Sticky Panties

Ling had no choice as her boyfriend, Cheng, pulled her into the handicapped toilet at the top most floor of NEX, risking discovery with the digital locks for security purposes. Without a word, he undid his belt and let his pants dropped onto the floor, waiting for her to do the same. Being a shy and decent girl, she had never got used to intimacy in public places and it was not the first time she was brought into such a situation.

Ling: ‘Can we not play here?’
Cheng: ‘I’m not asking you to get naked, just remove your panties.’

He forced himself on her and kissed her against her will, never once turned on by such privacy in public places. She let him pull her panties down and his fingers went onto her clit with her legs closed. The horniness was so delayed with her disinterest but she knew it was him who needed to get his relieve right there and then. She held his dick and stroked it like she always did, and it made him more relaxed from the intrusive advances.

Cheng: ‘Can you just let me have fun for once outside?’
Ling (whispering): ‘Shhh.. but I don’t like to do it outside. I don’t mind going to your place.’
Cheng (whispering): ‘Please?’
Ling (whispering): ‘Can I just help you? I don’t want anything.’

Cheng’s mind was telling him not to let her, since she would be doing it under pressure. But as we all understand, small head do sometimes rule, and so he let her. He walked to the sink and splashed some water to wash his dick, before going back to her and leaning against the wall. By then, she had pulled her panties back under her skirt and he was left with nothing to do, but enjoy.

She knelt on her flip flops and took his dick in her mouth after a sniff. Bringing her head back and forth, she worked her lips tightly around his circumference and tongued the tip of his little head. Sucking robotically, he was contented with what she did and let her tire out her mouth. Talking about delay, it was her untrained mouth that could not get him to cum with a blowjob. He too, was enough of a jerk to not teach her so he could get unlimited time from her lip service.

About five minutes later, Ling was stopping frequently to look at him, trying to get him to say that he had enough. But why would he? She got up anyway and placed some saliva on her palm, resuming the strokes that she did earlier. With the excess lubrication, she could jerk him faster and hear his desperate groans of satisfaction even when she clearly did not enjoy it.

Pumping her fist non-stop, it was a matter of time he would shoot, and it would always be in her hands, so cleaning up was easier. Bored and a little disappointed, she kept moving her tired hand and he just leaned on the wall, making the same noises from the start. Soon, she grabbed his cock tighter and moved even faster, sending him into a frantic just as he was about to cum.

He pulled her hand away and she was glad for once, thinking that he had woken up and not finish it. Again, why would he? Cheng pulled Ling close to his body and kissed, while lifting her dress up and tugging her panties open. He slipped his dick between her pussy and the soft fabric, using her pussy to complete the last lap.

Unable to resist the question, she peeled her lips away from his and pressed his dick upwards against her pussy, closing her thighs at the same time.

Ling (whispering): ‘You cumming soon? Must let me know k?’

He thrust his hips to let his dick enjoy the tight spot for a few seconds, before he reached downwards for his rod, and pulled it out a little. He then held her head to kiss her harder and at the same time, she struggled with the shots of warm cum hitting onto her groin and flowing into her panties. With one hand, he could not keep her still and so, he freed his other hand from his dick and pulled her waist closer to him.

Still pumping milk out from his rod, she could not break herself free at all. In such energetic situation, she should have known. He finally let her go after he was done, and pulled his underwear and pants up with a sly grin. Ling had removed her panties and held it at the tap, but unable to wash it as it might not help at all. Her angry expression did not stir any guilt from Cheng, who was now wondering what would she do.

The small portion of cum at her pussy was wiped away, but her panties was still covered in it. Having no choice, she cleaned as much away with the toilet paper and had no choice – but to wear it back. The sight of her wearing the sticky panties back was arousing to Cheng but luckily he was emptied by then.

After they were done cleaning and dressing, he grabbed her hand forcefully and did some window shopping before sending her home, without a word exchanged. To Cheng, it was the best day of his relationship to put her in that dilemma, and it was the worst day for Ling having to be worried for the next cycle of her period.

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