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Derrick: ‘Eve, can give a blowjob now?’
Eve: ‘Okay.’

Her emotionless voice satisfied his request and she got up from the stone seats on the void deck, sweeping her short skater skirt along her butt to straighten it out. They went to the area below the first flight of stairs of the block that had an empty space under it, and he pulled the drawstrings of his pants instinctively, tugging it down with his thumb till his dick was peering out of his underwear.

Eve then leaned onto his body and let him kiss her, gradually pushing his tongue into her mouth and moving it around. The sensation of a slimy wet tongue swirling around her mouth was reenacting how his dick would feel inside her pussy, turning her on slightly while she moved her hands down to his dick.

She wrapped her fingers lightly around his meat and jerked it up and down, with a little irregularity in speed and strength. Since that was not the main attraction, he ignored her lack of skill and waited for the kissing to end. A wipe of her mouth using the back of her hands meant she had enough and the obedient girl moved on to meet his request. Kneeling in an unglamorous position with her knees apart, she brought her mouth to his dick without hesitation and took the tip in, suckling on it to let some saliva gather in her mouth.

He adjusted their position to hide her in the deeper corner below the stairs in case anyone peeked in, leaving her to continue the blowjob. Holding onto the wall above his head, she sank his dick into her mouth and let her tongue slide easily under his shaft, along where his veins conjoined. Her blowjob was the ideal type that was skilful in a sense she could get him to cum if she did it for some time.

Thinking that he needed a quick release, she pushed her head towards his groin and pressed her lips tightly together, creating a pressure that was soft and close to his skin. Sucking diligently, the perseverance was beginning to stir an effect in Derrick’s mind. He loved how she would keep her mouth in the same awesome position while moving non-stop. He had to lean to his side as the oral sex drew his sexual energy away and blanking his mind. It was sensual to get a blowjob with just a random request, which Eve hardly turn down.

After close to five minutes inside her mouth, he could not bear to waste his cum with just oral. He pulled out of her and led her by her hand up the stairs, going about two floors higher. Turning her body to face the short horizontal handrail space, he went behind her and unzipped her skirt before pulling it up her back. Once her cute laced panties peeked out beneath, he used his dick to push her panties downwards until he could feel her wetness on the head of his penis.

Wrapping his hands around her underarms, he squeezed on her breasts covered under a unpadded bra, making her wriggled her butt slightly to help him in. A few shoves of his hips managed to get his dick in after a few tries, and the natural momentum to thrust took over. Gracefully sliding his dick in and out of her wet pussy, Eve’s job was to keep her moans down while her pussy was filled with that piece of hot meat over and over again, brushing along her vaginal walls that had been untouched with her clitoral masturbation.

Derrick took it slow and it was essential to have a great orgasm in an outdoor session. Slowly, he picked up speed and was slurping in and out of her, juicing dripping just inches away from his feet. Seeing how she was trying hard to contain her moans, he knew there was not much time to spend being in this vulnerable location.

Giving her a final squeeze of her boobs, he shifted his hands to her waist and grabbed it firmly, before ramming her butt deep and hard. He could make out that she had moved her arm to her mouth to bite so as not to make any unwanted noises, but it was the fact that her pussy was contracting randomly from the in-out action. He bit his own lips and pounded her even harder, using his dick to stretch her pussy deeper.

In just a few strokes, he felt her tightened and increased his speed to a breathless pace, squirting juices from her pussy all over his groin. The clench on his dick was unbearable but it was required for him to have a powerful orgasm. Without holding back, he maintained his hi-speed of sex and counted down to the ejaculation she wanted too.

The loud slapping sounds of their bodies echoed in the yellow lit doorsteps of the two households, nearing to a finish that would exhaust the both of them. No matter how Eve had tried to slow Derrick down from the sensitivity of her pussy, he did not let her had her way and just rammed as hard as he could.

Finally, his body gave in to the slender tattoo back of Eve and he shoved his dick right in, holding himself in position as the hot white liquid flushed into her pussy. The waves of cum poured generously and she squeezed her slit together, holding in all of his milk. The slow exit of his dick had scrapped off all the excess cum around his shaft but not exactly clean. She quickly pulled her panties back before she relaxed herself, letting the cream gather at the pantyliners. She placed her feet together and squatted, once again letting Derrick bring his dick into her mouth so she could clean it up like a good girl.

A few licks did the job and he got dressed as well, tucking his half-erected dick back into his shorts. While he was busy, she had unhooked her bra and took it out for him. Holding the bra in his hand, they walked down the steps back to the stone tables and sat down. Throughout that thirty minutes of idling, Eve had to adjust her panties a few times as the cum kept leaking down her slit into the pair of soaked undies.

Eve is a girl who walked on the wrong path for a period of time in her life, getting herself a tattoo on her back that has no way of undoing. But she too, understood guys enough to find what she seek. Although getting pleasure from her did not seem too difficult, it is just part of a test for him, to find out how much love is in that lust.

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