Rocking Car

Bartender: ‘Hey man. This is from the girls over there.’

I took a few long blinks to clear my vision and looked towards the semi-circle lounge seats adjacent to my counter stool. The group of ladies all pointed to one particular girl, wearing a denim jacket tightly grasped closed. After giving them a mid-air toast, they came over to invite me over, then disappearing into the dance floor.

Me: ‘Thanks for your drink. I’m J. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Cyndi. My friends just asked me to buy a drink for someone that caught my attention. And that’s you.’

She was somewhat in a defensive position when we spoke, understandable from how she dressed, quite the opposite from the revealing clothes her friends wore to the club.

Me: ‘How did I get your attention then?’
Cyndi: ‘Your clothes? You are the only guy here who wore a suit – I think.’

True enough, I was in an attire too mature for my looks, since it was after an intense interview that had tests I was never prepared to take. The complexity of the questions I was given kind of threw me into confusion, about the nature of the company I was employed at. Frankly speaking, I had no idea what they did.

Cyndi: ‘Why are you alone?’
Me: ‘I needed some time to think. Oh, and I don’t have any trendy clothes like most guys here.’
Cyndi: ‘You’re never wrong in a suit.’

For once, we laughed at the irony of how men in suits were viewed, professional, arrogant and confident. Perhaps it was my clothes that gave me the courage to come this far. She took my hand and threw it behind her shoulders, leaning closer to me while handing me my bottle of beer. A click of our glasses and everything went down our throats, marking the beginning of a new friendship.

About ten minutes later, her friends returned with flushed faces, and a couple of them had guys holding their waists.

Friend: ‘Cyndi, we are going to another place now. Wanna come?’
Cyndi: ‘Nah. I’m done. I’ll leave with this handsome here. Have fun girls.’

Those half-filled glasses were emptied and all of us left the noisy entertainment joint, diving into second smoke the smokers were puffing right outside the exit.

Cyndi: ‘I’m going to my car and rest for a bit before driving. Want me to send you home?’
Me: ‘I can get home myself. But I’ll accompany you to make sure you are sober before you drive. Can?’

She pointed sluggishly in the direction of her car and we walked in arms, stepping into the passenger seats since we needed to rest. Once the doors were slammed shut and air-condition at full blast, our bodies instinctively hugged each other and started kissing. Her denim pulled away revealed a caged bra underneath. Without any more layers of clothes, my hands wormed into her bra and grabbed those petite B cups. Instantly, she woke up and unbuttoned my white shirt, caressing the not-so-lean tummy I owned.

Cyndi (whispering): ‘Your pants.’

We worked together to unbuckle and lower my pants just enough for her to whip my cock out, heartbeat pounding violently through the veins in that stick she held. Her high waist flare skirt provided easy access to her underwear, which disappeared into the darkness behind the driver’s seat.

In a sudden turn of event, she climbed over my lap and leaned backwards for the glovebox, fishing a condom out from a corner. I ripped the wrapper apart and capped myself quickly, before she sank her pussy over my manhood. Party-goers were still walking past her car when she started bouncing, but not distracting us one bit from our quickie.

One of her friends spotted our vigorous movements and stole a peek before hopping into her date’s car. Nothing too spectacular happened. As we fucked in cowgirl style, my hands never stopped massaging those boobs. She was just moaning her lungs out to my hardening cock, that was helplessly stuffed over and over again into her.

Me: ‘My turn to play now.’

I hugged her and turned to the side, dropping her on her back while catching both her feet that her heels clung onto. I bent her knees to her chest before taking full control, ramming my hips hard into her skinny pelvic bones her ass was conforming to.

Cyndi (moaning): ‘I’m gonna cum!’

I felt her pussy tightened and I went even faster, until she slouched forward to hold my waist close to her groin. Buried deep inside her, the spray of juices splattered all over our clothes during her orgasm. A minute later, as soon as the ‘tap’ slowed down, my body was back at work, pounding the trembling girl into another round of screams.

Me: ‘We’ve got a bit more to go before I cum. Hang in there k?’

She grabbed my neck and I let my chest touched her, kissing in intense passion without any pauses for air. Each breath we took filled our noses with the heavenly, sex-filled scent from our sweaty bodies, mixed with the saltiness of our saliva.

Me: ‘Doggie?’
Cyndi: ‘No. Just like this.’

I let my hips did its work, thrusting inches of meat into her cunt to increase her pleas for mercy. Another orgasm hit her after a few minutes and our lips broke free, letting her gasped for air as her abs shrunk to the mind-numbing climax.

Me: ‘Fuck.. I’m cumming too.. Hold on!’

While she was shaking non-stop, I forcefully spread her legs wide and pumped the last bit of strength into her. Her eyes rolled white and shook even more wildly, all the way till I made those long, powerful jerks along with my outgoing cum.

The last part lasted about two minutes, with her pussy milking me involuntarily. Strangely, I was still hard after finishing the first round and jumped straight into the action again, shoving my cock fast and deep without break.

Cyndi had no idea what was happening as she was just groaning inaudible phrases, up to the point I came again inside her. Completely exhausted, I fell on top of her and waited till she quietened down.

I picked myself up and helped her to sit upright against the seat, giving her a massage on her clit to help take the soreness away. She managed to find her phone in the dimness and unlocked it after two tries.

Cyndi (weakly): ‘What’s your number?’
Me: ‘8263****’
Cyndi (panting): ‘I’m going to need you again soon.’

The next fifteen minutes were spent in silence as we got dressed slowly, almost losing control a few times after more kisses. We got into the front seats after some time and she offered to drive me home despite being out of the way. And in exchange?

Cyndi: ‘Keep me turned on so I can focus on the road.’

Without saying more, my fingers got wrinkly from masturbating her throughout the whole journey, making a few stops at empty bus stops so she could cum.

It didn’t take more than thirty minutes after I got home before a new message came from her, compiling of details about our next meet the next day. The appearance of Cyndi made my new mysterious employment less daunting knowing that there was something I could look forward to after each day.

A new job, a new girl. What more can a man ask for?

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