Doctor’s Prescription

Erica: ‘Is your cough still there?’
Me: ‘Nope. Recovered. Did you call me back because of my blood work?’

The gorgeous doctor was the daughter of the head general practioner (if there is such a hierarchy) in the family clinic my parents had gone to for the longest time. That’s why I addressed her as Erica even though she was my doctor. I knew her since primary school and we never failed to play together during each visit.

She flipped open a folder and took a glance, before she unwrapped the stethoscope around her neck.

Erica: ‘If you don’t mind, I’m going to check your kidneys. Just going to apply some pressure at various spots. You are just slightly below the healthy range.’

I put my slingbag down and went to the bed, where she adjusted the pillow while I lie down. After she lifted my shirt above my nipples, she listened to my heartbeat with a serious expression. Moving her scope downwards, she reached my stomach and kept going till she was an inch above my groin.

Erica: ‘Can you pull your shorts down a bit?’

Her scope returned to her neck and her fingers pressed around my hips, checking if I felt any pain along the way. Slowly, she lowered my shorts until my trimmed groin was showing. Lying flat without suspecting anything, only my butt moved up when she tugged at the waistband.

Erica: ‘Can I take a look down there?’
Me: ‘Huh? Must see ah? Shy leh.’
Erica: ‘Since you are here for a checkup, might as well right?’

Her rubber gloves touched my erecting cock and moved it around to give it a thorough look, until a moan escaped when she caressed my testicles. The next thing I knew, she was peeling my foreskin back to expose my dick head, all the while fondling my balls.

Me: ‘Erica.. what are you doing?’
Erica: ‘Shhh.. Only say something if you feel anything.’

Her white gloves landed on my side after some fidgeting and my family doctor was just a bit from giving me a full handjob. I couldn’t contain the moans that broke free during her check up and let myself go, groaning as softly as I could.

Her lab coat came off shortly after and revealed a black, off shoulder blouse, contouring to her shapely figure as well as a pair of blue denim shorts that left most of her legs exposed.

Erica: ‘You know? Since young, I have always had a crush on you.’
Me: ‘Now I know.’

From where I was lying, I couldn’t see what she was up to. Luckily, I could reach her ass and put my arms around them, beginning to undo her shorts. As soon as her shorts were below her ass, a powerful tsunami of pleasure flooded my mind from her mouth going down my shaft. The gentleness of her lips on my hard cock was so stimulating I could barely complete what I was doing in the first place – stripping her bottoms off.

The best I could do was to leave her panties at her knees, before sliding my fingers between her sexy thigh gap. The first moan I ever heard from her was so seductive, sensually shy as I rubbed her clit fast. Within seconds, my middle finger slipped into her and she got up abruptly from the shock.

Making some space on the bed (by shifting myself closer to the wall), she hopped on beside me and spread her legs over mine. Now that I could reach her pussy easier, there was no shortage of endorphins as I worked my way around her clit and inside her.

Moments later, she turned towards me and grabbed my collar, face still glowing from my thrusting fingers.

Erica (whispering): ‘Can we fuck?’
Me: ‘My parents have always hinted at me to pick you up, like as a girlfriend. After we fuck, you’ll be mine. Deal?’

‘Deal’, the answer sent a twitch to my cock and I got up on my knees. Spreading her knees like a durian shell, she was grinning from ear to ear as my cock neared her. She held my dick towards her pussy and I slowly penetrated her, feeling a little ache as her tightness forced some blood back into my groin. But once in, her feet stay locked behind my back, savouring the momentarily connection of our bodies.

Erica: ‘Your cock is growing bigger.’
Me: ‘I can feel you getting tighter too.’

Wasting no time, our genitals released horny slapping sounds into the room, lips frenching like the last two person (of opposite gender) on Earth, found each other. I never felt anything so intense before, pounding loud breaths of air out of the perfect girl I never thought I could get.

Erica (moaning): ‘Doggie me J.. take me from behind.. ‘

We changed to that said position over the bed, but standing on the floor. My hands went to her boobs and massaged them hard while jerking her body non-stop, pussy juices splattering all over our legs as she came another time.

About five minutes later, her pussy relaxed and created the most sensational effect on my mind.

Me: ‘Fuck! I’m cumming!’

I pulled out of her and she squatted down before me, pumping my cock and at the same time pulling her collar open. Less than a minute later, my wobbly legs came to embarrass me as my cum shot all over her chest. Once done, she licked me clean and we wore our clothes back, leaving nothing to tidy on the leather bed.

We remained standing while saying we hugged for a while more, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Once I got my diagnosis, she sent me on my way out.

Erica (Whatsapp): ‘Come back at 9pm. There will be no one then.’

The receptionist saw my smile and grinned at me, telling me that there was no payment to be made. At 9pm, I returned to the darkened clinic and Erica opened the door for me, leading me to her room and dropping her lab coat without wearing anything underneath.

Erica (whispering): ‘Shall we get started?’

And the rest of the day was history.

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