyle this time. Feeling a little weary of all that has happened, I just let my hips did all the work as she moaned and groaned in front of me, rubbing her own clit to attain climax after climax.

Clearly, not even five orgasms was enough to satiate whatever that has overcame her. Switching mindlessly to missionary, we just made out for the entire time I humped our groins together, driving dick as deep as vagina went.

‘Cumming.. I think I’m cumming.’

That mood could not have been less exciting except in this scenario, but seeing her delighted expression somehow made it better. She pushed me upwards and kept me in a push-up position, while she rotated into a 69 stance.

Replacing my knees on the bed, I jammed my meat down her throat as if it was her pussy, and unexpectedly grew harder as my ears picked up a different ‘tune’. A little choking noises, combined with lots more gagging sounds, completely overwhelmed my sexual appetite.

Over the next few seconds, my body just went automatic and hammered her face, shoving my cock deeply into her throat that I strangely enjoyed very much. When I felt the ‘urge’ coming, I was part-glad, that she wouldn’t be suffering for any longer, but also part-sad, that such a wondrous discovery has to end like that.

Finally, I cried out the last call and raised my hips to park the tip of my cock right behind her lips, before making the last few thrusts to trigger my balls. Since it was facing downward, gravity helped every shot to evacuate harder, spurting an obscene amount that cause some to leak out from the edges of her lips.

Tired beyond words, I took a few sips of water from her bottle – and froze. That (bottle) too, was laced with that dangerous shit. The supposed ‘end’ took a sharp twist into a ‘start’ and I was the one managing a raging hard on this time.

Flipping her over the edge of the bed into doggystyle, I proceeded to fuck her brains out, having already lost mine when I gave in to the unbearable (phantom) throbbing in my penis. Powered by the sex stone, I literally went at her like a bunny, blowing loads after loads that somehow felt like a fuel I couldn’t get enough of.

By the time I snapped out of the trance, we were in the middle of the bed with her, in a semi-crawling maneuver, and I, holding onto her waist while jerking my everlasting erection into her cum-filled pussy. There indeed, was a trail of cum behind me.

Still driven by the god-sent hard on deep inside her, I expended my entire energy reserves again, turning lust into its liquid form containing semen. Alas, when I felt the impending weakness overshadowing me, I rolled off her back and laid very still, for the darkness to overtake me.

When I woke up the next time, she was sleeping right next to me, looking as peaceful and as gorgeous as she always have been. A little nudge woke her up too, in a somewhat disgruntled mood that didn’t stop her from going down on me.

That alone, gave me enough charge to hop out of bed and get dressed, without releasing another load any where.

(She asked) ‘Will you come see me again?’

‘Yes. In a while.’

After that, I exited the room and heard her at the study table again, ingesting the very same food that contained the magic powder. Once I filled my tummy, hydrated myself, and took a relaxing shower, I returned to the room and once again, saw the deranged woman pleasuring herself, this time more solemnly with a pair of teary, helpless eyes staring straight at me.

That endless night, would be the third of her self-imposed, diet-and-exercise regime, though I was probably losing weight as fast.

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