A Wait Too Long

‘J! Let’s take a photo together. We haven’t taken one before.’

I set the camera on a ledge in front of us and went to her side, where the selfie-expert directed me to stand facing her, going for a ‘cool’ face-to-face pose. The not-so-photogenic me did as she told but we found ourselves barely still with an urge to burst out laughing.

‘Coming coming! Don’t laugh anymore!’

I swallowed hard and missed the shot, looking eye to eye at her as the shutter went off. She rushed to the camera with a sigh and checked the photo, then frozen in deep thoughts while looking at the screen.

‘What’s wrong? We can always take another one.’

‘This is good.’

She turned the screen to me and I saw that picture of us staring dreamily at each other, awkward if not for a tinge of ‘romance’.

‘I want this ah! Don’t delete!’

In front of her, I digitally ‘protected’ that image, and went to entertain the customers flooding in. We survived the last hour of after-dinner service and cleaned up in our normal, tag-team partnership to close the shop on time.

Anna, the Chinese-Viet part timer, was the first to retrieve her bag in the store, taking a long time to adjust her hair and stuff. I wasn’t going to wait any longer and joined her in the narrow walkway, to get my bag to put my iPad and apron inside.

Just as I went face to face with her, she grabbed my shirt at the waist and kept me in front of her. It was a scene straight out of Wang Fei Hong’s ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ when she closed her eyes and angled her face higher to me.

To that clueless, or well aware, girl, I was attracted to her a long time ago. Not wanting to delay her acceptance anymore, I let our lips meet and the tongue fight came after a brief moment of gentle, lipstick smear. Her body had pasted itself on me as our make out grew more intense, roaming hands leading the way under our clothes to get a feel of our tired bodies.

‘Will it be too soon if we get intimate now?’

‘Will you be comfortable with that?’

‘Actually, I want to badly.’

Her denim skirt easily dropped to her ankles with her panties following closely after, while the fly of my jeans were peeled apart for the stem that was extending out of its uncomfortable zone. One of her feet went to the boxes to let me ease that frustration of her clit, greeting me with a generous about of liquid that made those squishy noises.

My dick IN her other hand, was getting its fair share of pleasure, from her inexperienced-but-impossible-to-get-wrong handjob. If anyone in her life had not yet figured out themselves, she is still a virgin when we happened, thus putting me at a safe distance without the possibility of ‘going too far’.

Her body trembled all of a sudden and stopped as abruptly as it started, signalling her orgasm with the obvious leak of juices under her legs through my fingers. She was unhesitant about guiding my fingers to move again, going faster easily with that extra boost of lubricant.

She included some saliva to jerk me off better after I gave her that tip, increasing the erotism in that tight corner with a salty scent mixed with the testosterone that was making us wild.

‘I’m gonna cum soon.’

‘Huh? What should I do now?’

‘Where do you want me to.. ‘

‘Is it safe to put it in my mouth?’

‘Never more dangerous. What if you get addicted to it?’

She slapped my chest and sat on the Toyogo boxes, pumping the lower part of my shaft while the tip poked into her unsure lips. I let my mind wander with a glimpse of her downblouse, a deep cleavage between the ample bosoms that filled her tube bra out so fully.

After three long minutes of shaking her tired arm, I tapped her head for the warning and she sealed her lips tighter out of fear. I was in an unexplainably calm mood when the first squirt came, rhythmically squeezing the rest of them out through timed shots into her sucking mouth.

It took us a long time before the continuous ‘checks’ she did on the tip of my cock, was over. The last bit was slurped up by her and we used the one clean hand we had to wear her skirt back for her to offload that – load. I went out of the store after her and quickly gathered our belongings, aware that our boss might call to ask why were we staying so late.

After a quick supper at a 24 hour McDonald’s, we went home with a new marital status that we might have been waiting too long for, except that now it was made official through that ‘bonding’ session.

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