Bold Move

Mark went to the back of the bus once the long wait for it was over and took out his iPad to complete the level he was stuck at for days on Candy Crush. As it was a long way home, he knew the measly five lives would be used up soon, but there were other games to keep him entertained.

Trying hard not to fall asleep, the sight of a long ponytailed, tall girl in a halfway-zipped jacket and FBT shorts boarded the bus and walked straight in his direction, tumbling a few steps as the bus jerked to a start. She sat directly opposite him and plugged her earphones in and leaned her head on the glass, trying to fall asleep in the packed transport. It was a natural reaction to perk one leg up on the metal grill by the side of her seat and she did just that, exposing something very stimulating to Mark.

In front of his eyes under the street lamps, he saw her smoothly shaved pussy unblocked by the netting that such shorts would have. Her fleshy parts separated slightly with her legs propped up, and it was just a clean, Y shape with her clit showing a little. Mark immediately lost interest in his game and placed his head on the window too, looking sheepishly around and checking out the free show before him.

Slowly, the bus emptied and the girl was still seemingly asleep. He cleared his throat once the last passenger on the last row of his seat left, ready to execute his plan that he had thought of for a long time. He rested his elbows on his knees to get closer to her legs. His hand reached out to tap on her thigh and she wearily opened her eyes, jumping in shock at where his hand was. Very quickly, he stuck his fingers into her shorts and at her hairless pussy, keeping his hand still against her struggle to push him away. His other hand reached for her mouth and covered her screams, that the engines at the back had helped to drown out.

Mark (whispering): ‘I think it needs some attention.’

His knees moved forward to hold her legs apart, and dug his fingers between the delicate folds, aiming for her clit which he had reached. With a smooth transition, he began vibrating his fingertip on her clit and her legs slowly relaxed. She held his hand that was over her mouth and nodded at the same time while peeling his fingers away. His hand hovered above her lips and she placed both of her hands on the palm in her shorts.

She had not spoken a word even with her mouth freed, but just looked outside the window while her chest rose and sank fast. The opened lips of hers had began heaving warm air and Mark felt his fingers getting wet. Expressionless, she pushed his fingers into her pussy and lifting her feet onto the empty seat beside him. Seated between her legs, he thrust his hand into her groin and made her moan softly.

He could not believe his luck and knew she was enjoying it too much to break him away. After a while, he used one hand to pull his shorts and brief open, to let his dick peek out of the gap. He took her hand and placed it at the tip where it was showing, and she knew what to do. Giving it little strokes with her index and thumb, since there was not enough length for her to do anything more.

Once he felt her pussy tightened, he knew she was about to climax and pumped his hand even faster, making her grab his wrist to slow him down in vain. His fingers was tightly clamped in her pussy and she pulled his hand away, careful not to let the juicy fingers touch anything. He inserted the wet fingers into his mouth and licked it all up, earning a grin from the girl who was looking. She gave a glance to the front of the bus and pulled his shorts down by the sides, ready to return the favour in whatever time she was left with.

Being a gentleman, he lifted his butt of the seat and let her brought it low enough to let his dick breath. She opened his legs and squatted awkwardly in the small space. A swipe of her ponytail to the side made things easier as her mouth went over his dick, sucking on it while letting the rest of the shaft disappear into her.

Mark was not used to enjoying just alone, so he bent forward to unzip more of her jacket, slipping his hand into the opening and wriggling his way into her bra. The tube bra surprised him as he thought it was a spaghetti top or sometime more decent. She might have been wanting such an incident to happen with such attire. His hand went to work to squeeze her firm boobs and giving light pinches. The killer move to get her horny was the light pressure he applied while rolling her nipples in his fingers, sending her into a fast pace blowjob.

The two of them worked hard to keep each other horny, but it was Mark whom actually had an ending, her was done earlier to that. She pushed his body back on the seat after a distracting minute of nipple play, planning to end it nicely for him. Mark’s head laid on the cushion comfortably as she worked her head up and down, sucking silently and letting her saliva drool all over his dick.

Mark (whispering): ‘Keep going.. I can feel it coming.’

She increased her speed and let her tongue glide along the bottom of his rod, sending his thighs into short tremors. She felt his hands on her head and went deeper down, gagging for the last few strokes that he had taken control of.

Soon enough, he let go of her head and she pulled her mouth upwards until her lips was around the head. Circling her tongue around it, his hips jerked upwards and let the eruption flow out calmly, which she had held her lips tightly to contain it. She kept her mouth until he was done, giving a tap on her shoulders for the signal.

Picking her head up, she looked around the floor and let the mouthful of cum out in a corner, swirling her tongue to get everything out. Once done, she took his phone on the bag in the tiny corner beside Mark and tapped on the emergency call button of the lock screen. A series of numbers was punched in and she took her wallet on the empty seat, making her way to the door for the next stop.

He made a mental note and keyed her number into his phone, labelling her as ‘Bus Girl’ for easy remembrance. With his arms tired, dick wet, balls emptied, he tucked his phone into the bag and alighted at the interchange, having missed his stop a long way back.

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