Seducing Him.

This entry is written from a female (my baby’s) perspective.

Whenever I get into bed with him, my hands would not be able to keep still. The freedom of having a room to ourselves could not be more erotic than anything. After he removed his shorts and climbed into bed beside me, I would then jump onto him, pinning his hands above the pillow and kissing him. He loved to tease me by hiding his tongue and not let me enter, his lips would then open slowly, poking his soft tongue out at mine. But he did not resist for long either, we always had these long make out sessions on bed, and his hands would be all over me too.

From my back, down into my shorts and panties, warming my butt. Then, he would move under my shirt and unhook my bra if I had not removed them. He had learnt well how to do it for me, and helped to remove it without taking my top off. Although he did have some sexy lingerie for me, he had understood me well enough that I do not wear those. I can’t anyway, my mum would kill me.

From there, he would then pull off my shirt and just before the collar went above my neck, he would sit up and suck on my boobs. A secret I recently discovered with him made things even crazier. He would usually be sucking and nibbling on my nipples, while taking a mouthful whenever it got too sore for me. But lately, things moved a level above. I would ask him to give me love bites, and his shy nature helped me to keep it out of sight. I do have school on weekdays.

His mouth would opened wide and his hands squeeze my boobs horizontally into a ‘burger’, which he then took a bite and held it in his mouth. Oh my god. The sensation was totally different from the usual nipple play. The pain was bombarding my mind and his tongue continued flicking my tips whenever he could. His teeth would hold my boobs in place, and the increasing pressure just keep making me wetter. The pain was filled with pleasure! If only there’s a word for it.

He did the same for both sides while I threw my clothes onto his brother’s bed next to his, and I leaned my body forward so he could rest his neck. By the time the marking was done, my panties was soaked and I wanted more. I then slid down his body and pulled his shorts off for him. It would usually get stuck somewhere and he had to remove it himself. Once his dick was out, I would then do a taste test which resulted in him having to give it a wash.

I just couldn’t do it if his dick didn’t smell neutral. He could not hold his eagerness when he came back onto the bed, lying flat on his back while I slept beside his legs. A few kisses later, my head was on his stomach and my mouth would then start work. Like always, I would start with sucking hard on his pee hole until he was struggling. I loved that especially cause that was how horny he made me when he played with my boobs.

My lips would stop at the ridge below his little head and moved my tongue in circles around it, until he was screaming for help again. Moving on, the torture went back to the tip and I would flick my tongue at it, stopping only when his body trembled. Lastly, I was not that bad to be abusing this sexy dick of his. It was mine to have later. The satisfying part was when my mouth went down on him all the way to the base, and holding it there while he breathed deeply in and out. My head then moved up and down along his stomach to let him use my mouth to his heart’s content.

My job was made easier when he held up my forehead, thrusting his hips at me. I just needed to maintain the suction and he would still groan as wildly as when I did it for him. The tiring oral sex lasted for a while after he could no longer take it anymore.

Here, it was also my favourite part of it all. Before I moved my head away, he would spray some long-lasting serum at the top of his dick before the condom was placed and I had to roll it down for him. Once he was done, we would continue making out until the serum had reduced the sensitivity.

Although I had known what was about to happen, the thrilling part was not knowing how crazy he was. He would then hold my hands together, and opened his knees apart, pushing my knees upwards in an epic battle. I struggled with all my might but he had more stamina. M hands would slip but he did not let them free for long.

A part of me wanted to fight, another part wanted me to let him ‘win’. His dick would then park itself at my tip once he overpowered or tired me out. On good days, he would be gentle and let himself in slowly. However, on better days, he would shove his dick into me and caused some pain which I always felt. Requests to get him to slow down did not work as he took over my body and pumped furiously.

Whatever the serum had advertised, it worked. He went at speed my body could not handle and the build up to orgasms was even quicker. Before I could react, my body went limp and mind blanked. He groaned louder as my pussy tightened, making it too enclosed for speed. But the desensitising properties negated the squeeze, and he could keep going.

The more he went on for, the more frequent was my climax. There was only one speed he moved at, and that was – fast. After a while, he held my feet together like a baby and fucked me hard. It was so erotic to see him enjoying so much, groaning at how my pussy was making him feel.

Him: ‘Turn over.’

I always say no whenever he took it fierce. His hands would flip me from the side and kicks and pushing was part of it. He dragged my hips backwards while blocking my feet with his knees, ensuring that this lever effect worked and it did most of the time. My body would sit on my calves and he then tried to bend my body by holding my stomach and pushing on my back.

Once on fours, the attempt to penetrate me was harder without a hand to guide his dick. Well, I did give up a while at this part, but once he was in, there was no more fight in me. He pulled me by my hips backwards at him, at the same time, thrusting his dick deep into my body. My pussy was feeling all of his veins and ridges under the rubber. I had to admit he really fitted me well. I’ve seen larger dicks in porn, but it was irrelevant.

In that position, I let him pound his life into my pussy and accepted him for how it was. Droplets of perspiration landed on my back and I knew he was doing his best. I could not cum in this position but I wasn’t concerned by it. It was him whom I wanted to make happy. Whenever he used the serum, he could go on for twenty plus minutes at once, at the same speed. My body was still feeling all of the pleasure, and my moans would be directed into his pillow. My arms would thrash around, but he never got tired of me.

Once he said he was cumming, I squeezed my pussy tightly, and he would give me the largest load he could, pumping like a meat pipe into the condom, which I could totally feel. It was easy to sense the rubber expanding in my body. The journey out of me was not an easy one, for I was still clamping my vagina on his dick.

He then tugged the rubber off and collapse on the bed, in front of me, so he could give me the kisses we skipped during sex. Rarely, I would lick him clean, and it was the most special thing I want to reserve for him after marriage. I have my tricks up my sleeves where kinky things are concerned. And I would love to live his threesome fetish out, just for him.

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