It wasn’t everyday that John had a chance to meet a girl that was into submission, and it was a rushed dinner they went for before Ayu went to his place for the role play. The moment he shut his door and locked it, he asked for her to strip her bra and panties off, keeping her body hugging black dress on. She did exactly as he asked and sat on the bed waiting for his next command. The feeling of going braless and pantyless made her felt vulnerable but safe at the same time, since he was someone who did not like to inflict pain as well.

He made her lie on the bed and tied her hands to the cuffs pulled from under the bed, going around her wrists and ankles, stretching her limbs out so she could not struggle at all. Being a natural submissive, it was heart wrenching to see his dick out of his underwear and yet unable to do anything for him. After she was secured, he began masturbating and the sight of his hand pumping his rod created an image of her pussy having it in and out of her, stroking the innards of her vagina which was dying for some attention.

Once he had spotted her desperation and hunger, it was time to tease her further to push her to the limit she had never felt before. He brought out a machine from under his work desk and positioned it in front of the bed, with a long rod that had a base for something to be screwed on. A soft looking dildo was attached to the top of it and he moved it to her pussy, where it was still too dry for any sex to happen.

He laid on the bed with her head at her groin, and split her labia, exposing her clit that was redder than the rest of her pussy. Holding the folds apart, he blew air on it and the helplessness just made her went crazy. Just a touch would relieve a little of the tension, and she wasn’t getting any. John knew how to play this game, and she didn’t. Anyway, he had been monitoring her slit for the moisture till it was looking wet enough for the toy to enter.

He pulled the dildo towards her entrance and poked the tip in, which her legs were held in position from opening or closing anymore than the straps allowed. About two inches of it went inside her vagina and the softness of the dildo was not exactly what she had expected. It was a little too soft that it was squeezed by her tightness, therefore not spreading her pussy at all. Perhaps he knew it, and wanted to start off with this.

John pushed the machine closer and clicked on a few knobs on it, before hitting the red button to start moving it. The dildo thrust slowly in and out, while something in it was hardening. Soon, the dildo was at it’s maximum hardness with the rubber material stretched, and the solid core was pushing her vaginal walls open. It wasn’t something new, but the length of it had increased along with the width.

The machine began whining as the automatic speed adjustments moved one notch up, jamming the hard dildo in and out of Ayu. The frail and agonising moans from her did nothing to soften his heart as he remain seated on the bed beside her, dick untouched but throbbing with excitement of her voice. Her dress was at risk of being wet by her juices, but it was no longer relevant. The machine was giving her the orgasms that she did not deserved.

John changed his position to let her see his erection better and it was just inches away from her body. Oh dear, there was an unspeakable amount of urge to feel it on her body to know how hot it was, compared to the toy inside of her. Twisting her body uncontrollably to handle the mind blowing orgasms, her eyes never shifted away from his dick. There was something in her dying to satisfy him in appreciation to the number of orgasms he had given indirectly.

The whole ‘torture’ lasted for close to fifteen minutes of unlimited strength that the dildo had, and the lack of power to even touch John. The machine’s timer went into the last few minutes as the thrusting increased and decreased in speed dramatically, giving her the last few orgasms she could barely handle. After it had turned itself off, John got up from the bed and pulled the dildo out of her, letting some excess juice flow onto her dress under her butt.

He untied her hands from the bed but kept them together. Her feet was freed so she could go to the toilet if she needed to.

Ayu: ‘John.. can I.. ‘
John: ‘Shhh.. you’re not suppose to speak without permission. I want you to sit up here.’

He then lay on the bed with his legs opened and let his dick stand upright before her eyes, making it twitch at times.

John: ‘Tell me one thing you will do to it.’
Ayu: ‘I will ride on it until you cum inside of me.’
John: ‘Hmm.. wrong answer. I want you to watch this.’

He took a rubber cock ring and coated it with saliva, rolling it down his shaft until it reached his base, and let the blood turned it red and long. He then left it alone and asked her to bring her mouth over it, and keeping still for a minute.

She did just that and was blowing air on it, hoping to turn him on enough to force her head down. John being a very disciplined man, did not succumb to her temptation but let her breath in the scent of his rod.

John: ‘Good. Now spit some saliva on it.’

Ayu’s tongue pushed out whatever saliva she could gather and watched his dick glimmer in the smooth liquid, anticipating the next command from him. A big part of him had wanted to let her do what she wanted to do, but the fear of ruining her expectations from the domming session simply kept him from being himself.

John: ‘Now, wrap your hands around it and don’t move.’

Her fingers went around the girth and the urge to stroke it was hard to control with the tendency to wriggle her fingers along it, giving and upward squeeze. After a short while, he finally gave in and freed her hands.

John: ‘Get into doggy now.’

Ayu happily turned around and bent her back forward, spreading her legs for him to get between. He got up on his knees and went to where she wanted, sliding his dick easily into her wet pussy. He placed it all the way in and kept himself still, which made her desperate and she tried to push his butt forward. Before she knew, a slap landed on her delicate soft ass and she took her hand away.

He did not touch any parts of her body but only started to thrust into him. It started out slow, but her body was jerking itself backwards to get him deeper. Since his intention was to pleasure, he gave into himself and held her waist, pumping his hot rod into her as she yearned. The juicy sounds from her pussy made things slippery. Given the amount of time he had been holding back, there was no way he could last long and so he gave his all to pound at her ass, groaning as she squeezed him tightly.

About five minutes later, she pushed herself back onto him and made him tumble onto the bed. Her hips took over bouncing on his dick and he just gave a painful look. The warm squirts of cum shot into her womb while she continued to hammer down onto his groin, sending the sensitivity level high into his head. No matter how hard he tried to hold her down, she did not stop until he was emptied.

She pulled her pussy off his dick and allowed his cum to leak out onto his bed. John had even pulled her dress higher so it would not stain. She then collapsed onto the bed while he got up to clean it with the tub of baby wipes he had beside his bed. Both exhausted from the short but intense session, they lay silently facing each other and he held himself back from kissing her.

Ayu: ‘You like it?’
John: ‘Very much. You?’
Ayu: ‘Haven’t had enough.’

She got into doggie and John brought the machine’s dildo into her again, sitting in front of her head this time, so she could suck him off while getting fucked from behind. The second round lasted longer but it was as intense as the first. He was enjoying the handsfree service of her mouth complete with sexy moans. Ending with a mouthful of cum which she swallowed hungrily, making him a happy man after everything ended.

The session wasn’t exactly domination-submission, but it was a different kind of sex that was closer to that. It was because of his level of respect for girls that did not turn into much pain nor desperation. Since there was no way she could keep the machine, Ayu could only plan the next meet up at his place so she could use it again.

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