Insexion 4

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Jaslyn: ‘Hehe. Luckily the first half of the day don’t have anything. So Mel, what was the most exciting thing you’ve done with him?’
Mel: ‘Haha! I thought you would ask me that yesterday. But I don’t think it’s exciting, it feels more towards special.’

The group of friends gathered around the two of them and tapped away on their phones while listening to the adventures of their da jie (big sister). They had a great time yesterday hearing about what her boyfriend did to her, and it was very informative. Things just get better with each recount.

Mel: ‘There was one night we met and did not have a place to go. It was a weekend and his block had lots of people walking about. So we walked around Fernvale LRT and found an area with newly blocks of flat. We just went into the lift and head for the highest floor. The design of the block was very different. A collection of four flats was built to face each other, like a huge rectangular shape.

Anyway, we wanted to sit at the stairs but he suggested something else. We went to the unoccupied units and tried to open the doors. Of course, I had expected them to be all locked from unwanted visitors. He did not give up and we went about two floors down, trying on every door. Then, he managed to open one of the units and we went into it. There were simple furnitures and the tidiness of it kind of hinted at a showroom. Apart from the couch and a fake TV, the master bedroom had a bed. Haha. You can imagine how excited he got.

We went into the apartment and the lights did not work. But it was in the evening, so there was still some light. He took out some straps he made himself and made me lie on the bed. Then, my arms and legs got tied up and he just basically helped himself to me. I could not move much and he just rolled my dress up to my waist, thereafter stripping his bottoms away.. Since I was lying there hopelessly, his mouth just attacked my nipples and sucked on them like never before. The excitement was getting into him and his hands was all over my body. From squeezing my boobs, to tickling, and finally between my legs to finger me.

That day, he did not hold back and just tortured me till I could not take it. His fingers was fucking me so deep and hard, plus he was especially energetic. I only remembered that I just kept cumming and screaming while he dug his fingers real deep. The next thing I know was his body climbing over me. His dick was in front of my mouth and I just opened it. That was what he wanted I think. He held the back of my head to tilt me higher, and then he started mouth fucking me.

He was going real deep and I was choking at times. But since he was not used to me being hurt, we had lots of pauses for me to recover, so he could keep going. I can’t remember how long it lasted, and my eyes was closed. I heard him groan non-stop and his strength just got greater with every stroke into my mouth. I tried to suck him, but the speed he went at constantly made him slip out and so I just let him use my mouth.

After a while, he stopped and went between my legs. He untied me and turned me around into doggie. Cause he did not free my wrists, my arms was crossed but legs was freed. He still tied my knees to the sides of the bed to keep my legs apart. Without warning, he jerked my body backwards and his dick just pumped into me in one move. I almost jumped off him with the pain and suddenly expansion of my pussy. It was just so violent!

Once he was in, he did not pause and just pounded his hips on my butt. It felt like I was getting raped, but I was loving it. The roughness and domination, the force and speed he went. It showed me how much he wanted me and also how good I was. For the first time, I squeezed my pussy together and it drove him mad. I could feel how fierce he got as he pulled my waist backwards to his body hard. The orgasms just kept on coming and flooding my mind, weakening my arms to support my body. But my knees was holding my butt up, so he kept ramming.

A part of me was afraid someone would enter, cause it had a showroom feel, and the windows of the bedroom was open! Luckily, the opposite block was still unoccupied, but I was not sure if the construction workers were in there. There was so much emotions I was feeling at once, and it heightened the thrill of fucking in a house that is not ours. I guess he felt that way too, explaining why he was so energetic that night.

His speed increased at one point in time and I could feel an orgasm coming as well. This part was still in my head clearly. The slapping sounds created from our body slamming into each other was getting faster and his groans was sounding more agonising. I used the last bit of energy in me to squeeze my pussy on his dick and before I could say anything, the huge gush of cum just shot into me. Squirts after squirts, there was no end to it.

It turned me on even more as he rested his chest on my back and went to play with my boobs. He felt heavy but I didn’t mind at all. His dick was still moving in and out of my pussy and the warmth was being spread all along to the outside. After that, when he tried to pull it out, I clamped my vagina on him and he got too sensitive to move even a little.

We stayed in that position for some time, then I let him go and he untied me. We cuddled together and he took the effort to use the wet wipes I brought to clean me up, while I forced some of his cum out. I’ve read from some articles that there are chemicals in the semen to help the recipient feel better and that was what I felt. Relaxed, calm, and loved.

Now I understand why people termed it as love making.’

Jaslyn: ‘Then did you do anything to him?’
Mel: ‘Yeah I did. I tied him up.’
Jaslyn: ‘What did you do to him?’

I tied his hands on the headboard of the bed and I totally forgot he could free himself. He did try to, but the part around his wrists needed two hands to do it. So I just took it to my advantage. As he was still pantless, I tied his legs apart and sat between. My mouth went to his dick and I tried to replicate what I watched on a porn video. I licked his rod like a lollipop first, coating my saliva all over. His expression was priceless as he was begging me to put it in my mouth. I wasn’t going to make it that easy for him.

I played with his balls and he was groaning even more desperately. Somehow, I was enjoying myself a lot teasing him this much. I finally gave in to him and placed my mouth on the tip, but I did not go any lower. I sucked so hard on his pee hole that he screamed in pain. I kept fondling his balls and it helped a little, and my mouth was still sucking. After a while, I let him go and brought my mouth down his shaft, moving my head slowly. I increased my pace and used my hand on the part my lips cannot reach to jerk him off at the same time.

I picked up my pace till I was going fast and he was telling me was cumming soon. The evil me stopped what I was doing once he gave the final warning and I just let him twitch in duress. His dick was just throbbing on its own and I sat a distance away to watch. Hehe. But I wasn’t that bad to leave him hanging.

I got on him in cowgirl and sat down in an unexpected manner. I held his dick upright and placed my pussy at the top, then I just relaxed and dropped myself over his dick. He jumped and poked even deeper into me, which I liked. But after that, I was grinding my hips on his groin and that was about what I did.

I kept going and going, while he kept groaning and moaning. Sitting on top gave me the freedom to adjust the angle to a perfect one which his dick would stroke against my G-spot. Once I found the position, I just went all out and fucked him upside down.

About five minutes later, his body gave up and I hopped off him as he was about to cum. I took the full length down my throat and forced my head on him. Bouncing up and down, his cum finally unloaded themselves down my throat and I realised keeping my mouth open actually lessened the choke. My head kept moving up and down while he was shooting, and he told me that it felt heavenly.

My pussy was resting on his calf and I just moved my hips to and fro, until I climaxed and he could only watch my juice drool all over his leg. I made him lick me clean and it was weird cause I totally forgot about the cum he shot inside, he had to lick that up as well. But overall, he did good and I let him go.

We got out of the house after we were done and used the only working tap in the house to wash ourselves up.’

For that day, Jaslyn did not ask her for more stories and just went back to her seat, thinking about how awesome it would be if she was the one. The few girls that had been listening was also getting turned on but they were certain they are not ready for it. Mel sat beside Jaslyn and they spoke about all other stuff that day before the chain of career talks ended the day.

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