Missing Clothes

For a few times, I had found my FBTs I wore at home to go missing after I left it in the washing machine. In the same house, I had two female tenants from China, in their teens who were studying in a local school. We would usually leave our clothes to wash and once done, the next user would take it out and leave it in their basket so there would be less waiting.

Finally, I decided that the three pairs had fell out of the windows when drying, and did not bother too much about it. It wasn’t until one evening, I was in the living room using my laptop, when I noticed Hui taking her laundry into the kitchen, to wash her clothes. Through the basket, I saw my pair of shorts and went up to her to take it back.

Me: ‘Hui, I think I saw my shorts in your basket.’

She denied it bluntly and I let her place it on the dining table before I picked it out. As it was grey in colour, the wet stains on it was prominent and even felt sticky when I accidentally touched it.

Me: ‘What have you been doing to it? Don’t lie to me. Why is it so wet then?’
Hui: ‘I.. have been using it?’
Me: ‘For what?!’
Hui (speaking softly): ‘masturbating.. I’m sorry!’

She sat on the chair and her face turned red like a tomato, too embarrassed to go into details. The thought of her using my shorts to get herself off was arousing and my dick was betraying me with a tent. I took her hands and placed it on my waist, before tugging my boxers down until my dick was in front of her. I held her hands firmly not to let her go and she looked shyly at me, unsure if that was what I really wanted.

Me: ‘I’ve been fantasising about you too.’
Hui: ‘When?’
Me: ‘The moment you girls moved in.’

She was the sweeter looking one, with an innocent face that was fair and smooth. But the moment she took my dick into her mouth, my impression of her improved tremendously as she slurped hungrily. Her head went back and forth while letting her tongue slid along my shaft, forcing me to hold back to just fuck her mouth. After some time, she moved the chair back and asked me to sit on the table, so she could continue sucking.

I did as she asked and sat on it, enjoying her blowjob that proved her to be a hardworking girl. She went on for as long as I wanted and only stopped when her jaws got tired.

Hui: ‘Can we skip the rent this month?’
Me: ‘The rent is for me to pay the bills, and my weekly groceries shopping for you girls.’
Hui: ‘Then we just pay you enough for the bills and food?’
Me: ‘I’ll see how.’

She got up and helped me off the table, still keeping my body against the edge while she did the next part. We shifted to the length of the table to use the wall as a stopper to keep the table from moving. Her shorts was pulled down to her ankles and she opened her legs just enough for her hand to go through, holding my dick to guide me in.

I let her control whatever we did and she slowly leaned back on my dick once it was pointed into her pussy. For the whole time, she was the one moving and I stood relaxed in front of the table, so she could push herself against me. Imagine a standing doggie, with the girl’s body bent in front of you, and pushing her hands against your abs to move herself. That was the scene.

But in that position, her speed was greatly limited, so I moved her forward to the kitchen counter and closed her legs together.

Hui: ‘Go slowly k?’

It was a rhetorical question as there was no way both of us would enjoy the slow speed. I held her shoulders down on me and pumped my hips at her, sinking my rod as far as it could reach. A yelp came out of her mouth and I reached for my shorts which was still lying on the table, and brought it to her face. She grabbed it and breathed into it, taking in my scent mixed with her juices.

Right then, her friend, Wen, returned home but I did not stop, since she had a copy of the keys as well. Once she saw what we were doing, she came to the kitchen and pulled off my black pair of FBTs from under her dress. She went to lean on the kitchen counter as well, and sniffed what she was wearing for the whole day. With my hands free, I fingered her pussy as I fucked Hui, until Hui climaxed into oblivion and her pussy was too tight to move.

I changed my dick to Wen and pounded her mercilessly, making all the juicy squishing sounds echo around the house. She had a much voluptuous body and the cushioning of her butt was making things wilder. Her pussy was as tight as Hui’s orgasmed one and it was truly mind-wrenching to do her in this position. My hand kept rubbing on Hui while my dick was pleasuring Wen. She then moved her body behind Hui and wrapped her arms around to massage her boobs.

Well, I was more inclined to making love to Hui, so I did not let her tease for too long. I pulled out of Wen and plugged my rod back into Hui, which made her moan ecstatically once I started my ramming. Wen was a little jealous but she did not stop. She went behind me and stroked the base of my dick while I was moving it in and out of her friend.

Wen: ‘Cumming soon?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Hui, I am shooting soon!’

Wen immediately went to the cupboards below the counter and squatted with her legs opened. Her fingers dipped into her pussy and fingered herself while I was counting down to my own climax. As soon as the charging up was done, I yanked my dick out of Hui and fed my meat to Wen, who began to suck on it and let me mouth fuck her until the sprouts of warm man juice was unleashed into her mouth.

I continued pumping my dick into her while Hui sat behind my legs and played with my balls. Her sucking had prolonged the during of my cum and even earned herself a few more squirts of my already-emptied-balls. I ended the oral sex and helped them both back on their feet, making our way in a three-legged race stance to the living room.

There, Hui cleaned my dick with her mouth and Wen was in charge of a slow massage on my manhood.

Wen: ‘Who is better? Hui or I?’
Me: ‘If only you two can be one.’
Wen: ‘Why not?’

She went down on my dick and shared the lollipop with Hui, who was fighting to have my dick for herself. They still paid for the rent, but majority of it went to the shopping for sex toys where they tagged along, choosing things like lingerie and restraints according to their own fetishes. From then on, the nights would begin with Wen in my room, and HuiWen getting a visit from me after I was done with her friend, so I could enjoy a longer night.

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