Not Alone.

Karaoke was blasting at Tim’s house and he could not stand the noise any longer. It was a beautiful Sunday with an overcast sky perfect for sleeping but it was not just his good day, his sister had invited friends over as early as 10am and they started screaming their lungs out while on the large LCD TV connected to so many gaming consoles. Taking his laptop in his hand, he slipped a singlet and pulled his black army shorts over.

Once in the lift, everything was so much quieter and he made his way to the childcare centre below his flat. He called up a database on his excel sheet and searched for the pin code that his company record. Working in a digital lock company had its perks too, he had virtually the access codes to all the locks they ever installed, including the one right below his house.


The magnetic lock detached itself and he entered the centre. It was empty and only the air conditioning of the admin office had been running. But it was normal for such places to miss out shutting down every electricity consuming equipments. He found a nice spot to sit and lay down in the play area. There was much sleep to catch up on and his peaceful day resumed. The place was cool, and blinds had been lowered to prevent any curious eyes and also to keep whatever valuables out of sight. The darkness was perfect.

Suddenly, the office door which had cold air pumping out underneath swung open and he jolted on his feet. It was a fucking huge deal to use his privilege to trespass private property. His eyes fixated at the lady whose long hair had covered most of her face. She was just slightly shorter than him, and was wearing a tight singlet and a pair of denim shorts too. She must be someone working here and had came back to work.

Lady: ‘Who are you?’

Tim: ‘I’m.. just here to check on the doors that used digital locks. There was an update.’

His stammer did not help curb the suspicion she had. There was no notification such works were carried out, and even if there was, no one would be allowed to work without supervision.

Lady: ‘Are you sure?’

Tim: ‘No. I am sorry for trespassing. I just needed a quiet place and your childcare centre uses our locks. So I just came in and used the place.’

Lady: ‘Bad choice.’

She was standing a distance from her, but the ambient was tensed. He was neck-deep in trouble. She went back to her room and returned with her cellphone, ready to make a call that could end his life.

Tim: ‘Please please. I am sorry. I am not here to steal anything. I am begging you.’

He sat on the floor and hugged his knees knowing she would not let him go and even if he did run, the whole situation would turn out worse for him. His company would be affected and possibly landing him in jail. She walked over and pulled a short stool, sitting in front of him.

Lady: ‘I’m Melissa. I’m a junior staff. And I guess I can understand why you are here. I’m here for the same reason you are here too.’

Just that she had the authority to be here and he did not.

Tim: ‘So you won’t report me?’

Melissa: ‘If you do what I say.’

Money, explanation, to get out of that place, that was probably what she could ask him for. Since their positions in this situation was clear, she could extort something to keep this low.

Melissa: ‘I’ve been here since 4am and was sleeping until you came in, at 10am.’

Tim: ‘Yeah.. ‘

Melissa: ‘Apart from breakfast, I am feeling a bit frisky as well.’

Frisky? That could mean so many thing. ‘Stand up and don’t move’, she spoke in a stern voice and Tim followed. Perhaps she wanted to cane him to punish for his crime? She walked closer and pulled his singlet off, she lowered his pants too along with his underwear. Shit. She is going to really blackmail me. TIm could not resist in any way, she was in control.

But instead of a camera, she reached for his uninterested dick and held it in her palm. He could not fight his urge with that grip and intend, and felt himself getting turned on. Once slightly lengthened, she stroke it until it was red and throbbing with either life, or fear. ‘Masturbate’, spoken in an emotionless tone.

He took over her hand and masturbated. A video or photos would not make any difference now. His mind could not stayed focused and it slowly grew soft and began shrinking. There was no way to know what was coming.

Melissa: ‘Look. Just satisfy me and give me breakfast and you are free to go. Get it?’

Tim: ‘No report or request of any kind?’

Melissa: ‘I just made my request. Do I have to say it again?’

He shook his head and increased his pace, until it was huge again. It was just so difficult to do that without any stimuli. She pulled her top off and then followed by her shorts. The way she wriggled out of her clothes was cute, but he had a job to do. As she stripped, his dick required no more help to stand on its own.

Melissa: ‘Help me remove my bra?’

She turned around for him and he unhooked it with no problem. Her panties was gone as well and her pussy looked shaved from his view. He did not move from his place while looking at her pull a play mat that was made out of foam and she placed a few of it to form a more comfortable ‘bed’. She finally tumbled onto it and laid still with her arms over her eyes.

Melissa: ‘Now, do what you need to do.’

Tim went over and knew he was damn lucky to be able to get out of his mess this way, he could even enjoy the process. He focused on the various course of actions with his IT brain and proceeded to sit beside her body. His mouth went for her nipples and one of his hands went to the other. He began sucking her breasts and toyed with her other nipple at the same time. Melissa started moaning softly and her body moved with his fondling. He then went over to the other side and worked on her nipple with his mouth, while letting his hand slide to her stomach.

Her hand went to his and pushed downwards to her pussy. He reached for one of her knees and pulled it apart to have a better reach. It wasn’t that hard to turn this girl on. As his finger continued south, her clit was the first stop of his journey and she was already wet. Usually it would be the vagina that would get wet first, then the other external parts would catch some of the wetness from touching, but her clit was wet too. It just showed Tim how much she wanted it.

His fingertip went in circles at her clit and it made her moan even louder. The cold air from the office had covered the ground by then and it was fairly cool for them. His fingers slid down lower and it reached her slit. Taking a pit stop, he felt around her opening and explored her slippery flaps altogether.

Melissa: ‘Keep doing what you’re doing now. It feels good. It has been some time since I’ve explored myself all over again.’

He swiped back and forth the various folds and he realised she got even wetter. He then pushed his finger into her pussy and the opening was quite closed, sealing his entry without a leak. Melissa continued her moaning slower and inhaled a deep breath as he gave her a surprise jerk. From his angle, he could only reach that depth, so he hooked his finger and scraped against her walls as he began fingering her.

Melissa: ‘Put two in.’

He exited to her opening but did not fully pull out, he rubbed his index finger with some of the natural lubricant and went in together with his middle finger, slowly coating and penetrating at the same time. Two of his fingers were finally in her and he pushed as far as he could and scraped against her vaginal walls again, thrusting to a slightly faster speed each time. It did not take long for her to finally subdued to his vigorous movements and her body arched up and down.

Melissa: ‘Fuck! You found my G-spot before me!’

He smiled and glanced at her face, eyes still covered with one arm. He stopped sucking and went to sit between her legs, now being able to finger fuck her better. He had barely resumed his digging when the hand over her face suddenly reached his wrist and held it still. Her pussy contracted until he felt a vacuum and her abalone got even juicer.

Melissa: ‘I did not remove your shorts for fun. I’d like you to use him now.’

He understood her words and cleaned his fingers of juice on his shaft. He sat with his legs bent to the sides and he held his penis in position as the ship began docking. He entered her gently and did not even stop, until he was engulfed in her warmth. Her legs raised in midair and he began fucking her.

As her legs dangled freely, Tim was finding himself out of control as she felt so good. His pace increased and Melissa’s hand had grabbed onto the leg of the nearby table, shaking the toys on it to the floor. Perhaps she realised the windows were not soundproof, but her voice had quietened and only her shallow, quick breathing was heard. Her moans was not escaping her closed mouth.

She finally placed her feet on the floor and sobered while Tim was still at it. He noticed her change in expression as well and slowed down.

Melissa: ‘I like this better.’

She flipped around on her fours and reached for her butt, spreading them apart so he could see her pussy better. It was evenly coated with her clear juices and it was pure to a point it looked like commercial lubricant. That was how clean she was. Tim did not waste a minute and held her hips as he shoved his dick into her. Well, that was the first and last moment of rest she got.

The overwhelming sensation and overwritten his train of actions and he basically just grabbed and rammed her butt fiercely. The full length of his dick pierced into her time after time and she could only groan and fumble her hands around for something to hold on to. Jerking her body back and forth, his engine was in full speed and there was no stopping until the end. Melissa held her body up as her face would be in danger if she continued to seek for something to grab.

His hands went around to the front and pinched her nipples hard, rolling them around with his fingertips as he continued pounding the life out of her. No matter how hard she squeezed or pushed backwards to deepen his movement, he was not cumming at all. She was losing her mind and she knew it. The man who was supposed to be the losing end was gaining on her.

Her pussy tightened for the third time since they started fucking and whatever vision she had was slowly fading. The glimpse of consciousness she had was gone. Tim continued shoving his dick deep and hard into her, dripping droplets of perspiration onto her back. He knew he was at his limit soon. Melissa bit her lips as his rhythm maintained swift and quick, reaching ever deep into her pussy and filling her up with energy, and then drawing out so fast that her pussy did not have time to react, resulting in a vacuum that pulled him right back in.

Tim: ‘I’m cumming!’

He pulled out of her in the shortest time and she fell on her back. He knelt over her chest and held her head up, while stroking his dick. The momentum kept him in the firing position and he put his little head into her mouth while the huge load of breakfast was served. Shot after shot, it seemed never ending. As his ejaculation slowly died down, he gave his shaft a final squeeze like an empty tube of toothpaste and the last drop finally fell onto her lips.

The scent of his sperms was strong and Melissa could even smell the slight ‘raw egg’ flavour of it. Whatever he just gave her was simply too much to swallow, much more than what she expected. She opened her mouth to breath as the cum swirled around her tongue. Luckily, the taste was so varied that she could not decode what it tasted like.

Tim remained on top of her as he noticed her difficulty in swallowing it. He pinched her nose shut and air was quickly depleted. She had to swallow or suffocate. Closing her mouth, she gulped loudly and it disappeared when she breathed through her mouth. Tim quickly got off her and grabbed his phone from his shorts, and sat back on her, and fired the camera app.

His non-master hand moved backwards to her pussy and rubbed on her clit furiously, losing her mind as the sensitivity had not died down and it was too much for her body to take. The video recording started as she trashed her body around to stop him. Her hands were too weak to even reach him, let alone push him away. He made sure the clip was recorded as steady as possible and he slowly brought himself to his feet, while aiming the camera at her limp body.

After he had a few more rounds of fun giving her orgasms in all manner, she was finally adequately humiliated on video. He wore his clothes back and took her bra and panties, stuffing it under his shirt before walking away with his laptop, while still recording, like a movie with a fade-out effect.

Breakfast; checked.
Frisky feeling; checked.
Video of the slut who thought she was in control, checked.

Now, who has the upper hand? Of course, Melissa could not ever sleep in peace again, knowing someone out there would be masturbating to her video.

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