Baby: ‘Are you sure? I don’t like to be blindfolded.’

Me: ‘Trust me k? I’ll stop if you can’t take it.’

Baby: ‘Okay.’

On the bed, baby had positioned her butt to the wall where I stuck a dildo to it, she was on her fours with her knees and hands tied together, unable to spread her legs or arms any wider than what the straps allowed. I sat beside her and rubbed some lubricant over the tip of the dildo, before point it into her pussy.

Me: ‘Move backwards more.’

The dildo was being fucked slowly as she moved her body forth and back, while letting the toy penetrate into her. As soon as her butt was touching the cold rubber testicles of the fake dick, I swung the cane onto her butt and she moaned into the gag ball over her mouth.

Me: ‘Keep moving.’

Baby did not have a choice and proceeded to fuck herself with the dildo behind, rocking her body along the length of it, letting it slurp sexily into her pussy. I got off the bed and went to her mouth, standing with my knees bent so she could suck me. I yanked the gag down to her neck and guided my dick to her lips, where she opened and took my size and sucked hungrily on it. I had moved my hips closer to a point she could not release her mouth as her butt was forced to back onto the dildo to prevent me from going too deep.

That was the whole idea. I began thrusting my hips to sink my dick shallowly into her mouth while her pussy was brought into the movement of my dick, pumping the toy deep into her while she blew me. A few more whips of the cane on her butt made her more desperate and she pulled me to the bed, resting one knee on it so she could suck me sideways.

Her head diligently moved up and down to pleasure my rod at the same time as the toy moving in and out of her body. The control I had was satisfying and she was in no position to free herself. The blindfold was working well to block her vision while I enjoyed her mouth. After some time, I decided to let her rest and went away to place the dildo on the bed, where she continued to ride it under my command.

Baby: ‘Dear, can I stop now? I want you inside me. I don’t like the toy.’

Me: ‘Okay. Turn your butt to me, careful of your head k?’

She turned herself around to stick her butt out of the bed and I took the time to silently open the door to let my buddy, Jasson into the room. He quickly undid his pants and stood behind her, while I did the talking to make sure baby did not notice.

Me: ‘Baby, I am putting it in k?’

Baby: ‘Okay.’

I gave Jasson a side nod and he rested his hands on her back, while letting his dick pierce into her pussy. I kept my fingers on my lips to remind him not to make a sound so I could groan for her. The rubber covered dick entered and he took over the pace, ramming his dick into her tight hole which I had longed to pleasure. I let him did what he wanted, to fuck my girl so wildly that she was moaning like never before, accidentally screaming vulgarities unlike our normal session.

His dick was much thicker and I could only imagine how much fun I could have if I was as big. For the first time, baby climaxed so intensely that a shiver shot through her body, trembling all the way as Jasson kept pumping.

Me: ‘Baby, did you climax?’

Baby: ‘Yeah! It feels so good. Keep going! Don’t stop!’

I winked at my friend and he smiled to me. His speed picked up and was ramming with full force into baby, splitting her pussy to a new width and reaching new depth. Taking the opportunity, I landed a few more strokes of the cane on her back and it got her crazier, demanding for more as the dick pounded her pussy.

I listened to her request and caned her like the bad girl she had become and Jasson was signalling for me to slow down. The marks on her back was increasing in numbers and I guess it did hurt him to see my girl getting whipped. He gave me an O with his mouth as she clamped her pussy onto him, sending him into ejaculation into the rubber. His skills enabled him to keep going and pulled out just as the last wave was released.

Quickly, I tore open a condom and capped myself, before taking over his position and diving my dick back into her. Pumping furiously, the session between him and her had turned me on and it was more of vengeance I was carrying out. I fucked baby’s pussy at my fastest and she just grabbed onto the pillow to cover her moans. Jasson picked up the cane from the bed and hit her on her butt, where she turned berserk and fell to her side.

Jasson quickly moved out of sight and I helped baby back on her knees, before he continued to give her a few more strokes. With the tight pussy she had, I could not last as long and creamed into the condom, filling it for as long as I kept moving.

He picked his bag and left the room once I slowed down, and it was just baby and I in the room. Baby once again fell to the side and I continued pumping for a while more until I was completely dry.

Baby: ‘You’re so big!’

Me: ‘Baby.. You finally had an orgasm from sex.’

Baby: ‘Yeah! See? I told you it is possible.’

I lay beside her to tell her that it was someone else who had given her the orgasm and she hugged me tightly without saying a word.

Baby: ‘Huh. Then can we invite him again next time? We can do it like today, with the blindfold.’

Her openness surprised me and I was definitely touched by what she was willing to do for me.

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