Twists and Turn

Stepping out of his house to the void deck, Darren’s eyes scanned for the lady whom described her outfit to him, a pink floral sundress with long brown hair. Half a minute after he planted his ass on the concrete stool, a girl in that exact dress appeared looking casual.

Darren: ‘Mavis?’
Mavis: ‘Hey. Hi.’
Darren: ‘You’re really not tired? It’s late.’
Mavis: ‘Nope. I just wanted to take a walk. Is there somewhere quiet around here?’

The two of them met for the first time after a brief introduction on the app, coincidentally living in the same estate within ten minutes from each other. He walked with her to the back of some HDB flats, before arriving at a park connector route where sparingly placed benches became their final stop. Not only few people used that path to jog, the lamps were located far away for some reasons.

Opening her large cloth tote bag, she took out two bottles of Bacardi Breezer dripping wet from condensation.

Mavis: ‘I’ll open it for you.’

Using a bottle opener, she popped the lid off and bubbles started fizzing out of the top, forcing Darren to sip them up while she took a few mouthful from her own bottle. The two of them sat motionless telling stories, exchanging more facts about themselves as the neighbouring flats began to darken.

The next thing he knew, she had slipped her fingers into his hand and leaned her head on his shoulder, conversation going dead slowly. Mavis unfolded her crossed legs and placed her thigh over one of his, spreading her legs a little too wide if not for the privacy of where they were.

Mavis: ‘Are you tired?’
Darren: ‘A little. I’m feeling light headed but still alright.’

He felt his shoulder blade and thigh muscles trembling under the skin, as if drained of energy. However, his arms could still move, misinterpreting as an onset of tiredness after his long day at work. Soon, she was guiding his hand under her dress, and he felt her soft, shaved pussy when he reached her groin.

Darren: ‘You are always this open?’
Mavis: ‘Nope. Only when I’m in control.’

His attempts to move his arm away proved futile and the situation got him worried. What if the paralysis is permanent? What exactly was happening to him? His fingers could move on her clit, even feeling the wetness that was coming from her. When she began to unzip his pants, that was when he realised it was something he drank.

Right, my drink was fizzy when she opened it but hers wasn’t. But she popped the lid in front of my eyes.

Darren: ‘Did you put something in my drink?’
Mavis: ‘So you noticed? I dropped it in when I opened it.’

By then, her hands were wrapped around his dick and stroking it to hardness. There was nothing he could do except to move his fingers, piercing into her pussy as she got faster. Just after he felt her vagina contract from an orgasm, Mavis got up and pulled her dress straight.

She spread his knees apart and half-squatted between his legs, tucking the rear of her dress towards the front. Before his eyes, she lowered herself over his raw dick, engulfing it in a level of heat he never experienced before. Apart from the breath-taking warmth, she was squishy wet when his dick slipped into her.

The rest of it was self-explanatory as she bounced up and down, fucking herself with a helpless guy’s dick. Changing between a hop and back-forth twerking, her moans escaped freely while Darren groaned in excitement.

Mavis (whispering): ‘You’re the biggest I’ve ever had and it felt wonderful!’

She suddenly slammed her body backwards onto him and his dick ached from the squeeze, hot juices flowing down his balls and into his lap where all of it was soaked by his badly-positioned underwear.

The crazy bitch then climbed on top of the bench and squatted face-to-face, calves horizontally flushed with the seat. Grinding front and back, her arms around his neck tightened with moans into his ears, combined with lip nibbles.

Slowly, over the course of two more orgasms, he regained his strength and could move his arms again. There was no way Mavis would know his body reacted differently to the same drug she used on an undisclosed number of guys.

Darren just wrapped his arms around her back and stood up, collapsing on his knees onto the grass patch surrounding them.

Mavis (shouting): ‘Oh fuck!’

She struggled to back away from him but he quickly secured her wrists under one hand, and covered her mouth with the other. Now thrusting in full control of himself and her, something in him was telling him not to let her get away with it.

He pulled out of her and tucked his knees together, helping her up by holding onto her wrists. In a swift motion, he swung both her arms behind her back and locked her movements, sending pain through little twists of her elbows.

Darren: ‘You like dominating guys huh bitch?’

One hand was all he needed to hold onto both her wrists, before he flipped her over onto her fours. The zip on the back of her dress came off and he ripped her clothes apart, tearing the shoulder straps away like paper. Half-naked, her strapless bra-clad chest was pushed onto the wet grass, still unable to move from the pain in her shoulder joints.

A nano-second into her screams, he yanked on her long hair to silence her.

Darren: ‘You scream and you will lose your hair.. and dress. Try me.’

He flipped her dress higher waist and lifted her hips (with one arm across her waist), perching her ass into a submissive doggie position. In a second, he rammed his cock into her and choked her body straight with one move. One hand across her throat and the other locking her wrists, there was no escape for her.

His hips pounded the confused girl’s pussy continuously in rage, making her moan while fighting needlessly. She simply could not overcome the pain that allowed him to rape her. Talk about a plot twist. Darren had all the anger needed to tear her pussy apart, dick growing significantly thicker inside her.

The unwanted orgasms weakened her struggle slowly, until she no longer made any sounds. He shoved her onto the ground and turned her over again, holding both her ankles wide apart like a gynae-examination. Stuffing his cock all the way, the exhausted girl laid unresponsive, eyes barely opened as her body jerked on the soil.

Darren (groaning): ‘I’m gonna cum bitch. Guess where am I unloading?’

He raised one of her knees to her chest and hammered down his ‘nail’, driving it so deep she sobered up immediately.

Mavis (weakly): ‘No please.. not inside.. ‘
Darren: ‘Arghh!’

His body paused for a second before he rammed it again, following the rhythm of his ejaculation that built up into another orgasm for her. Tears began rolling down her eyes as he grinned wider, making the last few thrusts to bury his semen deep.

Once his deed was done, he whipped his phone out and adjusted her dress. Flashes blinded the girl as the shutter sound fired away, in various positions he shoved her lifeless body into.

Darren: ‘I’m done here bitch.’

He unhooked her bra and threw it into the bushes, leaving her to fend for herself top-naked. He easily ripped whatever remains of her dress away and pulled his shirt off, stripping the singlet he wore under for her to put on. Once he was dressed appropriately, he began to record the last part of his adventure, aimed at her stumbling away in a translucent piece of top that barely covered her perky ass.

Darren (shouting): ‘Text me or these will go online!’

Mavis darted off once she heard him and disappeared around a corner, possibly faster than The Flash. Now, what would Darren do with those photos and video?

What would you guys do? You might be directing the next part of this story with your comments.

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