Hii Boyfiee

(She asked) ‘Do you want me to suck you?’

‘Then? 我自己吸自己啊?’
Translation: Then? Am I sucking myself?

Letting loose a chuckle before going onto her knees, Liting was still fully clothed in her blue, school uniform. Their relationship, was quite the weird one where he, was a 18 year old real-world free-loader, not having done anything substantial for the past few years, while she, is still studying in a neighbourhood secondary school.

The only knowledge her friends had of him, was that he actually chatted her up, flirted a little, and brazenly asked for her number, to which she casually gave. Although everyone else had too many reasons to why they shouldn’t be together, Liting saw none of their logic.

With the TV playing loudly behind her, she tied her hair into a messy ponytail before bending her chest over, placing her mouth directly above his engorged, veiny cock. From the months they had been together, she was taught everything he liked his ‘woman’ to do, and that slithering, joyous tongue lapping his dickhead surely proved the effectiveness of his ‘teachings’.

Moments after she covered him in saliva, her lips made a perfect seal at the tip before she slid it downward, unintentionally diverting his attention from the TV show. Seated upright, he placed both hands over her head and ‘bounced’ her a little, assisting her blowjob with that bit of resistance she was used to ‘fight’.

The first shot, would always go into her mouth, and that day was no different either. Interchanging between the ‘bounce’ and ‘hip thrust’, she just took everything he gave neatly into her mouth, though she didn’t quite like it when he poked down her throat.

Translation: Don’t you spit it out.

Very un-affectionately, he just pushed her as deep as she could take him, leaving her just a tiny gap to breathe and avoid choking on his throbbing manhood. Once the first shot was fired, he slumped back into the couch and watched her removed her shorts (and panties) from underneath her skirt.

After raising them above her sweet, small ass, she opened her legs to straddle onto his lap, shifting backwards an inch at a time until she felt his weiner against her butt. It was still her, who did most of the work of tucking it under her pussy, then tiptoeing to ‘lift her pussy over his cock’.

By relaxing her arms, she slowly let herself down over his dick, obliviously cringing and writhing to the intense sensations following a penetration. Once everything was in place, she began riding him as she too, fixated her eyes on the TV.

Rocking her pussy back and forth, she made sure his dick scrapped and stroked against the deepest spot of her vagina, shaft taking great care of her G-spot as she moaned and whimpered shyly to herself.

That afternoon, was one that he felt like doing some work. And he did so by grabbing onto her waist as he stood on his feet, almost bending her 0° with her head over the coffee table. She used her hands to support her upper-body as he jerked and thrust his hips, ramming that 6-inch long penis deeply into her developing body.

Pumping non-stop, she was trembling in pleasure, from the continuous waves of electrifying goodness that pulsate through her spine.

Translation: I’m gonna shoot now!

He grunted as he made the hardest, most powerful strokes into her pussy, that were swiftly followed by intense squirts into her small vaginal opening. Just like how a teacup can only hold so much tea, long, stringy strands of bodily fluid started leaking out of her pussy, soiling the floor between their feet.

He wasted no time in pulling out of her and sank back into the couch, while she fumbled for the box of tissue to clean up her mess. Barely after she put her panties back on, she was at his beck and call again.

Translation: Father, does it feel good? Let’s do it again later.

‘OI! Want to call call Daddy, don’t ‘father’ me. EEEYERR!’

Her reply in British-accented Mandarin had somehow backfired but it didn’t dampen her mood. She then skipped into the kitchen to whip up a meal, for that strangely-charming, uncouth man.

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