Dinner and Breakfast

Dad: ‘Boy, sleep early. A few of my friends will be over for a drink.’
Me: ‘Okay dad.. Have fun.’

He closed the door quietly and went back into the master bedroom, which I supposed he told my mum the same thing. Through the gap under my door, I saw their lights turn off and I figured I won’t be sleeping that easily when his friends arrive.

Lying on the bed browsing 9GAG, it was almost 11pm when I hear their entry, speaking mostly in a hushed tone. As expected, cans of beers popped to a ‘yum-seng’ with aluminium clashing.

Dad (whispering): ‘Don’t make too much noise, my son is in this room.’
Stranger: ‘Ask him to join la.’
Dad: ‘Bastard, want me to kick you out is it?’
Stranger: ‘Joking la!’

The bedroom lights came on again and I heard a distinct click from the lock.

Mum (wearily): ‘Dear.. must you turn on the lights?’
Dad: ‘To see you better mah.’
Mum: ‘Naughty..’

The room went silent again but loud whispers were still coming. To prevent interrupting their introductions to my mum, I decided to make my last trip out of the room to fetch my 1.5L bottle of water. On my way to the kitchen, the uncanny silence shrouded their bedroom in mystery, to which I didn’t think too much of.

Stranger: ‘So you’re Ryan?’

Turning to where the voice came from, the dim lights from the opened fridge showed me a man standing outside the toilet, clothes in his hands shielding his unmistakable state of half-nakedness.

Me: ‘Yeah. I am. What kind of sick games are you guys playing in there?’
Stranger: ‘Haha. You got the ‘sick’ part right. Stay in your room k? Unless you want to see what we are playing.’

I was three steps behind him until he went into the ‘happening’ room, and closed the door enough to leave a gap – for my curiosity. After I put my bottle in my room, I stood a distance from their door to prevent casting any shadows. Though I was only peeping through a small opening, I need not imagine what they were doing to my mother when she was shifted around the bed.

The guy I saw earlier laid on top of her and my dad appeared next to the bed with a camera, filming the gangbang happening to his unconscious wife – my mother. Just as I thought she was a victim of that groupie, her hands that were moving on their own on the awaiting dicks, made me utterly confused.

Her eyes remained closed no matter how hard the men’s thrusts were jerking her body, wide opened mouth making no noise as she voicelessly ‘screamed’ to what I imagined were the orgasms she was getting.

All four unfamiliar faces took turns fucking her in missionary, then unloaded into her mouth that sucked their lives out of them one-by-one. The virtuous mother I knew pleased them so willingly with her non-stop handjobs, all taking place in complete silence until my dad groaned as a signal for his orgasm.

At the end of it, the men hit their cans for a last time before getting dressed, heading out to a pub to continue drinking. By then, I was in my room, too afraid to move until the house was empty.

Me: ‘Mummy?’
Mum: ‘*sigh* Were you awake the whole time?’
Me: ‘And watching too.’
Mum: ‘Come here.’

In the dark, she flipped the blanket open for me and went into the attached bathroom as I took my seat. After a few minutes, she came out in glistening skin, telling me to keep quiet before I could get the first question off my chest. I was asked to switch on the bedside lamp on my side, and lay under the blanket she pulled over herself.

As if I wasn’t deep enough in guilt and confusion, I got a warning from her not to move as her hand roamed over my bulging boxers, stroking it to full size before she came in direct contact with it. I was half-enjoying and half-worried as I groaned uncontrollably, to which she smiled when I displayed that helplessly-enjoying-it face.

Mum: ‘I’m going down on you now.’
Me (groaning): ‘Mummy.. ‘

Her head disappeared under the sheets which she slowly pulled away, revealing the face that was devouring my cock with ample amount of saliva. Skilfully using her tongue to tease the sensitive spots along my shaft, she didn’t forget to swirl around the ‘helmet’ of my little one, and completed the full course with relentless tickles at the tip of it all. Her lips then took its time stimulating the ‘body’, until I couldn’t keep myself quiet anymore.

Me: ‘Mummy!’
Mum: ‘Why?’
Me: ‘I can’t take it anymore.’
Mum: ‘So you want to put it inside me?’
Me: ‘No! That’s for dad, and none of his so-called friends.’
Mum: ‘Well, if you do it for me, then I promise you that you, and him, will be the only two person I’ll ever have sex with.’

Somehow, I knew that she won’t accept my suggestion to take ‘me’ out of the equation, and we would just end up nowhere, with my dad’s friends still being one of her options to get relief.

Me: ‘Fine. I’ll take that.’

She pushed the thick blanket out of the way and spread her legs wide. As I positioned myself under her groin, she used her fingers to pry those wet folds apart, for me to go between. I did as nature had not intended, sliding my wrongly excited hard on into my mum’s pleasure hole. Not only was she wet, the tightness was a surprise especially knowing how many dicks, possibly bigger than mine, had just pounded her crazy just moments ago.

My hips did its work without caring for the phone she was texting on, and let my moans escape as they wanted to in the mercy of her glorious pussy. The MILF I was effing could not appear any sexier, on top of her ‘tai-tai’ life my dad had provided for her to gym and maintain a figure to wear fashionable clothes youngsters were then into.

Dad (on phone): ‘WHAT THE FUCK!’

My dad’s voice blasted through the tiny speakers of her phone and she aimed the front camera lower at my moving part.

Dad (on phone): ‘My son is fucking my wife! Look!’

I couldn’t be bothered with what was happening on the FaceTime call, since I was barely holding on to my erupting cock.

Me: ‘Mum!’
Mum: ‘Wait wait!’

The phone slammed on the bed and she flipped herself over on her fours, splitting her knees wide enough for her to position the front camera at our thrusting pose.

Dad (on phone) ‘Son! Don’t let her off so easily!’

What the fuck did I just hear? My dick stabbed into her inviting cunt and what my dad said, suddenly made sense. I found myself ‘punishing’ my mum with the hardest, deepest strokes I had ever done, plunging that thick rod of my into her collapsing hole without a thought for her.

Mum (moaning): ‘Our son.. made a deal.. that if he fucked me.. I won’t be having any more sex with your friends.. ‘
Dad (on phone): ‘So it’s just me then?’
Mum (moaning: ‘And our boy.. ahhh!’
Dad (don phone): ‘Too bad guys. That’s my smart son for you.’

His friends complimented on my actions and the line went dead shortly after, just as I lost myself in the incoming orgasm.

Me (groaning): ‘Mummy.. ‘
Mum (breathlessly): ‘Yes boy. Inside me.’

I hammered her for the last few times and let my cream shoot into the slight vacuum of her vagina, that still had ‘my dad’ inside if I didn’t assume wrongly. My dick left her body as she fell flat onto the bed, and I went to clean myself up in a mind that whispered ‘yes!’ and ‘shit you’.

We slept together in the bed that supposedly belonged only to the two of them, until the smell of bacon and eggs woke me up to the mood-calming sunlight on the curtains. On the other, spacious side of the bed, my mum, clad in just an apron, was bent over in doggystyle as my dad rear-ended her.

Mum (moaning): ‘Boy.. breakfast.. arghh.. ‘

Before I could bring the tray of food at my feet to me, they had crawled over my groin, for her to suck on me for HER breakfast. Well, I guess mine can wait.

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