Jason’s wife, Faith had been pregnant close to nine months now, and he had been depraved of sex for as long as she had feared how it might hurt her if they did it. Being a high sex drive person, the nights with his wife had been uneventful. Insomnia had been the longest problem since she had been expecting and the only medicine that could help was sleeping pills. Once she took it, she would sleep through the night and with that baby in her, he could not even attempt to have sex, at least not with a dead fish, he had been yearning so much for her.

One night, she took the usual dose of pills and went to sleep, leaving him in front of his computer playing some Japanese adult videos and getting himself off. It was the only time he was allowed to watch them since she could not provide what he needed. Once he heard her light snoring, he went to his bag and pulled out many of the bondage straps he bought from online. Her hands were tied apart, one of the straps stretched across her chest, one under the huge bulging belly, and her legs were wide spread with a plastic PVC pipe tied to her knees. He could lift the pipe to raise her legs to ease his entry and do whatever he wanted – finally. Although she was as good as what most men knew as ‘dead fish’ he was contented to just have sex with her again.

After he was done securing her movements, he typed away on his phone and a knock came through his door. Shaun had suggested the idea of tying her up to Jason, making him excited about his sex life returning, though in a less than ideal way. They went into the master bedroom where she was secured and waiting.

Shaun: ‘Now, we wake her up a little.’

The both of them put on a full face leather mask and Shaun took out a bottle of solution, which the strong pungent smell filled the room once he undid the cap. He placed it near her nose and she stirred in her drowsy state. They also tore her night gown enough to reveal her breasts and cut away her panties so they could enjoy better.

Jason went over to her legs and held the pipe up, raising her pussy in view and Shaun went over to her mouth, ready to put it in once she tried to speak.

Faith: ‘What.. ‘

Shaun’s dick went into her mouth and Jason proceeded to penetrate her pussy. She was as tight as a virgin and Jason was glad, he did not wait for his friend before beginning to pound her weak body, thrusting with his excitement at high speed. Shaun did not wait long too, and started fucking her lifeless mouth, with her eyes slightly opened, trying to understand what was happening. The two dicks rammed in and out of both her holes and groans from the two men had filled the room. The condo unit was in the corner well away from any other units and had a clear view of the landscape of the little red dot.

It couldn’t be anymore arousing for Jason to watch his buddy use his wife like a slut. His dick grew in size and she was draining of life while the two men worked her out. She could not move despite how much she tried. Her mind was in a state of confusion and giddiness from the sleeping pills and orgasms. Never before she felt so full and busy, with the least effort required of her.

Jason did not bother to control his ejaculate and whispered to Shaun that he was cumming, and then blew his load into her pussy, moving his hips and thrusting his seeds deep inside her at the same time. He collapsed from the intense climax and pulled out of her to take a break. Shaun, seeing that the husband was done, removed himself from her mouth and went to her pussy.

Shaun: ‘Use her mouth to clean up, and restart your engine. Her mouth is damn good.’

Needless to say, while she had her mouth filled with the unknown man’s dick, she needed to suck and blow to breath better and it unintentionally turned out to be one of the best blowjob he received. Jason made his way over to her mouth with his shrunken little one and placed it on her lips, and as she opened her mouth in ecstasy from Shaun’s entry into her, her husband’s dick got shoved into her mouth and she sucked on it once again.

Although he second in line to use the cum filled pussy, her tightness remained and he could not help himself but pounded her hard, thrilled by the opportunity to fuck a pregnant MILF. Her pussy only got tighter with every stroke and she slowly began moaning with the larger second dick going in and out of her soft soggy slices of meat. It did not take long for Jason to grew to his original size since he had been starved of sex for a long time, and Faith right in front of him in this state at his disposal. He kept her mouth occupied as Shaun used her pussy to his content, taking a shorter time than him to spit his load inside her and filled her pussy with the second serving of cream.

Tired, he pulled out of her and slumped onto the bed, panting and catching his breath. He thanked Jason for the treat and left his place after dressing up. Jason then went back to her pussy and dug with his finger to see how much she had stored. The pleasure of seeing the doubling filling leak made him high and he stuck his penis back where it belonged, in her.

He then took out his phone again, and texted his Indian neighbour, who was acquainted in the same business as he was doing, to come over. Prakesh made his way to his place and entered the empty house, with moans coming out of the room Jason and his wife was in. He knocked lightly and entered after Jason asked him to.

Shocked at the set up Shane’s beautiful wife was in, he was unsure if he really wanted it.

Jason: ‘Don’t wait anymore. Come.’

He undressed at his own pace and once he got near the bed, he took her hand and placed it on his dick, which was even larger than what she received. Her fingers needed no assistance and she stroked him wearily. Knowing that she was in fact awake and aware, he felt better and climbed onto the bed, kneeling beside her. He tilted her head towards him and she opened her mouth for him, before he thrust into her mouth and rammed it hard enough to get a deep throat. The gagging turned Prakesh on and he just went to use her relentlessly, making sure he did not waste his chance of finally being able to fuck the woman living next to him.

All along, he had been eyeing her, watching her at the kitchen, in her sexy maternity lingerie doing her chores, and taking out the rubbish to the central refuse chute in the translucent wear. He even managed to see her massaging her breasts and changing at the bathroom attached at the kitchen. That was all that he needed to wank in solace. This time, he had her right in front of his eyes.

Jason took a slightly longer time and finally pumped the third load into her, overflowing her cunt and forced some of the earlier cum out. He had his fill and went to sit on his computer chair, while firing up the webcam to video the ’round robin’. Prakesh was next at her pussy and he took some time to get his member into her, and she screamed in a curling voice.

That shocked Jason and he quickly jumped to his feet, plunging his tiny disinterested dick into her mouth again and she sucked like a baby on it. Her tongue swirled around his little head and it made him hard again. Prakesh took no chance and fucked her hard, going fast and furious, as though he had also been sex starved. His dick went so fast that the wet slurping sounds came and the occasional popping sounds could be heard. The vacuum created in her was so strong that he had to put in more effort to continue his thrusting.

Despite the largest dick, Prakesh lasted the shortest and he gave her one deep shove, before panting like an old man while his cum flooded her pussy. It was so much that she worried he might make her pregnant with the baby in her. The warmth in her pussy was the most comfortable thing she felt and coincidentally, it worked better than the sleeping pills for her insomnia. That was what she was missing out.

Prakesh pulled out of her with a pop of rushing air and he fell on Jason’s chair. He watched with satisfaction as his neighbour used her mouth like a blowjob queen, whom Jason did not rest until he got the final load of the tiny bit of cum out and she swallowed obediently.

The two men in the room rested a long while before they undid the constraints and had beers in the living room until day broke. The bedroom door finally opened slowly and the two of them turned their heads to watch the sexy slim Faith with a unborn baby in her belly, stepping out in the torn nightgown which exposed her cleanly shaved pussy and succulent pair of breasts.

Faith: ‘Can we do it again? But don’t tie me up this time. I want to service you two as well.’

The two exhausted men got on their feet and began removing their clothes, for whatever wild sex they would be receiving again.

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