Purely Transactional

*Knock knock*

‘Hi. You’re J right? The photographer?’

‘Yes I am. What can I do for you?’

‘I’m Natalie, one of the contestants. I was wondering if you could.. take some private photos for me.’

‘Why not. Have you spoken to the organisers?’

That Indian-Chinese girl was one of the most talked-about girls in the model search, having the best features of both ethnicity fused into one body. Her appearance at my doorstep after the official photoshoot did scare me a little though, fearing that one of my crews might have missed or done something wrong.

‘I don’t think I want them to know, that these photos will be for my own portfolio.’

‘Oh? Tell me more.’

‘You’ll get it once you see it.’

She picked the camera on a table and shoved it into my arms, before climbing onto the bed. Having a very fair complexion from her Chinese mum, the light from the window was sufficient to illuminate the best part of her beauty, until pieces of clothes started to come off.

‘Are you going to strip naked?’

‘Yes. Can you shoot that type of photos?’

‘Of course. I was just going to tell you to hurry since the sun is setting.’

We took as many photos as we could until my phone beeped at 6pm, leaving me with one hour to get a shower and dressed before the dinner party. We were attending the same event that evening and I wasn’t that surprised when she quietly led me into the bathroom.

Since she was already naked, I removed my clothes with her help and went for the intimate, royal shower where she did most of the work. After we were done cleaning up, she sat me down at the edge of the bathtub and went down on me eagerly. Her mouth went straight down to the base and held me at her throat. The mini squeezes really got my knees weak, if not for my ass on the tub.

I was kept on my toes with that glib tongue of hers, slithering around my little head continuously till I was shaking everywhere. The ambitious model went all out with her fast and deep strokes, leaving me no chance to get a proper breath at all. My mind was still reminiscing the naughty light sucks on her way up and down, feeling the warmth of her tongue glide under my shaft each time.


The pretty face pulled her mouth away after five minutes and we went to the bed, where she bent over in doggystyle the first thing. Given the mandatory body check ups the girls did before the competition, I went in raw without hesitation to experience the exotic body of a mix-blood, to which her moans grew louder as I thrust harder.


My hips knocked her nice, cushion-y butt to get a good recoil action going on, until I was suddenly overwhelmed by an urge to cum.

‘Shit.. looks like it’s coming to an end soon.’

‘You know you can cum anywhere you like right? I’m on the pill.’

She laid sideways on the bed and I continued rocking my hips at her, watching her eyes roll white to my each and every pumps into her perfectly smooth pussy. As I was cumming, I have her the standard warning and her body started trembling, climaxing together as my cum lined her vaginal walls in thick, gooey goodness.

We had a hard time parting our sexed up bodies, despite the whole thing being more of a ‘transaction’ than satisfying her urge. After a quick clean up, she went back to her room and met up with me before heading to the ballroom together.

That night, everyone got really wasted and had to be brought back to our rooms with the help of the hotel staff. Just when I thought I was alone in the room, another girl, Xin Yi, came crawling onto the bed from the floor.

(Xin Yi whispering) ‘J? let’s fucking fuck.. ‘

We spent the night riding our brains out till an unknown hour, where we slept till my producer had to break into my room to wake me up. Somehow, the sight of that cute Chinese girl didn’t bother him much, since he had one of the models in his arms when he came over.

‘J. The shoot is cancelled today. No one is fit to work. So.. just continue what you guys were doing last night.’

The best news came as my one-night-stand left the room, only to have that girl that was in my boss’ arms earlier ‘checking in’ on me. Well, that marks the third girl in two days and there was no way I would quit this job no matter if how low the salary was.

Wouldn’t you guys think the same?

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