Alcoholic Sex

Me: ‘Miss, are you alright?’

The girl looked drunk as she stumbled onto the table and missed the seat that was in front of it. The scent of alcohol was strong at her mouth and her face was flushed. There was no mistake in the situation she was in and the lack of response from her made it harder to bring her home. I lifted her onto the stone seat and she laid her head on her arms. I went ahead to pick her purse from the floor and returned it to her lap.

Me: ‘Do you live around here?’
Girl: ‘No.. ‘

Her layered black dress rose to her hips and there was no way I could fix it for her. It was quite an unglamorous sight being so wasted and yet looking pretty. I had tried to get more details out of her but there was nothing more I could do.

Girl: ‘Cigarette.. ‘

I flipped her purse upon hearing that and lit the stick before placing it on her lips. She just turned her head to the side and I had to hold it for her while she inhaled deep breaths from it. Her expression changed to a more sober one and she told me that her friend just dropped her off around the area after she decided to head for his place.

Her reaction from the cigarette was vastly different as she picked her head up and placed it on my stomach. I hugged her while standing and could only think of bringing her to a place where someone could take care of her.

Me: ‘Do you have any friends around here?’
Girl: ‘Can you bring me to somewhere darker? The light is hurting my eyes.’

The nicotine had worsen the alcohol effect and I held her as we walked to a metal bench just outside the void deck. I took a seat beside her and she remained motionless for a moment. After which, she reached for my hand and placed it on her lap, between her thighs.

Girl: ‘Will you help me out?’
Me: ‘No way. You’re drunk and it’s getting late. You need to go home now.’
Girl (whispering): ‘Please?’

Abruptly, she opened her legs and pushed my hand under her skirt. My fingers came in contact with her wet pussy and she just helped herself by guiding my finger into her pussy. Seeing that there was no one around and the area was dark enough, I let her use my fingers and took over the second it was inside of her.

Her feet rose to the edge of the bench and the position looked more awkward. Anyone would be able to tell I was fooling around with her knees so high up. The hems of her skirt had gone to her butt and if someone was to pass by, her ass would be exposed. But the openness of the area did not bother one bit.

I then thrust my hand at her pussy, dipping my fingers into her and was rewarded with soft breathing sounds, hot air coming out of her mouth. She was holding onto the cigarette and tried in vain to offer me a puff, I was no smoker. The next thing I felt was my pants getting pulled opened, and the long fingers going into my underwear. Her hand had found its way and was starting my engine by the oblivious handjob she was giving.

We stayed in that position for some time, with my arm across her boobs and fingers slipping in and out of her, while her hand was in my shorts jerking my blood-filled rod. There was something else in the stick she was sucking on and it did not took long for her to react to it.

My dick was tugged out into the open air and she gestured to me to move to the far side of the bench. Once I shifted myself, her body fell onto my leg and her mouth just took my dick in. Her lips had worked its way up and down, while saliva was flowing uncontrollably all over the rod. Being further from her body, I could not finger her any longer and just leaned back to enjoy the random blowjob.

She sucked on it tirelessly and the bit of eagerness was quite surprising. Good times did not last and she decided she was done as the last few strokes of deep throat was finished.

Girl: ‘Come.’

As though a different person, she got up and pulled my hand to the fence in front of the seat, moving a distance from the street lamps to a corner darker. She stood in front of the fence and bent forward, lifting her skirt up to reveal her bottom. I could not see much but the check I did with my fingers alerted me to how wet she was. Juices was trailing down her opened legs and was even dripping between her feet.

I took my dick in my hand and angled it lower for her, she reached between her legs and wriggled her fingers, signalling for me to let her take over. I placed my dick in her hand and she just pointed it a few degrees upwards, before her grip loosened. I held her waist lightly and moved my hips forward.

The sensation of a wet and warm hole overcame me, but she wasn’t tight for someone her size. The penetration happened in a quick few seconds and I could totally feel her folds on my balls. Somehow, her pussy was situated further out between her legs, but it still felt good. I began pumping my dick into her and she had brought one of her arm in front of her face to silence her wildness. She could stand upright and have her butt sticking out for me to fuck, so I had my hands to work on her boobs as well.

The braless pair of breasts was firm without the need for support and the softness was very pleasing to touch. There was no words to describe how addictive her boobs were.

Girl: ‘Don’t squeeze too hard.’
Me: ‘Painful?’
Girl: ‘Yeah.’

I decided to test it out and gave her nipples a hard pinch, sending her arms backwards to my hips and pulling me closer inside. I realised that it was not pain she feared, but the lost of control was what she did not want me to trigger. After a few minutes of doggie, she pushed me away and turned to face me. A leg went around my waist and her arms wrapped across my neck. She did a hop and I was holding onto her butt while she hung onto me.

A small move of relaxing her arms made her pussy slip over my dick and I got even more crazier. It was the first time I did it in such a position and I felt good as well. I used my hands to push her hips away from me and her legs did the work to pull herself back, forcing my dick deeper. We did not last long in that tiring stance but the coordination was considered to be flawless.

Girl: ‘Carry me to that block? We can finish it at the stairs.’

I hugged her tightly and checked for any passerby before dashing to the steps in front of the lift. She pressed on ‘5’ and we entered the lift once the doors opened. The handles served well as a support for the few strokes I gave her and as soon as we reached our floor, I brought her to the staircase and laid her down.

She leaned back on the edges of the concrete stairs and I took the lower few steps. Falling into push up position directly in front of her, she guided my dick between her opened legs and I resumed the missionary pumping. My hips was specially skilled that evening. I was thrusting so hard into her that her juices was leaking down the steps.

The innocent looking girl was just lying and enjoying the orgasms I was doing to her, moaning out of control a few times. She then began to squeeze her vaginal walls around my dick and it was went things got more intense. I pumped at her forcefully as the countdown to climax approached.

Me: ‘Girl, I’m cumming soon.’
Girl: ‘I want it all inside me.’

She said those exact words with puppy eyes, as though she had crossed into the point of no return, which I know wasn’t true. We always have a choice. I made a last minute decision to pull out of her and she tapped on my legs to take a step up. Her hand went to her pussy and continued rubbing her clit while her mouth devoured my dick and sucked on it. I placed my hands behind her head and gradually increased my force to push her mouth deeper on my dick.

There was no signs of resistance and her fingers only moved faster each time she gagged. I took her head into my pace and changed the attack strategy. My hips was thrusting into her mouth and her head was held still. Her mouth worked hard to maintain a suction, with her tongue gliding along the base of my shaft in a slimy manner.

I went all out on her at this point and finally felt the bullet clocking into the chamber. Her head was fully pressed on my groin as the rush of cum shot into her throat. Her fingers disappeared into her pussy, fingering herself as fast as she could. The waves of ejaculation took half a minute and I quickly released her head once I was done.

She did not just turn away and cough like I expected but brought her mouth to the tip and continued blowing me. The change in course turned me on and the delayed pulses of cum got sucked into her mouth. I fell back a few steps and stood before her while admiring her wasted body. Juices was still dripping onto the steps and the procedure of cleaning her mouth with a piece of tissue was telling me how much she enjoyed the ‘meal (or meat?)’.

We sat at the stairs for close to thirty minutes before she fell asleep on my shoulders. Not long after, her phone rang and ‘Dad’ was showing on the screen.

Me (on phone): ‘Hello? I am J, a friend of your daughter.’
Dad (on phone): ‘Hi J. Thanks for taking care of May. Can I find out where is she now? Her friend called me to say she was dropped off at Catholic High School.’

So, May, she was. The rest of the conversation was a courteous one, with me giving directions to the block we were at. I took the chance to give myself a missed call from her number and even snapped a few photos together (not forgetting a few of her solo pictures for memory). A note explaining what we did was typed into the reminder app to assure her that there was no need to wonder what happened. A browse on her messages confirmed my guess that a drug was rolled into her cigarette but I did not do anything to it.

Later that night, her dad picked her exhausted daughter up and even thanked me for taking care of her. I guess he thought I was a friend and of course, I became her friend, and remained in contact – especially whenever she wanted to ‘sit’ at the bench to talk.

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