Insexion 3

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Jaslyn: ‘Ooo.. Umm.. Have you two had sex?’
Mel: ‘Yeah. Wait! Why are you asking me that? You don’t expect me to go into those details right?’
Jaslyn: ‘Huh? Please please?’

Mel took a deep breath and drank all the water from her bottle. She did not know how to explain it to them, but the scene where they lost their virginity to each other was clearly etched in her mind.

Mel: ‘I don’t know if you girls can understand it. But I must say first, no questions!’
Jaslyn: ‘We’ve been listening obediently all this while. So no questions.’
Mel: ‘It happened during one of the weekends. I just finished my netball practice and he picked me up from school. I showered in his house but did not bring a new set of clothes to change. So he just let me wear his clothes and I went bottomless since it was an oversized shirt for me.

I went to lie on his bed and played games in his iPad. I was leaning on his pillow and bolster behind my back, so my knees was raised and he could see my bare pussy. I was so focused on the game that I was not bothered by the fact he had sat in front of me and tried to open my legs. I placed the iPad onto one side and let him did what he wanted.

Little did i expect he would go down on me and lick below! I almost screamed from the sudden contact of his tongue on my clit but managed to hold myself back. His mouth then worked hard on my pussy, sucking and licking up all the juices. I could see him so clearly from where I was, and he looked so cute from that angle. I let him pleasure me till I was going weak from the clitoris orgasms, to a point my body was sliding lower onto the bed.

The next moment, he came to lie beside me and filled my pussy up with his strong fingers, thrusting unrestrained into me. I was getting so sensitive I was so close to pushing him away. But he got tired and changed to just exploring me. Everything went so gentle, and I loved how me paid so much attention to wriggle his fingers and discovered my body with me, constantly asking if that area felt good.

With that much fun, I got tired and lay on his bed, while kissing and touching him. Oh, by then he was bottomless too. Dick always brushing against my legs. That horny boy. The kisses went to my ear and I was getting ready once again, for more. But my mood was affected as soon as he asked, ‘Can I put it in?’ I wasn’t sure myself. But he showed me how much he could control himself from the rare blowjobs and hand jobs. At times he just pleasured me to crazy and let me rest as long as I wanted. So I decided to just go for it.

He went in front of my legs and opened them up. I was shy at how he looked at it, and feeling the complexed layers of flesh leading into my body with his fingers. I watched him came closer to my body with his dick peering between my thighs. And when that huge dick disappeared from my sight, I had closed my eyes, ready to take whatever pain or pleasure that would come.

First, it was the tip of him. It stretched my opening and there was no pain. He then moved it along the vagina and it all happened so slowly that I was able to savour every moment. The calm and composed entry was filling me up. I just could not think of how else to describe to you guys, do just imagine. After a while, I felt his hips at my butt and I knew he was in. To my surprise, there was no pain or blood. It was a good thing I guess.

I told him not to move yet so I could be more relaxed, to let my muscles get used to the size and depth it had stopped at. Soon, I was feeling at ease and gave him the puppy eyes. He knew exactly what to do and started ramming his hips at me, pounding my butt with the banging sound that was so awkward. But the feeling his dick inside was another heaven above the one he gave with his fingers. He felt so thick and big and strong! Inside me, I wanted this to last forever. But I knew he couldn’t, or rather no one could.

His pearly drops of sweat landed non-stop on my legs and I was wetting his bed as well. The juices just kept flowing out of my pussy as he rammed me fast and furious. The groans he made sounded specially sexy then. Seeing my legs dangle seemed a little too slutty, so I held the back of knees and he raised them using my ankles even higher. The change in angle got me so crazy! His dick was stroking against the G-spot which I assume it was. Cause I came in seconds after and it just kept going for as long as he maintained my legs in mid air.

My mind was totally gone with his forceful thrusts and my body was barely satisfied. It seemed like a one-sided work judging from the effort he put in, it made me seemed lazy. Well, whatever. I felt good. I could not stop moaning and it got louder and louder. Until one time he had to stop and spoke to me in a stern voice not to move.

I asked him what happened and he told me he almost came from the sudden tightness created by my orgasms. I placed my feet back to his sides and gave him a shock. You know what I did? I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him hard. My feet kept pushing at his butt and he went berserk on me! He leaned on top of me and I held onto his wrists beside my head which was supporting his body.

The loud whisper of ‘cumming’ went unheard and I just kept moving him. Finally giving up, he got my message and went all out on me. Dripping sweat droplets all over my face, I could see his expression of agony. The powerful strokes of his hips then sent a thick warm load that he continued making his dick thrust into me, spreading it all over and deep under while he was still squirting.

Like a water balloon, I could feel the sudden surge of warmth and safety. I don’t know how to explain this, but it felt so peaceful and secure to be connect to him so closely. As tired as I was, I did not make anymore movement and let him stay in my while he dozed off. Of course I got his wet body off me and went to wash up. I wasn’t thinking of the consequences I guess. But I learnt from that and did not let him shoot inside me again.

That day, I think we had three more rounds, going around his house and doing it all over the place. It was the most memorable day to date. Cause we lost it to each other. And since then, I’ve always given in to my body’s desire to have him inside me whenever we meet. Be it for study or cuddle, I will always for him to be inside me. Don’t judge me k! Wait till you girls try out how awesome it can be.’

Jaslyn: ‘Aww.. That sounds nice.’

With that, it marked the end of the day and the girls went for lunch opposite their girls’ school, happily planning for a getaway after they graduate. And that day, Mel’s guy had been waiting for her to fetch her home, and to please his little princess.

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