Sweet Smelling

As soon as Qing’s sister went into her room, he went to the bathroom and picked up her pair of FBTs that was hanging on the hook. To his surprise, a pair of white panties was in it and was still warm with a patch of slight moisture at where her pussy was. He lowered the seat cover and sat on it, whipping out his dick from the boxers he wore. Wrapping the panties over his cock, he rolled the soft material of it around his little head until it was as big as he could get.

He opened the video app on his phone and clicked on a video he was watching while she was in the showers, continuing from where a male was seen on his bed with a girl. The thoughts in his mind was filled with his sister’s body whom he saw once when she left the bathroom door unlocked, and he entered unintentionally, shocking her to a chain of screams and awkwardness.

Fuck.. if only something happened then..

Qing forced his way into the showers and covered his sister’s mouth, leaving only her widened eyes to express her unwillingness. He then pulled her hands at her pussy away and pushed his fingers between her legs, attacking her clit and rubbing fast on it. She could not resist the influx of pleasure and opened wider so he would not hurt her.

He hugged her close while masturbating her, and let her sit in the tub, where he remained kneeling so his fingers could enter. Slowly, the fingers at her clit went lower with each stroke and before she knew it, he was fingering her without restraints. The first wave of orgasm hit her hard as the two fingers poked its way in, thrusting hard and deep into her. Her body shook violently with her pussy clenching tightly on his fingers and she had to hold his hand to keep him from moving.

There was no turning back when he decided to pounce on her, and she was agreeing to it physically as well. She pushed him backwards after she came and got on her knees, bending her body forward and cupping her mouth over his dick. Without hesitation, she began working her mouth to suck on his rod, fiddling his balls at the same time. Her tongue had been circling the tip of his dick whenever she needed a rest, and the rest of the time, her head was bobbing up and down in his groin.

Every passing minute had pushed their limits further, and it was time for more. He got up and turned her around to face the taps, where the hot and cold water knobs were. She rested on her bent elbows and let him perked her hips up, spreading her knees just wide enough for his hips to be at the same level. Taking some soap, he lathered her ass and pushed his fingers in for a few strokes which sent her moaning uncontrollably.

A coat of the foam on his dick was all he needed, and Qing went on to plug his dick into her. The first thrust did shocked her, but the helplessness was creating a brand new experience for her. There was no stopping at whatever they were doing, none could leave their hormones disappointed. He grabbed at her waist and pumped at her butt, making squishing sounds whenever his dick slurped in and out of her.

The whole deed lasted about five minutes, with both bodies romping like bunnies in the tub. The heat in the bathroom was fogging up the mirrors but they were just barely satisfied. After a while, he got tired and adjusted his legs to go between her opened knees. She took the cue and sat herself on his dick, in a reversed cowgirl position.

She got on her feet and remained in a squatting position, and started to hop like a rabbit, pushing her pussy over his dick continuously. Qing was surprised at this new position but liked the fact that he was truly relaxed, and even felt like a king. Her feet closed together translated into a tightly overwhelming sensation his dick enjoyed and she was bouncing very energetically as well.

Qing: ‘Mei! I’m going to shoot! Get up now.’

She turned her head to him and he was rewarded with the most slutty looking expression from her. Her face was flushed and the wet hair stuck to her forehead. She did not slow down or react to his statement, but just kept moving her body up and down.

Qing: ‘Mei! I am serious! Get off me now.’

She let her body fell back on his dick and the sudden depth cause her to shudder like she was peeing. Her butt kept itself on his hips and grinded to and fro, getting her brother into a frenzy. Before he could push her away, the large amount of cum just shot out of his rod like a rocket and pumped relentlessly into her. Gravity only helped to let the excess leak out of her pussy over his dick, but she was still moving.

She finally leaned forward on her hands and stayed in the doggie position while pushing the cum out of her pussy. By then, his load had fired into her sweet smelling panties and was sticky from the smearing of it along his dick.

*knock knock*

Sister: ‘Kor, I need to use the bathroom.’

Damn, he quickly washed himself and replaced her shorts and panties onto the hook, leaving the bathroom to wait at the kitchen. He wanted to make sure she did not wear those shorts back, it would endanger him to the max. True enough, she exited in the pair of shorts and did not realised it was wet – or did she?

She made her way back to her room and thinking she had closed the door, it was ajar for Qing to peek. She had laid on her bed and was rubbing herself in the pair of panties, without the shorts to obstruct his view. So, it seemed that she was masturbating at the same time he was jerking himself off in the toilet, but this time, it was more arousing to have his cum all over her pussy while she pleasured herself.

He made a daring move to shut her door for her and whatever happened in her room was up to his imagination.

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