What is Love?

‘Is love really that complicated like you have said?’

‘It’s just complicated when I put it in words, but when two person click, there is no words needed.’

Wen Xing, one of the girls in the house party I joined despite being six years their senior, was the pure and innocent one who had the most questions when I shared some life stories. Since I was that ‘old’, I couldn’t escape their curiosity for love, and the relationships that have made me who I am today. Like a grandfather telling tales, the last part of the drunken gathering was spent in silence, listening to my personal views about what they had little experience in.

‘So, why are you still single then?’

‘For my other half to find.’

She wrapped her hands around my arm and pulled me closer, resting her head on my shoulder with an unspoken sense of pity. Well, I was sure how lonely I looked having so much figured out, that sadly wasn’t learnt by just ‘growing up’.

‘How would it feel then, to be with someone who is as clear, and still as you?’


The car stopped at her block and she hushed me while dragging me out with her, sending the car away even though I said ‘two locations’. We found a spot at a playground and sat there, taking sips from my whiskey flask I carry everywhere.

WX hugged me in my chest as we got high again, though in a different mood from the rowdy one we were in earlier. Instead of feeling uncomfortable when she slipped her hands under my shirt, it felt soothing, like I haven’t been explored in a long time.

‘touch me too.. ‘

Her calm breath brought my hands under her black shirt, and I was caressing her boobs over her bra in no time.

‘Why are you letting me do this?’

‘Cause you know what to do.’

‘So do other guys.’

‘Will you trust me with them?’

At that point, I was speechless to her question. Believing that it was unfair to show her things ahead of time, I couldn’t ignore that this whole, petting act, was part of her learning journey too. She unzipped her jeans and brought it down to her thighs, exposing the blue, cotton panties that portrayed that simple girl I initially knew. In a way, she ‘seduced’ me to do the same when she circled her fingers on my obvious bulge, making me wonder if she knew what she was getting into.

My cock sprang out from under and the inquisitive girl took a close look at it, before running her fingertips along the shaft. The moment she grabbed my arm and led me between her legs, I grew more and more unsure if we were ahead of ourselves.

‘Can you show me how to pleasure myself?’

A loud thought in my head came with that surprise, to remind me that I was handling a girl with zero knowledge about masturbation. To think that I thought she couldn’t be that naive, she WAS that clueless. I didn’t waste anymore time risking our little ‘tryst’ in that public structure and got my fingers ‘cycling’ along that damp slit till she was jerking me unknowingly.

‘God.. it feels good.. ‘

‘And you are making me feel the same too.’

She remained in my arms for as long as we were meeting each others’ needs, for at least ten minutes before she stripped her bottoms completely off. I had to stop when she opened her legs really wide, to check how wet she got and if any part of her looked different. The next thing she asked for, was for me to go down on her. The first moan from her came as I sucked gently on her clit, letting my tongue take over the work in a series of rapid, excited flicks around that tiny, erected pearl.

Wx only managed to last two minutes into it and pulled me back up on my seat, panting breathlessly with a face redder than when drunk. She silently got up, ready to return the favour when I held her down again, holding her tightly in my arms without saying a word. My hand dived into her thighs and returned to the wet spot, vibrating on it with two fingers to weaken her sense of fairness.

Not only did I want her not to do that for me, I was after something more. My fingers went below her clit and poked into the vagina, but without going too far in. The wriggling fingertips drove her crazy and she was guiding my wrist lower. A loud gasp signified the achievement of ‘the deepest diver’ ever given, and I found myself an easy way out when she used my hand to finger herself.

With both hands on my forearm, I had to shift myself in front of her to go that distance she wanted me to reach inside her. In just under a minute of high-speed finger jabs, she came really hard with a few squirts over my listless hard on dangling out of my pants.

My fingers slipped out upon the tightest contraction and she just collapsed in my arms where I caught her in. She fell into a short period of weakness with futile attempts to resume the handjob, until she recovered enough strength to pleasing me again.

This time, I let her did what she wanted, watching her feel every inch of my hardness, lubricated by her fluids she ‘shot’ on me. That particular sloppy handjob actually got to my head, and I was shaking all over to her delightful, and insensitive laughters.

‘I’m going to shoot!’

She suddenly went into a confused search for a solution, while the twitches in my loin got stronger. Just like what I would be thinking, we didn’t want to dirty a harmless playground with my man-seeds, nor shoot into her hands where we might have a problem cleaning up later. She tucked her fringe behind her ears with her clean pinkies and bent her back over my cock, that shortly blew its load after she triggered it with her random hand movements.


I let off a groan as the waves of cum sprayed into the make-shift ‘container’, going harder and harder as it came to an end. I could tell WX was trying her best to remain composed when she just held her position, but daringly gave a little suck on her way up.

WX looking all lost and afraid with that mouthful of cum, I kissed her and felt a bit of my cum seep through my lips, before she swallowed the rest of it. I cleared my throat of my share and she was shocked in awe seeing what I just did.

‘Will you stay with me until I learn everything you know?’

‘And after that?’

‘We will find new things to learn together, forever if possible.’

We cleaned up with the wet tissues I packed, and got to keep her panties that she wiped her part with. In return, she earned my hoodie that I had wore too much and washed too little, exactly the way she wanted it – to masturbate to while smelling it in a video she sent after she went home.

And to imagine I had put girls her age in a no-go zone for fear of their unpredictability, oh boy did I expect to be shown different, much less by an inexperienced girl..

Even if she intentionally misled me to like her that way.

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